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Reading Reviews for Cold as Ash
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Review #1, by Alize Cold as Ash

14th October 2013:
I love Snape. Especially your version of him

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Review #2, by Stephanie D. Cold as Ash

7th January 2013:
I loved this omg. You are a great writer, and I have noticed you like Snape- a lot. I love him aswell, i cannot wait for you to finish the last sequel to resonance. Please dont stop writing, ive read just about everything you have written and im in love. I keep coming back in hopes of something new. Pleasepleaseplease write more, especially involving Snape and Harry (: or atleast Snape haha :D

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Review #3, by mugglepated Cold as Ash

3rd December 2011:
My brain imploded with how perfectly wonderful that story is. Every bloody bit of it was amazing. Please write more. Write anything and I will read it.

Author's Response: Thanks. This one could have been the start of more story, but in a way I'm glad it isn't. It's purer this way.

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Review #4, by Jolon Cold as Ash

9th August 2011:
did snape use legimens on verson

Author's Response: Sort of reverse Leglimency, where he gave Vernon a horrific vision.

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Review #5, by FiendFyre Cold as Ash

29th July 2011:
SUCH a good story! Love your writing :)

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Review #6, by SMM Cold as Ash

8th March 2011:
I love it!!! Write more, please!!! I think I'm a little addicted to the idea of Snape looking out for Harry.

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Review #7, by Espied7 Cold as Ash

7th February 2011:
This story is great! Nice characterizations, and I think it's an interesting expression of the canon idea that Snape, having been abused as a child, would strongly object to any form of child abuse, even with regards to Harry.

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Review #8, by nomadkeith Cold as Ash

6th February 2011:
That was so good! i doubt you would, but you should, extend this. Harrys summers in more detail. what gits the dursleys were. etc. Xx

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Review #9, by Bella Frizz Cold as Ash

15th August 2010:
I really like this story. Oh did i say like, i mean love! can you plz add more i really like it. It's like you left me on a cliffhanger! Please write more! it's really good and well written.

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Review #10, by mrsmalfoy Cold as Ash

4th February 2010:
i loved it =)
especially snape standing up for harry... =)
keep writing

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Review #11, by twixie Cold as Ash

3rd June 2009:
Such a sad existence Harry had with the Dursley's-not a life an existence. He almost had a friend there, but like all things with the Dursley's it was tarnished because of them and how they felt about Harry.

Very nicely done with Snape finding him along with the long talk and the ice cream

So happy Severus "took care of" Vernon!

Lovely story!


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Review #12, by snapeangel Cold as Ash

27th May 2009:
wow I love it! first snape buys harry ice cream, then tells him to owl him if he wants to go for a walk again, then assults uncle V! LOL to much LOVE IT!!!

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Review #13, by m.a. Cold as Ash

30th April 2009:
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SNAPE! you can tell he secretly cares nd he protected Harry. lol. you like the snape/harry/ice cream senario way too much! lol! i love the resolution/ revolution/ resonance stories where snape takes harry to the zoo nd the many times they go to get ice cream. very cute!

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Review #14, by gummybear Cold as Ash

15th February 2009:
Awesome, as usual. Do write more!

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Review #15, by oldbiddy Cold as Ash

23rd January 2009:
Lovely - but too darn short. This could have at least one further chapter - please!

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Review #16, by Mrs Doodledragon Cold as Ash

16th January 2009:
I really liked this story. The Snave/Snape/Evans thing seemed a little awkward in its explaination, but I really, really like this story. I am looking forward to reading your other stories.

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Review #17, by Gondegoogoo Cold as Ash

3rd January 2009:
Hahas! Great one-shot! So now Severus is Harry's uncle? AWESOME. You ended off with a great sentence! All the oneshots that you write actually can have more chapters! Excellent job!

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Review #18, by micking Cold as Ash

17th December 2008:
This is truly the first time I took to read this story and it is priceless. I love how Snape helped Harry. Your style of writing is absolutely fabulous. I was swept away onto Privet Drive with Harry and almost feeling and seeing everything he was enduring. Having Snape there to put fear in Vernon was fantastic. Wow!! Good job!!

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Review #19, by micking Cold as Ash

24th May 2008:
Oh wow!!! Excellent!! enjoyed that one very much. good job. Great Suprise!! Bet Harry had a better summer after that.

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Review #20, by =D Cold as Ash

27th April 2008:
this was a strange story.. never read anything like it.. i can't think this would actually be possible in the books (harry hated snape way too much after his 5th year) but i like it. i like the snape and harry parts.. i really liked harry reaction to finding out he was related to snape (i can imagine what his facial expression would be.. ).. i'm thinking this is what your snape adopting harry stories will be like, which is what i'm about to read next... anyway, liked the story =D

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Review #21, by hermione sev snape Cold as Ash

20th April 2008:
it feels like their should be more to this story

Author's Response: It wasn't meant to be anything more than speculative, post-book 5, so it is a little out of its element now.

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Review #22, by Verdad Y Vida Cold as Ash

16th April 2008:
Very nice fic! Sad, but very nice. Makes you want to hug Harry and take him away from there...

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Review #23, by hypercell Cold as Ash

24th February 2008:
It was a little confusing, But really, really good! Can't wait to read more of your work!

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Review #24, by monkeemary Cold as Ash

19th February 2008:
Lovely story, thank you! And you get extra points for getting panda bears into a Harry Potter story! They're among my very, very favorite animals, and just for the reason Harry cites - they're so serene. I can see him appreciating that. But I would never have expected someone to be able to get them into a fanfic so well!

I also found the Vernon and Snape confrontation deeply gratifying!

And I learned the UK spelling of 'curb.' So an all around informative and enjoyable read!

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you liked them. I wanted to show the contrast between Harry's overly-large responsibilities and the ordinary, mostly-worry free world, which includes animals, which are so outside most human concern.

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Review #25, by Armand Cold as Ash

25th January 2008:
heh, i liked that one. Snape a somewhat distant relative. wish there was more to this one. but it is good. :)

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