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Review #1, by Allison13 A Bargain

13th March 2018:

So like this is such an interesting twist in the story! One that I thought could happen but I wasn't sure which way you were going to take it! I really enjoyed this chapter! It was definitely a different feel than what you've been writing but in a good way!

First, I really enjoyed the length of this chapter! You alwasy give us such long chapters and thats why I try and write a long review! It must be so difficult to have to try and write a story, I've tried and after the first chapter I gave up because I felt like it was waaay too much for me! There's just so many ways you can write your characters or the different directions you take a story. Not to mention it makes you so incredibly vulnerable to put your work out there for people to read and love or hate and you gotta have some thick skin for that. So thank you for writing this story for us and putting your work out there and being vulnerabe with us! Don't ever apologize for your art! You can't please everyone and you'll always have a fan in me :)

Back to the story! So like will Yves be weak until Moldy takes power from the ring and gives it to her? Or will the ring feed power to her? I was just a little confused about that.

I'm glad Severus is back! I hope he visits Yves in her dreams because thats probably going to be the only way that they can talk safely. I always felt like they needed some kind of closure. And I love Bellatrix getting hers because she's the worst!

I'm fasinated with Moldy's obesession with Yves! I don't know why but like its just something I really enjoy reading! This chapter left me with so many questions about this relationship between them! Like why is he so obsessed with her? Is it because of the potential power she has? Does he just love the idea of the woman she could be? Or like is there really no rhyme or reason he obsesses over her? Does he want her romantically? Does he just want to keep her for a prize? Like I know why he wanted her in the first place but now I want to know why he's wanting to keep her caged like a bird!

ALSO ugh.. this chapter kind of felt like the death of the old Yves. She even says it in her inner monologue lol. But I feel like this is something that she really can't come back from, like a no turning back point in the story. I can't imagine her ever being able to back and be with Sirius or Fabian because she just can't. I also don't mean any of this in a negative way at all, this is just how I was feeling as I was reading and I don't know if that's what you intended as you were writing but it feels very final. Like Moldy said without his power she's going to die. I feel like this is all leading up to a grand finale where Yves will eventually burn out but she'll save everyone in turn (if youre not going cannon on this...still can't tell). I'll be interested to see how this story progresses with the boys' storyline although I want to know what happened after they apperated and she wasnt there but I also want more of Yves in Moldy's house.

I'm excited to know whats going to happen!

Thank you for writing!

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Review #2, by BBHP A Bargain

13th March 2018:
Another great chapter! I am very curious about the change in direction and I like the return of Severus to the story. In the first book I didnít feel like their story was finished yet, so Iím hoping for more interaction between them, even if itís just closure.

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Review #3, by Amanda Pound of Flesh

12th March 2018:
I'm not sure if you've read the books, but I've finally realized who Yves reminds me of...: Anita Blake. At the beginning of this arc, she started to remind me of BAMF Anita Blake who didn't need a man and got the hard things done. But, you bring the guys back (I adore Sirius-- & Fabian) and she's Mary Sue Anita Blake from the later novels. Yves has a harem of men who she jumps between and who love and kowtow to her. She's the ABSOLUTE BEST at everything. It's just aggravating that even Voldemort, who is known to not care for/show interest in ANYONE is interested in her. I like the idea of the story and there are some seriously strong plot points, but I do find myself rolling my eyes more often than not. I mean... DUMBLEDORE and MOODY going to someone younger than and far less accomplished than them for insight? Doesnt seem very realistic... Not my favorite chapter.

That said... IS this THAT cave? Did Sirius have a Siriusly (; weak moment with Marlene when Yves hightailed it with Fabian? What is with those prophetic dreams featuring one Severus Snape (my favorite part of the plot, btw)?? Can't wait to find out!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda.

It's nice to hear from you again. I thought you would have stopped reading after the first book when things didn't quite work out with Snape. But I am quite glad you have persevered. However, I see you're frustrated again.

I have not read Anita Blake but doing a quick bit or research, that is quite a compliment so thank you VERY much for that. She looks totally badass!

I see what you're saying about Yves bouncing back and forth between men and how that can be frustrating for you. I think she is trying to stand on her own feet but they are always around her because her feet are where they are if that makes any sense. As for your points on Dumbledore and Moody, I hear what you're saying, perhaps they wouldn't have bothered with someone younger than them and more inexperienced, but I like to believe they would have; stoic as they were.

We all know that Voldemort wasn't known for his interest in anyone being the tremendous self-sufficient psycho that he was. However, he was interested in power and the acquisition of things. Perhaps Yves is nothing more than a thing to him?

I am glad you find that there are strong plot points. As for the eyes rolling moments and this not being your favourite chapter- I understand and sympathise and hope that you warm to the story a bit more.

As for the rest of your questions: You're just going to have to wait and see! I can't give you any answers but all will be revealed soon (that sounds like a trailer to a bad movie but whatever, I'm going with it)

Once again, thank you for reading and for getting through so much of it. I really do appreciate the time and dedication it takes to read a story let alone write a review. So thank you so much. And I hope you continue to stay along for the ride.

All my love- A

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Review #4, by Allison13 Pound of Flesh

11th March 2018:

These boys have my heart but also make me want to smack them upside the head!! It's like we take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back!! Like I wish they would of just sat with Yves and asked her how she was feeling and let her try to explain what's going on with her rather than immediatly going into rescue mode!

They have matured leaps and bounds though since we started this journey and that's been great to read, but they still have so much to go when it comes to sassy/anger rage Yves. Like she is not the same woman you fell in love with and they need to treat her accordingly. I don't doubt that their love for her would diminish at all or hers for them but she has been through the ringer and has lived to tell the tale and they are still trying to act and treat her like she's the same person when she's not, no one could be the same after what she's been through. So even though they've grown up in the sense that they arent at each others throats and show respect towards one another, but they still need to learn and grow with Yves and not act as though she is a child, which they kind of were. But god love'em because you can tell just how much they love her and want to protect her.

I am very curious about why Yves has not more black specks in her eyes..could it be that her power is all gone? It couldnt be that dark Yves was completly gone because she still had those moments of rage and also the moments when the dark side was talking to her. So I can't tell because I thought the specks were connected to the power she took in and made her dark but maybe I'm just reading too much into it!

ALSO WHAT WAS THAT MOMENT BETWEEN MARLENE AND SIRIUS??? Like I don't know if I'm not remembering something from earlier in the story or if they had a little moment when Yves was gone and maybe Sirius was feeling a little vulnerable and Marlene took advantage of that? Or it could just be that Marlene thinks so highly of herself that she things Sirius will actually care. But also girl it's time to grow up because Yves saved your life so why not show a little gratitude??

So now on to my very first thought on this review...YVES, GIRL..WHY?? What is this girl thinking?? Ugh to just play Sirius and Fabian like that was dirty and like I'm curious as to why she thinks she needs this power so bad!! Also MOLDY!! He's so obsessed and I love it. I love that you kept him handsome because like I don't think he became ugly and gross until after he came back in the 4th book. Like I always imagine pre-Harry Moldy to be what we saw in the Chamber of Secrets movie (maybe a little older) because he wasnt that old and he had to of been some kind handsome and charming to get people to follow him.

I'm ready for Yves to be totally dark for a hot minute but also like I'm not because I'm torn and I love that I am! You've written her so well in both aspects that I like her both ways!!

Also is this the cave where Dumbledore and Harry came to in the sixth book??

I can't wait to find out what happens to our girl!!

Thank you for writing!


Author's Response: Hi Allison!

First of all- hahahaha. Rescue mode, that's exactly what they're doing like it's their default setting :D It is a bit of a conundrum though- I love them and I understand them and their motivations but I also love and understand Yves. I think their behaviour is part of the reason she tricked them, there really wouldn't have been any way around it but now everything is a right mess (even though it's like super twisty and gnarled and we love it.)

As for Voldemort, this guy... he just can't stay away and you will find out why very soon. It was such a stupid move on Yves's part but her motivation will become clear in time too.
Also- I think (from what I can gather) Voldemort was very handsome and he didn't become physically monsterous until he came back even though the beginnings of what lay ahead had started to show at this point. Having said that, he has to be handsome in this story- everyone else is and I want to explore that allure ;) Handsome but off...

Thank you so much for saying Yves is well-written. Some times I think if I was her friend I'd give her a slap upside the head (even though I do love her) but then other times I'm super proud of her.

As for the cave... ;)

You wont have to wait long for the next one. I went on a writing spree this weekend so I just need to do some tuning and then we're good to go.

I also just want to thank you for the sheer length of this review! It's amazing! It takes such dedication to wait days and sometimes weeks for a chapter and then to take the time to review- let alone one of this length and with such bubbling enthusiasm. I don't have words enough to tell you how much it means. And you're a great sounding board which helps so very much.

All my love!

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Review #5, by Sleepingbagonthesofa  Pound of Flesh

11th March 2018:
(Queue fangirling.)
Sirius and Fabian. They've grown so much together but in this chapter you've really shown that they still have miles to go until they can even begin to appreciate Yves's power.
They're funny and kind but you get the impression that without even realising they're trampling over daisys and making the whole situation worse.
All the good work bringing Yves back was essentially waisted as they tried to help!
It was incredibly frustrating and infuriating to read! You're almost screaming at them to shut up.
Then we're treated to the second half and VOLDY'S BACK! I've missed him... (And I have questions about what cave that cave is...)
You've written him wonderfully, highlighting that he is Yves equal. He's possibly the one who really understand her and her powers from a point of view of using, not preventing. Which was so obvious in the brilliant, and very dramatic, ending.
You're building up to something huge and I know the next chapter is going to be AMAZING!
As always, I loved ever word.

Author's Response: Hi S! (It's like we're on a first name basis but really it's just first-letter-of-handle basis but it's good enough for me) ;)

I think they have grown a lot and each time we see, more of that is true. But you're right, they are miles away from where Yves is. And trampling over daisys is very apt :)

Yeah, this was a frustrating chapter for me too. The back and forth (although it is hella cute) and then Yves going her own way instead of following Sirius and Fabian.

As for Voldemort- I know I shouldn't but I love him as much as I do but I can't help it. Sure, the guy is a psycho and I wouldn't actually go near him even if I had the Elder Wand but he is SO CURIOUS and interesting. And I think that's part of the problem. He is the only one who is embracing Yves power, you're right, but to what ends is yet to be seen.

Something is coming... duh duh duuuhhh... But I will give no clues! ;)

Thank you so much for the review. You really do make me very happy and laugh like a fool at my screen very often (so people at work/ my family think I'm a real weirdo) because of your fangirling but NEVER STOP!

Much love- A


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Review #6, by BBHP Pound of Flesh

10th March 2018:
Darn it all, Yves! Poor Sirius and Fabian should have known better. Iím so anxious right now.

Author's Response: Hi love!

These poor boys! I don't think they expected her to betray them, not as this point in the game. She really shouldn't have.
And don't worry- I will upload soon and then the anxiety and take a backsteat (unless something else crops up)


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Review #7, by Yasmin93 Only For This Night

8th March 2018:
Scrap my last review. My sympathy for Marlene has swindled down to nothing. And Yves putting her in her place!! YES!!

And her chat with Dumblydore!! I just have no words. I really felt for Yves here, but she really needed to hear it.

Remus! I actually had tears in my eyes during his speech. I could feel every word he was saying. And loved how relaxed and light hearted you made it afterwards.

The exchange between Fabian, Sirius and Yves was just what I needed. Her telling them both how it was, and finally admitting she does love Fabian.

Such an amazing chapter. I'm kinda disappointed that I've caught up though. I'll be waiting patiently for your next chapter. Keep up the great work :)


Author's Response: Hahaha- yeah, Marlene, our resident villain/not villain.

This was a very emotional chapter to write and I am sure reading it felt the same way. They were all necessary for Yves to hear, for her to connect with her people, to hear what Dumbledore has been thinking, Remus providing some kind of closure in the wake of Mary's murder and Fabian and Sirius coming together but Yves finally setting some boundaries.

Don't worry- there will be many more chapters and I hope I will be able to keep uploading at more regular intervals- life seems to have caught up with me a little but now it's the weekend and I have nothing planned but to write so I'm on a mission.

Thank you for reviewing and for catching up. I really appreciate the words and the time you take to let me know how you felt about it all.

Until next time- All my love- A

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Review #8, by Yasmin93 Thwarted

8th March 2018:
Arrgghh...I just don't know where to start. This chapter had me feeling all sorts.

I'm definitely starting to think Snape is using legilimency on Yves so she knows who the next victim is, but I can't work out if he's helping her or helping Voldy. Actually, on second thoughts, maybe it's Voldy planting the dreams. Maybe I don't have a clue after all.

Fabian!! What's he doing?! I can't believe he just kissed her like that!! And poor Sirius..

Was pleasantly surprised that Sirius handled it like a man. No kicking off or arguments. I think it just goes to show how much he's developing as a person.

So pleased that Marlene didn't get hurt. I know she's not been Yves best of friends, but I don't think she would have been able to deal with it without going darker.

That ending!! Is this the start of our old Yves coming back??

Loved it!! It's like my brain goes into overdrive to try and figure out what's coming next, not that I ever get it right!!


Author's Response: This was a bit of an up and down chapter for me too. There is so much going on!

Fabian stealing a kiss was a little bit ass of him but then again, Sirius would have probably done the same thing if the roles had been reversed. Still though, I do feel sorry for both of them. Sirius is growing in leaps and bounds which I feel is so necessary at his point.

As for your Snape/ Voldemort suspicions... you'll just have to wait and see ;)

I don't want to give too much away about what's coming even though I'm dying to tell everyone. But you'll see very soon how everything plays out.

Overdrive is great. I am so glad there are unanswered questions- I love reading books with little puzzles for the reader so to hear you say that you are trying to figure out what happens next really makes me so happy!

As always... all my love and thank you for the review.

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Review #9, by Yasmin93 cont. Choices

8th March 2018:
I have no idea what happened there. It cut my review in half so here ya go :p

I just love the boys, and love to see them working together despite everything. It's like the whole situation is forcing Sirius to mature, but love the way he goes about talking to her in this chapter. Yves really needs to give the boys a bit more credit!!

Really enjoyed this chapter, and so chuffed there another two for me to read. Will move on to the next chapter now. Keep up your amazing work!!!


Author's Response: I love the boys too! They are my heart. And them working together is amazing too. I thought they would fight forever but it sort of seemed natural for them to come together. Even though they are so opposite, they are also somewhat similar. She does also need to ease up on them :)


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Review #10, by Yasmin93 Choices

8th March 2018:
I haven't forgot about this beaut of a story!! Finally getting a spare 5 minutes to try and catch up whilst I wait for the child to wake up so we can go out. Haha.

There she is!! Been looking forward to Yves interacting with everyone. Love how she stood her ground against the boys. Her reaction to Mary!! I could feel what she was feeling

Author's Response: Hi Yasmin!

I'm glad you haven't forgotten about this story. I hope your family is well and you enjoyed your outing.

Yeah- I thought Yves needed some interaction. Her isolation has been profound lately...

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Review #11, by EmmyBacon Only For This Night

7th March 2018:
Arrrghurgle murpha!

I just don't know where to start. This story is just building to something spectacular.

First of all, how are you? I hope you've been well and the wedding planning is all going smoothly.
Secondly, giiirrrl where you beeen?! *I jest, no nag just a little cheeky quip *

'I love you...' love is a powerful magic. I have an inkling it's going to massively have an impact on this story. It was so perfect.

Dumbleydoors plan, i'm rather interested, does Mr Snape come involved here too? maybe? hmm...

Remus' toast *sheds a tear* it was perfect!

I can't say much more without sounding like a love sick teenager lusting after her crush!

You're awesome xxx

Author's Response: Emmy!

I have been very well actually. There is a lot of life going on at them moment so working hard to keep a balance. No wedding planning just yet but I have some ideas ;) I hope you are well too! Sorry about being MIA for so long.

Yeah, the story really is beginning to grow but at the same time pull all the threads together. For now that is... Until I have to loosen some of them again ;)

I don't want to give too much away but the coming chapters are going to be some of a change. But you're probably right about everything- you're like the best detective on here.

Hopefully I will be able to catch up on my own reading soon *hides face guiltily* and then review the sh*t out of your story ;)

And don't worry- I'm also a love sick teenager with a lusting crush so we're one and the same :D

As always, thank you, and I really do hope you're well and that you continue to be. And thank you for the review. And you're awesome too!


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Review #12, by Allison13 Only For This Night

6th March 2018:
Wow. My heart.

This chapter was so beautiful. I'm a little speechless. I know you said we had a long wait but great things are worth the wait!

The scene with Dumbledore and Yves in the kitchen was really something else. So many beautiful lines were written. My absolute favorite: ďWe are all here to hold our lamps aloft Yves, if not for you, for someone else we love, for a world we will stand for, no matter the cost. This is all part of the fabric of our history.Ē Wow wow wow wow. Like this gave me chills and I'm obsessed. This is something I felt that could of come straight from the books!

Then the scene with all of them at the end was really tugging at heartstrings. Remus with the toasts, and then everyone rallying together to have at least one nice night together was everything I've dreamed for Yves since the beginning of this story. She is just so tired and worn down right now and she deserved this. I'm glad were still getting some dark Yves because she's a snarky queen but then you give us moments like this that remind us of her heart and humanity and the Yves we fell in love with. THIS IS WHAT I"M HERE FOR!

Also shoutout to Yves for saying she sleeps in no mans bed because she knows her limits and knows she can't get involved in that mess right now.

It's like you've been making a list of all the things I've been wanting and wrapped them up in one beautifuly written present just for me :)

I just loved everything about this chapter! Thank you so much for writing!

Author's Response: Before I start with too much content, I just have to say that your review was the first one I read this morning when I woke up and a legit cried into my coffee. So far the reception for this chapter has been one of the best so far but your words, wow, and then you quoted me too, I died. Well, I cried first and then I died. I am so happy you felt it was worth the wait. And to say that some of the lines could have come out of the books has really left me tremendously humbled. Thank you.

I felt like it was so necessary to have them all together. Their lives are so difficult. If they didn't have spaces of light and love, friendship and unity they would never have been able to get through all of it.

I am so proud of Yves (even though she is a murderer and way too dark for her own good) She has grown so much and, even though she is basically on the verge of death, the girl has steel in her bones.

I am so glad you're still here and that you are so enthusiastic about the story. It really makes me so happy! And above everything, I am so happy that you're getting what you want from the story, from our boys and for Yves.

Once again, thank you for the most amazing review, for your kindness and for being so invested in the story. I promise I wont make you wait so long again (even though it was worth it ;)

All my love- A

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Review #13, by BBHP Only For This Night

6th March 2018:
Yves felling Fabian she loves him, that sheís in love with him, just made me melt. So perfect. Itís heartbreaking, of course, but itís perfect. Fabian's emotions are just so much more raw and visible than Siriusís right now.

Iím in agony over what might happen next. I couldnít even guess, and itís so exciting. This story has constantly kept me guessing and wondering, and I am always surprised. Itís so awesome.

Author's Response: Hi dear one!

I am so conflicted- Fabian, Sirius, Fabian, Sirius... I love them both. I think you're right, Fabian is a lot more raw than Sirius. Sirius has already had his heartbreak and is a bit more resigned. But Fabian, a man usually so sure of himself and his footing, doesn't know where he stands so he is naturally reaching out. I'm proud of our Yves and her development (even though she is sort of a murderer, but emotionally, yes, more mature ;)

Thank you so much- I am working very hard to keep everything as twisty as possible while trying to tie everything together also.

Thank you for coming such a long way with me. I am so happy you're still here.

Thank you for the review!


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Review #14, by Sleepingbagonthesofa  Only For This Night

6th March 2018:
YOU ARE DRIVING ME MAD HERE! Forget what I said before, waiting is the real reader torture!
You've made this chapter a true emotional roller-coaster. After reading even I feel like I've just gone through a fight and come out the other end exhausted!
The scene in the kitchen was just beautiful. It was all about the Albus lines! He was incredibly written, delivering a message that left not just Yves but me as a reader both hopefull and a little heartbroken. Seriously there was a line or two that could have been from Rowling herself.
Sirius and Fabian... Those boys have matured as characters so much. Honestly I couldn't choose between them any more.
Even the secondary characters, Remus (REMUS?! You know my opinion on a well written Remus) James, Gideon and a little Lily at the end were all so well done.
Our main girl feels a little lost and washed up right now but that can only be a good thing! We get all he best bits of Dark, sassy Yves and some of the heart she used to have as well.
When the chapters are like this they are well worth the wait! Well done. This really was excellent writing!
S xxx

Author's Response: Hahahaha! #sorrynotsorry (Did I actually just type that?! Dies of embarrassment!) I know it's reader torture!

It was exceedingly emotional for them, for you and for me :) It took me a very long time to get Albus semi-right in my head, well at least enough to get him alright on paper.
When I read this review I actually cried. Thank you so much. Obvs JK is the Queen of the entire universe so to have even a single word compared to her is without question one of the best compliments ever. Thank you.

The distinguishing line between Fabian and Sirius is without question becoming more and more blurred. As for Remus- you and I have that in common. I love a well written Remus. He is delicious. I think everyone, and this includes me, just needs a little more of the gang so they need to become fully formed too. Not that they aren't but they need to grow too. I must say, I am also a little sucker for Gideon. What a sweetheart. And everyone needs to rest a little too. So we'll let Yves get a little nourishment before the next cadenza happens.

Thank you so much for one of the best reviews I have ever received. I can't thank you enough. And thank you for reading. Really, like, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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Review #15, by Allison13 Thwarted

2nd March 2018:
Where to even begin with this chapter!

First and foremost... Ummm Fabian? Like what are you thinking?? (him not you) What a major turn off from him! Kissing someone isn't going to make wipe away the awful thing you just did to her! Also like dude it's so wrong of him do that with Sirius around and like give her space and stop being childish?? Ugh I don't know it just rubbed me the wrong way BUT Sirius was so mature and being adult and I see what your doing here, he may be growing on me ;)

I really really dig these scenes with Severus! I like the flashback and the warnings..it's a great way to add him back into the story..I would like to see a really sweet scene between the two of them, I always liked the idea of the two of them together, even if they weren't meant to be together forever.

I loved the tender moment between Remus and Yves, I like the idea of her friends bringing some of her humanity back, even if it is just a tiny piece. She cares so much for everyone and everything that she does is to protect them so if they can help her return I think that's a sweet idea.

It's interesting that Moldy picked Marlene, like did he pick her because he knows how terrible she was to Yves and we know Moldy has some sick obession with her so maybe in some sick way he's doing it for her? Or maybe it was just because its as simple as they had just checked up on her..who knows! You do! I like to theorize about the meanings behind everything!

I hope Sirius gets to rest soon, I feel like he's going to run himself ragged and something bad is going to happen. Like I know in the books Fabian died in this war but I don't know if your shooting for cannon or not and if you are then everyone dies and it's sad. Don't tell me either way I want to be surprised! Ugh I am just really invested in this story!

Another wonderful chapter! Thank you for writing!


Author's Response: Hi Allison!

Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond to your review. I've been a little MIA lately but I'm back on track.

I totally get how you were feeling about Fabian here. It's a little bit of a role reversal but I don't actually think he can help himself (absolutely not an excuse) he was left feeling so vulnerable, I think he was clinging to some kind of salvation. As for Sirius- this guy- he's so up and down but I do like his maturity. I think it was always there but he kept it hidden, perhaps because it was more convenient to be childish and flippant.

I love having everyone around Yves too- those tender moments make my heart so happy and Remus is actually my best! They do sort of bring her back but to what, we will see soon.

As for your thoughts on Voldemort, I am keeping mum about everything so you will just have to go on being one of the best detectives I know ;)

I also feel like Sirius needs to rest. The guy is haggard, he's been going for days and I have a feeling he is probably quite smelly :D

Thank you for a most heartwarming review. You are unfathomably kind and lovely!

All my love- A

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Review #16, by EmmyBacon Thwarted

1st March 2018:
ALEX! *whiny voice* What are you doing to me I swear?!
Fabian was a bit naughty here, trying to lay on the smacker-roes when she's so vunerable. Not that I can blame him, he's feeling sensitive but Jeez.

I love the foretelling that it was Marlene. There is something there we all don't know about...well apart from you the secret keeper of it all!

And she;s weak but she's warm. Does that make sense? Knowing Yves though she's going to try and find a way to stay connected but build her strength too, something old Voldy is not going to expect. After all, what's more powerful tha love right?

Sorry I'm rambling my stream of consciousness again.

Awesome update, as always Miss!
Thank you :)

Author's Response: Emmy!

You always make me laugh so much!

Fabian is totally naughty, pushing the envelope as much as he can. I suppose, he doesn't feel as though there is really anything to lose and he is most definately super sensitive. But we will see more of the regular, heart-thumpingly gorgeous Fabian soon.

I am also loving this element of foretelling. It's difficult to craft surprises around events we know already happened but the foretelling certainly does help overcome this obsticle.

And yes, she's weak and she's warm does totally make sense. It was exactly what I was going for.
I actually don't know what Yves is going to do but that's actually exactly the kind of move she would make that he wouldn't expect.

Your stream of consciousness is amazing and I love it! :D

Sorry for not responding earlier *hides face in shame *and for generally not reading/reviewing myself*
But I'm back on track now! So I'm coming for you.

Thank you for the amazing review.

Much love!


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Review #17, by BBHP Thwarted

28th February 2018:
My main lingering thought after reading this is how fitting and perfect it was that Lily tried to use Expelliarmus against Voldemort. I loved that.

Sirius and Fabian still have me aching. And knowing Fabianís fate, at least some of it, just makes me ache all the more.

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to reply.

Absolutely! Lily and Expelliarmus, it had to happen ;)

The two of them are almost ridiclous. I love them. Knowing the ends for both of them has me aching too so at least we're not alone in this.

Thank you for writing and for reading. I hope you're well!


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Review #18, by Sleepingbagonthesofa  Thwarted

28th February 2018:
Where to start? Honestly I have no idea, I loved it all.
There was so much going on, so many storylines and characters overlapping.
Yves really has her anchor in her boys. They keep her grounded even when she's fading away. And oh my gosh Sirius is suddenly a grown up.
But now to my main point... SNAPE!
What are you doing there?
The dreams have me asking so many questions. I have no idea what's about to happen but it's going to be amazing.
Looking forward to more!
S x

Author's Response: Hi S!

My apologies for taking so long to respond to your review!

There is so much going on with the story at the moment! It's about to get even more entangled that it has been but that's still to come.

That's a great way of looking at it, as though Fabian and Sirius are her anchors. I suppose they are. And yes, Sirius has grown. I like to believe he always had it in him just chose to ignore it ;)
As for Snape- all you're going to get is a nice clean ellipsis ...

As always, thank you for reading and your lovely words (which I will have to catch up with VERY soon)

Much love! A

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Review #19, by Allison13 Continued Choices

25th February 2018:
HEY! This is Allison13 and I don't know why but it cut off my review so here's the rest of it!

My heart hurts so much for Yves when she found out that Mary was I know when she was with Fabian (heart eyes for days) and Sirius it seemed like she was going back and forth but hopefully being back with everyone who loves her will bring back Yves although I don't hate dark Yves at all.

I also hope that if she goes back with them to headquarters she takes some time to be with her friends and not just go off with Fabian or Sirius because I feel like this girl just needs a girl nights out to have fun and forget that she may, you know, murder everyone around her. Ugh I just love her.

But also I'm in suspense for who's going to be murdered next! AHH!!

Such a great chapter and story! Thank you for writing!


Author's Response: My heart breaks for all of them for the loss of Mary. She was really one of my favourite characters. And I totally *LOVE* dark Yves but I also hope she comes back into the light. And yeah- let's have a girls night and get this girl drunk so she can let off some steam- I mean, murder is super maladjusted ;P

Thank you for a spectacular review! This made me smile so many times and it actually just makes my heart to happy. And I am so glad you still love it!

Thank you for actually just being!
All my love! A

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Review #20, by Allison13 Choices

25th February 2018:
Yves!!! How I missed her!!

This chapter was so nice and long and there's so much to take in! I love it!

I feel like maybe Severus is trying to warn Yves through her dreams? Even though you know he's a terrible person he really did have true feelings for Yves even if he was just supposed to get close to her on Moldys orders. But then again who knows, maybe he's just trying to communicate with her on his orders. That's what I like about your story, you just never know!

I like that you added Aberforth in there! So subtle and honestly if you don't read closely you wouldnt know it was him and also that he's such a minor character in the books/movies that you kind of forget he's a thing. But with Yves trying to remember why he's familiar tips it off!

My heart hurts so much for Yves when she found out that Mary was murdered, it was an interesting conflict with her and her humanity and I'm excited to see what happens if she is going back to headquearters with Albus. It'll be interesting to see her interact with the others if she's not fully back to herself, I know when she was with Fabian (

Author's Response: Hey darling! I see your cut off review so I will reply to both in turn ;)

I missed Yves also! Wow, it's good to be writing from her POV again.

Severus is interesting for me too. I don't actually even know what his end game is either. Maybe that's why things are surprising- because they're surprising for me too :P I am glad I've managed to keep the mystery alive also!

I always thought Aberforth was pretty cool, his heart was always in the right place I think. I'm glad that was clear and it didn't just seem like some random creep.

I am quite interested in this development of Yves and her emotions. Whether it brings her back is yet to be seen...

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Review #21, by EmmyBacon Choices

23rd February 2018:
I'm enjoying a sneaky half hour with a cup of tea and a read so I get to catch up. Away for hubby's birthday so a little naughty but I don't care *triumphant grin*

Sev popping up in a dream again...what have you got planned?!

Aberforth's role in this was played out beautifully, it shows he really did have his fingers in the pie, even back then.

I also love the realism with Yves' reconnection with the boys. I'm pleased she's met with them again but also glad she didn't fall into their arms or turn into the vulnerable, unsure Yves. It also shows how much she's controlled by the darkness...although yas fighting back, you can feel that push pull throughout the chapter.

And argh! Who's next?! Great job!

Keep up your amazingness you amazing one!

Author's Response: You're a sneaky Mrs! But I appreciate that the need to sneak away and read, I do it all the time :P

Sev, all I can say is duh duh duh... ;)

Even though he was so grumpy, I really felt as though Aberforth was a little bit of an unsung hero. I had to work him in somehow.

I thought it was important for Yves to maintain her distance partly because she isn't quite herself and but yes, she isnt that vulnerable, unsure Yves anymore and that's important.

Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon and you'll find out whose next.

Enjoy your weekend away! I hope it's been magical and full of adventure (and maybe some relaxation!)

Much love!

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Review #22, by BBHP Choices

22nd February 2018:
Everything is so intense!! Iím agonizing over what will happen next

Author's Response: Hella inntense but so juicy!


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Review #23, by BBHP Alliance Forged

22nd February 2018:
Crying. :í( Mary.

But I do love how Sirius and Fabian have been working together. Itís almost a breath of fresh air to have them not at each otherís throats.

Author's Response: I know- Mary :(
But yes, they seem to be working together beautifully for now. We'll see what happens soon!


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Review #24, by Sleepingbagonthesofa  Choices

22nd February 2018:
I loved every word of it.
I'm intrigued to see where the Snape dreams are going. Will it impact Yves on her hunt for Death Eaters? Will Voldy find out and use Snape against her? The possibilitys are endless and all intriguing.
Now... The gang is all back together!
Yves is so dark but still so cool. You write her incredibly well. I'm always kept on my toes.
The only one who seems to appreciate her powers is Albums and that makes me worried... Expecially for the new dream team: Sirius and Fabian!
Okay... Now I'm the one gushing...
Congratulations on the engagement, I'm so glad the party went well!
S xxx

Author's Response: Yeah! I've been super motivated again which is excellent so there will be more on the way soon! But I have to catch up on my reading first... I need a bigger fix!

Albus is the only one with a clue about how dangerous she actually is. Fabian and Sirius are a little bit slow on the uptake but I'm sure they will realise soon.
As for Snape... only time will tell what happens with him.
I am so glad you like evil Yves- she is so much fun to write and I'm so glad it comes across well.
I love the gushing so please don't stop ;P

And thank you very much! It's been a great start to the year!

Thank you for the lovely review and I hope you're well!

All my love- A


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Review #25, by Yasmin93 Alliance Forged

21st February 2018:
Bella, Bella, Bella. She's such an interesting character!! It's great to see that despite you having her try and help the boys, she's still her horrible, evil self!! Naughty making them guess where they had to go.

I like how Sirius and Fabian seem to be gradually getting onto the same page. Like they're both well aware that they're the best men for the job to help each other find Yves!!

I'm still having a major internal debate about who I'd like to be with Yves. They're both completely different in everything except their feelings for her and it's obvious that both will do anything to get her back.

The bit with Mary!! Remus and Sirius!! Argh!! I just don't have any words!! Is this Voldy going after the order just to get to Yves. I just don't know!! I couldn't possibly hazard a guess because I know I'd be wrong!!

Thank you for the amazing chapter and I can't wait to read more


Author's Response: Hi Yasmin!

Bellatrix is positively horrendous and we can't quite guess her end game yet but she is totally devious and I kind of love it :P

The boys are getting on the same page finally which is excellent news except I suppose for when they actually do find Yves and then we'll have to see which of them, if any she picks.

I am so glad I'm still able to surprise. Telling a story feels a lot like knitting I suppose, not that I've knitted a damn thing in my life.

Thank you for reading and for the AMAZING review!

As always- all my love!


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