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Review #1, by Avanell 2 Chapter 2

15th January 2018:
Beautiful update! Loved Ron telling her his plans back in Fourth Year!!! And then embracing Harry as he came in. Harry WOULD seek them out first, in theory, because they all went through so many adventures and horror together. Their long built friendship would likely come first, I think...but Ginny is definitely in his thought and...will be next for him? Chapter 3? Although I mostly read now for just Ron and Hermione (in the past was mostly just Hermione paired with a few characters, including Ron, but now...hardly every read her with others. Cos now we have Rose and Scorpius;) )

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Review #2, by DougA Chapter 2

14th January 2018:
Nice moments between Ron and Hermione, although I seem to remember a "Wait. Hermione, you're a girl." from Ron in the Goblet of Fire, as if that notion had just occurred to him. Still, very nice for a missing moment.

Hmm. Still no Ginny. I'm sorry, but that just doesn't play right for Harry for me. He's spent a year pining for her, and talking to her dot on the map. He heard her scream when she thought he was dead. Yet he doesn't go looking for her ? One of my big problems with the Deathly Hollows, was Harry not going to Ginny, instead thinking "I've got days, and weeks and months to talk to her." First of all, I don't think Harry is that thoughtless. Secondly, I don't think Harry is that stupid to risk riling her temper. Thirdly, I don't think Ginny would put up with it. I think he would have noticed her if she had been in the group in the Common Room, and at least shared a look with her or noticed that she was pointedly ignoring him. If Molly didn't know where Ginny was, I think she would have been going bonkers. Ginny being with Ron and Hermione, waiting on Harry made sense, but obviously she is not there. Harry's lack of concern over his girlfriend bothers me.

I like your story, but I'm going to dock you a point for the lack of Ginny and Harry's lack of concern over her.

Author's Response: Hi. Thank you so much for your comments. I take your point, and trust me, Harry is not ignoring his girlfriend. But for the sake of this story, Ginny is spending some time with her brothers at this point. And Harry is currently so wrecked with guilt that its a bit too much for him to be around the others. Hermione and Ron have seen him as the very worst version of himself. In harry's eyes, he needs to protect Ginny from the worst parts (we all know she can handle it, but bear with me). I'd really appreciate it if you kept with me, but i completely understand if this is not your thing, thank you for reading !

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Review #3, by Avanell 2 Chapter 1

14th January 2018:
Beautiful opening chapter!

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Review #4, by DougA Chapter 1

13th January 2018:
Interesting start. I like the elves, and am impressed with the insight into Bill. I am surprised that Harry asks where Ron and Hermione are. I always believed that his first thought would have been of Ginny, especially if he was a wise man and afraid of her temper and bat bogeys. However, since it is not mentioned that she is with the family, which I think Harry would have noticed, I am going to assume that she is with Ron and Hermione in the dorm. I assume Harry thinks so too, or else I would imagine that he would be spazzing out over her absence. A very interesting start. I await the next chapter.

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