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Someday by undercover_reader

Rating: 12+Story Reviews: 0
Chapters: 12
Words: 21773
Characters: Snape, James, Lily
Genre(s): Drama, Action/Adventure
Era: Marauders
Status: Work In Progress
First Published: 2018.03.23
Last Published Chapter: 2018.04.19
Last Updated: 2018.04.19
Favorite Story Of: 1 users
Advisory: Contains profanity, Mild violence

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A friendship that ended during school might have the chance to rekindle during adulthood.  Could Lily trust her old friend Severus when he proposes a plan to save her child?  She would take any chances to save her son.

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Chapter 1: Back in Time

 Lily receives an odd letter which takes her back to graduation.

1988 0
2 Chapter 2: The Meeting in the Library

 Lily meets with Severus in the library on their last day in the castle.

2443 0
3 Chapter 3: Upon the Hilltop

 Lily travels to the secret location to meet with her old friend.

1175 0
4 Chapter 4: Kitty Kitty

 Step inside the Potter home to meet Harry and his new kitty.

1342 0
5 Chapter 5: The First Meeting

 Follow Lily into the unknown as she heads toward her first meeting with Snape.

2377 0
6 Chapter 6: Furry Little Secrets

 Lily gets caught  meeting with Snape.

2944 0
7 Chapter 7: The Truth Will Set You Free

Severus divulges the truth about his actions as a Death Eater. 

2345 0
8 Chapter 8: Attempted Murder

 The Potter home comes under attack.

1301 0
9 Chapter 9: Talk of the Charm

A way to protect the Potters is discussed.

1092 0
10 Chapter 10: Kitchen Confrontation

 Snape visits the Potters.

1980 0
11 Chapter 11: The Switch

 The night before the charm is placed Sirius heads out on a mission.

1307 0
12 Chapter 12: The Charm is Set

 The Potter's set the Fidelius Charm with their secret-keeper.

1479 0

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