We have heard it from official sources that the new book in the Twilight series will be called "Rising Sun" and explore the relationship between Nessie Cullen and Jacob Black. Other rumours and predictions include...

- Jacob will finish school and help to tutor Nessie, because she can't go to school as she is growing too quickly, which might make some people suspicious.

- Edward and Bella will somehow get another child. It will be a boy and they call him Belward Alicob Cullen. It is still unclear if Belward will be a full vampire and what his special powers are.

- Leah Clearwater will imprint. At twilightsauce we are asking ourselves, who she could imprint on if this is a character we have already seen in the books.

- Two werewolves will imprint on the same person. We believe that this will be Quil and Embry, because they always go together. It wouldn't matter that one of them has already imprinted because why couldn't you imprint twice?

- One of the vampires from the Cullen family will be destroyed in this book. Rumour says that the vampire in question is dazzling.

- There is supposedly something unusual in Bella's family too and Charlie will show some unexpected powers.

- One more previously believed to be human character will turn out to be something else. It could be Jessica, who is a mermaid.

- There is also the question of what will happen in Rising Sun if Meyer re-writes Breaking Dawn, like the rumour says. The re-write would be with the Bella/Jacob pairing. We at twilightsauce believe that Nessie would still come in to the story and Rising Sun would instead be about the relationship between Nessie and Seth. We at twilightsauce believe however even more that Meyer will write Rising Sun as a sequel to the first version of Breaking Dawn. On the other hand we at twilightsauce believe in quite a lot of things.










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