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Review #1, by Sara Everything is Different

13th January 2018:
Followed you since quizilla days and am deeply missing the end of this story! If you get this know we’d love for any little boys you’ve written past this chapter ❤️

Author's Response: Hey there Sara! So I saw this, and actually have some free time. So...I started writing again. Man it's been ages. Unfortunately the chapters I had written (was planning to post all at once) died in the laptop death or 2016. So starting anew! I should have a new chapter soonish (few weeks).

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Review #2, by animelover56348 The Rat Hunt

19th July 2015:
I had to post on this chapter as I have long since posted on the actual up to date chapter. I feel kind of silly for checking in on this story but it really haunts me for some reason. I just finished a Harry Potter marathon and maybe I was just feeling nostalgic. Yet still I felt that I should leave a note saying how much you and this story is missed. How upset we all were you never finished it, and how glad we were to have been led on such an incredible journey with the words you gave us. This story was really going somewhere, and I believe it would have turned into something as magical as the series itself. The thing about this story wasn't so much the extra non cannon things added but the way the intertwined and weaved around the story JK gave us. You made it so REAL and relate-able in a way she hadn't; truly giving us a taste of the helplessness, pain, love, lust, and magic they faced and endured. It truly was a beautiful world that was depicted through the golden eyes of your OC. I wish I could forget this story but it is always hard to forget something that you believe could have been great. I hope you are well and this may find you. Much love to you and your family. If you have kids I hope you are weaving magic into their lives as you did for us no matter how incomplete.

Much love,

Author's Response: Raven, you are absolutely awesome! Its been ages but I truly appreciate your unbelievably kind words. Recently I decided to finish this story (6 years later lol) because its been bugging me that I didn't. I doubt you still check this but it will be finished! :)

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Review #3, by LadyAoife Everything is Different

16th October 2014:
The world is missing your amazing talent firefawn! From quizilla till this day you have always been one of the most amazing fanfiction writers on the internet!

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Review #4, by me Everything is Different

7th March 2014:
As far as fan fiction goes this is some of the best around. It is tough to find an author who does a good job writing both action AND romance well. Even J.K. herself doesn't pull that off, but she of course makes up for it in many other ways. I see nothing has been posted for nearly 3 years. I asume the "eclipse" of harry potter mania and real life had you abandoning this fiction. That is a real shame for those of us who come back here to relive a bit of the good old days of the harry potter golden years, because while it is far from perfect it is a truly enjoyable story and well worth the time to read. It is rather frustrating to have it abandoned. There is so much more to be done. I don't know if you even bother checking this site any more. You probably have a career and maybe kids by now. That is a far cry from your college years that gave birth to this tale, so it is understandable that you don't write it as much if at all. IF you still check this site and IF you have any material that you have not posted here I would ask that you put it up. Any amount of additional material would be welcome.

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Review #5, by Andrew Everything is Different

26th June 2013:
It has been exactly one year since we last had word from you, and I will wait a year more if it means that you will finish EOTS. Would it be possible to give some sign of life? Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Hey there Andrew! It's been ages so you probably won't see this, but thank you for such kind comments! :) I am actually going to finish Eclipse (it was always my intention to but life derailed me a little from it for awhile). I'll have a new chapter up in about 2 weeks from now. (Depending on validation time frames.) I hope that you have been well over the years! :D

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Review #6, by m Everything is Different

23rd June 2013:
This is amazing! I can't wait to

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Review #7, by Maggie Everything is Different

29th April 2013:
You should update for my birthday :) A good Harry/Kally chapter on May 10th, please.
Also, you should stop leaving us on chapters where the two are fighting - it hurts the heart

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Review #8, by TokyoDriftKing Everything is Different

24th January 2013:
It's been almost 2 years since the last update PLEASE
don't be abandoned!

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Review #9, by Alysea Kunnskap

9th September 2012:
Re-reading again... And I noticed something this time around. You mention him closing the book twice. Small matter, just thought I'd point it out. :)

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Review #10, by brennabean Everything is Different

25th July 2012:
I love Eclipse of the Sky; everything about it. And I love you, Firefawn, for imagining up this amazing AU. BUT I need to know what happens. My very, very vague memories of your Quizilla days are all that are comforting me. It's been a year since the last update :(. Please tell me you haven't run out on us again, I'm pretty sure my heart can't take that again.

Author's Response: I have most definitely not abandoned it (again) lol. I just figure that given how long it's been since it was started (as were going on nearly a decade here? lol) that I might as well not post anything until the thing is done (or nearly done) and just post it all up at once for you guys. Unless you guys would prefer very slow segments still?

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Review #11, by PhoenixSeeker  Everything is Different

22nd March 2012:
AMAZING! I absolutely love it, there better be more or else :D
I love how Kaylens is so individual and feisty. Yours is one of the best origional characters I have read, she has merged in with the cannon characters so smoothly it almost seems as though she should be in the films and everything.
Great work!

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Review #12, by JJ Everything is Different

3rd January 2012:
Ahhh omg youre amazing!! when are you gonna update?

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Review #13, by animelover56348 Everything is Different

5th December 2011:
You do realize that what you are doing is cruel right?? I mean do you not know that the LAST Harry freakin Potter came out a while ago. If not let me tell you, it has. Oh yes, I was at that premiere balling my eyes out when the credits came on!! SO I go home at 4 (setting my lovely alarm to be at school by 8) comforting myself with the fact that your stories still going. So I wait for its wonderful nourishment, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, AND WAIT!!! Do you know that i have not been able to look at a single Harry Potter ANYTHING yet. I tear up still every time!!! And lets be honest, your husbands not going anywhere!! XD!! It realy wont harm him if he goes to the gym or to see a friend for a couple of hours while ya dish out a MERCIFUL chap!! Now I'm pretty sure you were supposed to update about oh 3 months ago -___-; so this is my own assurance that you know that I am placing full responsibility on you as the harbor-er of my pain!!! Update soon yeah :D!! Haha XD.

*Ur fan in pain animelover56348(Raven)*

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Review #14, by Ashley Everything is Different

23rd November 2011:
Congratulations on graduating!! Good luck with the new job! I will still be waiting patiently for the next chapter :]

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Review #15, by Ashley Everything is Different

23rd October 2011:
When are you going to update??
I'm dying for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Shall do soon! I graduated end of August and started a new job so its honestly been INSANITY! I have a chapter half done now though so it should be up this week! :) Settling into a normal routine at work now as well so that will make writing MUCH easier! :) Sorry about the delay I PROMISE it's not me running off on the story (again) lol Just transferred departments in the hospital and until they got me a replacement in my original unit, I was working BOTH jobs. (Read as: Sleep and I have mised each other!) lol

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Review #16, by sweetgrl1988 Everything is Different

11th September 2011:
Harry and Kally's banter is my favorite. Well, that and Regulus's sarcasm. Great amusement always follows these two things.
Harry is just a mess when it comes to girls. He would have to go and say things the wrong way making Kally run away from him. Sigh! But why would he make things easier for himself? It's just not in his nature :)
Poor Remus. Just one thing after another with him, isn't it? Now you leave him alone for a while, firefawn, OK? He just needs to know everything is gonna be a-okay.
I'm surprised Hermione's already back! (In a good way of course...I was expecting her to have to go through another ordeal just to get back to her friends) I'm excited to see what happened between when she and Krum left and when she got back to Hogwarts. And I am rooting for Krum being one of the good guys. I've always liked him, and it's always a good thing to have more spies for the good guys :)
Again, I'm so glad you're back, and I am really looking forward to seeing what the next chapters bring!

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Review #17, by sweetgrl1988 The Rat Hunt

11th September 2011:
I love your Dumbledore. He is the exact one I imagine him to be (with that mysterious all-knowing quality and all of his unique quirks -- like turning the firetruck into a toy and equipping people with conditional portkeys).
As always, your imagery is outstanding. I like how you take care to include the smallest details so we get a clear picture of what is happening (like this: "A rat that was emaciated, as if it had lost too much weight too quickly, leaving its skin flopping around on its bones." I could've pictured any old rat, but your addition of this detail adds so much more to the story). I can easily play a movie of the story in my head as I am reading.
I also like the progression of Harry and Kally's relationship. The pacing is just right where it seems natural, and I don't find myself asking where that came from. I want to see how it progresses when they're around their friends and others their own age :)
Also, poor Harry. I feel that he has so much pent-up angry emotion he needs to let out (Bellatrix, Peter, etc). I want to take him and put him in a room with the magical equivalent of a punching bag so he can just let it all out!

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Review #18, by sweetgrl1988 It is Burnt

11th September 2011:
Oh man was that a battle! I could tell it was going to be a dangerous one, and it seemed hopeless (you had me scared there!). Then the Order arrived. Hope once again returned :). The action was always going, nonstop. Gripping action, at that...The decriptions were very good; I could easily picture the whole battle. You made it clear that there were fights in the background as well as the foreground of the characters' POVs. I thought this was good because it's the first big battle that we are seeing, and it emphasizes that it was an important one. The face-off between Harry and Voldemort was one of my favorite scenes of this chapter. Very visual. Such a unique take on what would happen, and it is very believable. I almost wish we could've seen how it would've ended...but then that would mean this story would be over (or close to it), right? Yeah, I don't want that just yet lol. I'm excited to see how the phoenix will play into the rest of the story...they're such fascinating creatures.
Oh, and I also really enjoyed Fred and George's entrance into the battle. I love seeing their products being used during battles, and the tar eggs (that are specific to Death Eaters!!!) are a great idea!
But Tonks AND Dumbledore?? I hope they're actually OK, though it doesn't seem likely :(

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Review #19, by sweetgrl1988 Burn It To The Ground ~ Part 2

10th September 2011:
After rereading the earlier chapters and then going straight to reading the recently updated ones, I will say that you did a great job meshing the chapters. It's like I'm reading this story back in the day, but with some subtle improvements. I've noticed fewer grammatical errors, and I haven't seen any cliched statements that you sometimes used before.
I like your used of magical creatures in this story. JKR does a fine job of intermingling magical creatures with her main ones (no surprise, it is her world, after all), and you definitely continue this aspect in your story, and then some.
That was one of the most evil cliffies I've read. What? Do you just throw our favorites into situations then think, "What can I do to make it even harder for them?" Yup, I think that's how it goes down :P Good thing I don't have to wait to see what happens next!

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Review #20, by sweetgrl1988 Burn It To The Ground

10th September 2011:
I must say I'm glad you have posted a lot of chapters before I checked to see if you had updated because HOLY CRAP this chapter. Seems like the main action is starting for our young heroes, and so quickly, too!
I don't think I've mentioned before how much I love your Tonks. The comic relief she often provides is hilarity. It's nice to characters not completely jaded from all the evil in their world. I think you do a good job in exploring how each character copes with the harsh happenings in their lives.
You know, for a while there I thought the girl being tortured was a random first year. Silly me, of course you don't do things randomly. I should've guessed that it was Tiffany all along!
On to the next chapter! :)

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Review #21, by sweetgrl1988 The Calm Before the Storm

10th September 2011:
ASDFKLHGI;OAEWG;AKJ;DS ! You're BACK!!! I've been a fan of yours since you were writing on quizilla, and I am so glad you have decidede to continue with this story! SO glad. I also reread this story to refresh my memory on what's taken place so far, and I must say I've fallen in love with Eclipse of the Sky all over again.
This chapter was just awesome! It seems like I just picked up reading from before your hiatus. Your style is like no other, and I am glad to be able to read something from you again :) This story is just so dark (and it seems completely natural for it to be this way), but then you have the little scenes that breathe fresh light into the atmosphere. The suspense in this chapter is killer! I just keep reading and before I know it, I'm at the end! Harry and Kally's relationship is one of my favorites! They can go from bickering to acting tenderly in the blink of an eye. Their interactions are such great fun to read. And I must say, it's pretty funny how he tried to get Kally not to join the Order for her protection, when being kept out of things for his protection is the very thing he hated the adults for doing. And the hints you've dropped this chapter of things to come! Especially all of the very evil things to come. It just adds to the suspense. Oh, and I'm very interested to see what a phoenix has to do with Harry. This review has been all over the place, but I'm too excited to finish catching up on this story to fix it so it has some semblance of order. Hope it makes sense as is :)

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Review #22, by MonoxideLullaby Everything is Different

28th August 2011:
AH! No, no, no, what a cruel chapter to end on! I have read way too much in these past days and I am telling you I would read another 10 chapters right now if they were up! Hermione is back so where is Viktor?! Everyone is alive, I was worried you were going to make Tonks the first tragic death.

I really hope the new chapter will be up soon! You've been kickin butt at getting them up since you started though so I really cannot complain if it takes a little bit (:

You really captured Harry perfectly there, he has never known how to deal with girls very well has he? He thinks he is protecting her from dear ol' Voldy and now she thinks he's too embarrassed or something to tell everyone that he lurves her.

This is my third review of the day so sorry that it is not very long! I am very tired I went rafting today and this was the perfect way to end my day, I will promise to try to leave one of my good old fashioned really long reviews next chapter.

Love the chapter, love the story, love you...all that good stuff (;

xx Missy

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Review #23, by kitamure It is Burnt

28th August 2011:
I'm sorry but this has been driving me insane for quite a while. Not sure if you're aware or if this is a dialectic sort of phenomenon, but: “Drag” is a regular verb, which means you add “d,” “ed,” or in this case “ged” to make it past tense. “Drag” becomes “dragged.”

I can't include a link but Dragged vs Drug may be found on the site Grammar Girl. I thought I was going insane, contemplating whether I've been conjugating the word drag incorrectly.


Sorry. Just thought I ought to let you know. :P

Wonderful work btw.

Author's Response: While I"m glad you like it...if you're going to GAH at people in reviews do try to realize the following: This is fanfiction, which means I write it quickly and usually on no sleep. I don't worry about things like grammar or tiny mistakes to be honest. I promise you I am not a dumb idiot who has no concept of the English language when that's my native tongue. ;) I though, like every other human on the planet, do make mistakes when in a hurry, despite actually knowing the difference. If this seems sardonic I apologize, but the GAH-ing is kind of a disdainful way to point things out. You've basically called me a moron and shouted in disgust at my lack of 'ability' to edit things. This is half the reason I gave up on fanfiction to begin with after I was ill. I was VERY sick of the nitpicking that people did on things. I figure people eitehr like it, or don't, but I'm not a fan of nitpicking in real life or online, so I'm certainly not going to deal with it for a hobby. I have a FT job at a hospital and go to school, I have better things to worry about than possibly having some conjugation errors. The detailed explanation as if I'm a moron is quite insulting. I don't mean to be mean or anything, but it is a big issue I have. If people don't like something, then go for it, but nit picking people's 'hobby' when they do not have to spend time writing at all is a bit much to actively set out to do.

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Review #24, by MonoxideLullaby The Rat Hunt

28th August 2011:
Ah I am in the shout outs! Still gives me lil butterflies every time I am mentioned anywhere from you :D

I swear it's like you never left, sure some things are repetitive or whatnot but I really don't feel like I see that much of a change in your writing as I'm getting into the new chapters from the old.

Your writing is my favorite, I can so clearly imagine in my head what you're writing, hear familiar voices, hear the ones I've got made up in my head for Kally & Regulus and people like that, when I'm reading your story I am completely in a different world if only for the freaking 45 minutes it takes me to read a chapter! Maybe not that long, or maybe longer I am not really keeping track, but I have never been one to complain about the lengths of your chapters (;

Now I only have one new chapter to go! Hopefully they keep coming at the rate they have been because I don't think that I can wait much longer! I'm going to take a little break before I read the last one because I can feel that I was having to reread a couple things because I think I've just been reading way too much the past two days, my brain is overloaded! Want to fully appreciate this next chapter, ah Harry & Kally snogging...always makes me so happy.

Love the chapter, love the story, love you...all that good stuff (;

xx Missy

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Review #25, by MonoxideLullaby The Calm Before the Storm

27th August 2011:
I have finally made it to a chapter that I haven't left a review on! I know that you started writing this again a bit of time ago now but I've been so busy with work n whatnot that it's taken forever for me to catch up to the new chapters only because I really wanted to reread the whole story and not just skim over it to fully re-appreciate it and get my love going for it strong once more. And let me say, that love is a burnin! When they start mackin it in the forest I still feel the happiness I felt when I was like 14 hahahahaha, and the scenes of her dreaming or Harry seeing what happened with her family still make me cry, no joke, cry like a little baby. This story has such a strong grip on my heart and I am still so happy that you are finishing it, it's like a part of me is being filled again! The void is no more!

anyways, I'm going to keep going, I don't even know how many chapters I've read since last night but my eyes are getting tired and once I can't process anymore information I'm going to take a break and let my brain rest til I continue, because now we're getting to the juicy new stuff!

Reading the scenes between Harry & Kally always have been and always will be my favorite, I can practically feel the passion between them inside my very core, you're practically my favorite writer, and not just of fanfiction!

K onto the next, I will try to leave an actual review of the next chapter about things that I am liking or confused about or something, I'm having a hard time thinking of things right now it's all comin' back to me now!

Love the chapter, love the story, love you..all that good stuff (;

xx Missy

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