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Manipulations in Magic by jardyn39

Rating: 15+Story Reviews: 6
Chapters: 15
Words: 87192
Characters: Harry, Ginny, Pansy
Genre(s): Mystery
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Pairings: Harry/Ginny
Status: Completed
First Published: 2018.03.18
Last Published Chapter: 2018.04.07
Last Updated: 2018.04.07
Favorite Story Of: 0 users
Advisory: Sensitive topic/issue/theme

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A promising young Auror is leaving, Harry's mentor is retiring, Ron has embarrassed the department again and the Auror Office has suffered a significant security breach, yet Bernard Anderton seems to know something more is worrying Harry. As their investigation uncovers a scandal hushed up years ago, Harry becomes intrigued by the story of two brothers fated as heroes before he was even born. Sequel to "The Realm of Bridges"

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews Read
1 Retirement Party

"I think I'll go and ask why Evans didn't want me to jump out of his retirement cake."

Harry's old mentor, "Young" Evans is retiring from the Ministry. Harry and Ginny join the party. Daniel prepares to depart. Harry meets Mr Pirok and they speculate why he took early retirement. Includes Introduction.

5895 0
2 The Wedding

"Derwen, be careful! You'll have everything on the floor!"

Harry and Ginny take Evans to Daniel's wedding where they meet his Muggle bride and her family. Harry is shocked to meet an old acquaintance at the reception.

7263 1
3 The Cleanerís Lament

"Not good. Not good. Not good."

Four months have passed since the wedding. Mrs Zaleski, an office cleaner, is late arriving for work and fondly remembers her old boss of many years. Unfortunately, she is unaware that a burglar is also in the building this evening. Both are unaware that a bored voyeuristic night watchman many miles away has been watching without authorisation.

6442 1
4 The Two Envelopes

"You're not going to make me beg are you? Because I will if I have to, you know?"

Bernard Anderton teases Harry with a new case. Pansy turns up unexpectedly to plea for help, believing Daniel may be in trouble. Harry and Ginny argue and the next morning she is gone. Harry sees for himself the illusive spectral cat that is in all the headlines. Pansy sends Harry a message, confirming Ginny is staying with her.

5031 0
5 Harding, Wilkes, Vulthamar and Crooke

"She won’t confide in us until she hears a believable reason why you are here.”
Harry follows Anderton out into Muggle London, but a short cut sends them astray. Anderton gets away, but Harry is distracted and hesitates. Pirok tells Harry a little about the Wayt brothers. Ginny and Pansy make an effort to get along. Pansy tells Ginny about her late husband.

8154 1
6 Coincidences

"She knows about Ginny, doesn't she?"
Gwens mother joins them for dinner and is sceptical about Ginny's story but Pansy's retelling of an event in her past seems to captivate Gwen's interest. Harry is still annoyed Anderton didn't tell him about the fake file. Anderton tells of a discovery he found while Harry was speaking to Mr Pirok.

4208 0
7 Breakfast

“Evans, um, happened to come across some other incriminating evidence while he was looking for the missing books.”

Harry wakes to one of Edna's delicious cooked breakfasts and they speak about Ginny. Harry and Anderton discuss the fake file and the original case. Harry visits Auror Garrett's portrait and learns about a series of dark spell books called Manipulations in Magic that were stolen from an evidence store years before. He learns that Evans was connected to the case.

4856 1
8 Mountain Walk

"Harry, the Wayts were untouchable. Practically royalty amongst the wizarding community. They were like you Potters, only with class!"

Taking advantage of the poor weather, Pansy and Ginny take a lonely path into the next valley to observe a depot. Anderton takes a reluctant Harry to visit the offices of the Daily Prophet.

7691 1
9 Fountain Talk

"The curse was designed to work across the centuries. It works as well today as it did three hundred years ago."

Harry goes to talk to Pirok at his hotel. Mrs Pirok distracts Harry while Pirok receives another visitor. Pansy and Ginny overlook the depot, watching the comings and goings.

4925 0
10 No Flowers

"Up there on the path. There was a figure standing up there!"
Ginny and Pansy watch from their concealed vantage point as a second lorry enters the depot. They watch as Daniel is returned to Gwen, but Girigor sends the newlyweds home. After they have gone, a man is helped from the back of the lorry. Harry arrives at the village bringing with him an unexpected visitor.

4561 1
11 The Social Club

"Harry, a free bar is never against the rules."
On Saturday evening, Harry, Ginny and Pansy visit the village Social Club hoping to see Daniel and Gwen. Ginny catches Gwen trying to steal keys to the secure warehouse. The three women decide to investigate together while Daniel and Harry overhear a private discussion between Grigor and his brothers.

6119 0
12 The Interview

"Okay, so go and not-snore in the nice sound proof room. That way you won't not-disturb anyone."

Anderton reads Milton Grub's interview with Nathaniel Wayt and it is clear he knew Charles would never allow the article to be published in his lifetime. An exhausted Harry dashes back to London with the portrait hoping the Warlocks can use it to trace Charles and finds Ron on night duty. They are shocked by an unexpected appearance inside the Ministry.

5050 0
13 Pachacutec

"The son will pay for his father's crime."
An armed police special operations unit storms into the bedsit. Ron manages to get Bertrand to safety but they are attacked by a witch and her spectral cat. Harry intervenes while Anderton deals with the Muggle police.

5286 0
14 The Room with Two Windows

"Idiot boy."
Ginny and Pansy bring the desperately ill burglar back to London in the hope of finding someone who could help. Harry asks Pirok for help. Pansy meets Quylla but is shocked that the strange witch appears to know something she should not. Crockford detects an intruder.

7095 0
15 Not Hermione

"Why are you looking at me like that?"
Harry interviews the captive at the Ministry with no clue who they really are. After some difficulty, the dark spell books are finally destroyed. Harry recommends Ron for a promotion, but surprises Kingsley with his choice of replacement for Sam. Ginny confronts Pansy, but promises never to tell Harry her secret. Ginny makes an outrageous suggestion. Harry finally learns the secret that was supposed to be in Anderton's purple envelope.

4616 0

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