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Review #1, by PendleWizard No Flowers

3rd April 2018:
The plot thickens! Some delightful interactions in here. I love the idea of Harry being sent to inspect cinemas to keep him off active duty.

Author's Response: Thanks. Ha! Yes, I liked the idea of Ron being under orders to maintain the pretence and never admit it was a ruse. Thanks again.

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Review #2, by PendleWizard Mountain Walk

3rd April 2018:
I love your depiction of Pansy. She's wonderfully misanthropic!

Yes - it is unwelcome news. Ibut may end up posting elsewhere, too. Wherever you choose to post, I hope you continue to do so. Although the joy of a site like this is the huge diversity of stories from authors of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds, it is a particular pleasure to find someone who writes for grownups and who clearly knows the places they are writing about well.

Author's Response: Thanks. I really enjoyed writing Pansy, actually. She's the only character in this story who has outright lied to Harry, but it seemed in keeping. I think Harry knows she is vulnerable and prefers not to judge her too harshly. Ginny, on the other hand, ...

Yes, I think that multiple sites are the way to go. Thanks again.

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Review #3, by PendleWizard Breakfast

29th March 2018:
I hope you are now fully dried out. There is no such thing as a MINOR plumbing crisis in my experience.

The scenes at Anderton's had me in stitches, especially the en-suite. I've been in a few muggle ones like that!

The second envelope sounds intriguing. I loved Pansy's snide comments about Ginny!

Do you plan on continuing to post after the demise of HPFF, and if so, where?

Author's Response: Well, that is certainly unwelcome news. I'd better start archiving my favourite stories to read again.

I think I will make an effort to get my stories posted somewhere, since clearly people still enjoy reading them, even the older ones.

I'd prefer a managed host with banners. Have reservations about fanfiction[dot]net/book/Harry-Potter/ and archiveofourown[dot]org but they should be considered. Do you have any preference? I certainly hope you continue to post too.

Anyway, thanks. Ha! Good spot, but the second envelope won't yield the clue Pansy is hoping for. Thanks again.

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Review #4, by PendleWizard Harding, Wilkes, Vulthamar and Crooke

23rd March 2018:
This story's got more twists than a Welsh lane! I love the way you mix muggle and magical and all the human interactions, especially Anderton and Harry. There's something very sinister about the Welsh village, and it must be really in the wilds of Welsh Wales if Aberyswyth is the Big Smoke!

Author's Response: Thanks. Ha! Yes, well I needed somewhere Pansy could get to by train from her remote village which is located in a certain mountainous region. The choice was surprising limited if I was going to keep the journey time down to a reasonable length! Thanks again.

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Review #5, by PendleWizard The Cleanerís Lament

21st March 2018:
A magical thief in a muggle office. The plot thickens!

Author's Response: Thanks. Ha! Indeed. He was stealing a magically concealed item from a Muggle office (although Mrs Zaleski wasn't too clear what they did these days) but the item was actually part of a scheme to trace the burglars using Muggle tech. So, who hid it, who wanted it, and who wants to catch them? Thanks again.

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Review #6, by PendleWizard The Wedding

21st March 2018:
Hoorah and huzzah! A sequel to Realm of Bridges. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this develops. You've already set up some really interesting and entertaining new characters and there's Pansy Parkinson to boot! [And who doesn't want to boot Pansy?]

Author's Response: Thanks. Ha! Yes, there are a few new characters to come too but it won't be until Harry finds out about the security breach that the hunt for the truth begins. I thought Pansy would be a good foil for Ginny as they undertake their own investigation. Thanks again.

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