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Review #1, by May { 3 }

2nd February 2018:
I find this story strangely compelling not sure where it is going I like that itís different

Author's Response: yeah? thank you so much! tbh i have no idea what's going on either, but it's one of my fav fics!

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Review #2, by Tecla Sunrise { 1 }

15th January 2018:
Yellow! I'm here for the review tag on the forum and i am, like, so glad?
I giggled like an idiot reading this, particularly when scorpius says that albus has no f*ing right to look that good. lol, I FEEL YOU, SCORPIUS.
The premise is really good and a fun twist to the usual Al/Scorpius, and Halley seems like a real piece of work.
Good job, i love it!
Elena xx

Author's Response: lol really ??? I giggled like an idiot writing this! I am glad you like it!! Just to be clear, Halley, Scorpius, and Al are all in a polyamory!! Tbh when I said that al had no f***ing right to look that good, I was projecting my own thoughts on him :^)

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Review #3, by fyi { 2 }

11th January 2018:
OMG! Do you even know how exciting it is to read something like This? I swear I have never come across such a fanfic before. I love the plot so don't stop updating.

Author's Response: have you really not? that's wild. i'm glad you like the story, i like it a lot too! it's basically just fluff except with a polyamorous couple lol. also, this story doesn't necessarily have a plot, i like to call them loosely connected one-shots! ;)

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Review #4, by May { 1 }

11th January 2018:
I like this story it as a different twist to a lot of the stories looking forward to more

Author's Response: thank you!

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