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Review #1, by EmmyBacon The Making of Maggie

13th January 2018:
The game really is on.
I'm Not sure Cassie realised how double life her world is going to become, but i'm certainly excited to read about it.

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Review #2, by EmmyBacon When at Breakfast

26th December 2017:
Interesting plot concept. I'm intrigued to read more!
I like reading from another point if view so this is great!
Great job
Em x

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! It means a lot! I will update soon :)

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Review #3, by Sarah (HogwartsGirl618) A Perfect Disguise

2nd December 2017:
Hi! Welcome to HPFF! I'm a huge Sirius/OC fan and saw your work in the recently added queue.

I really like Cassie and how you introduced her powers gradually over this chapter – such good pacing! I also liked how you forshadowed the war and gave us a brief introduction to her family. Can't wait to hear more about that. They must be unpalatable, if she's inherited their pureblood views, but the detail of her father's preparedness makes me wonder if there's more to the story.

You break a lot of Slytherin stereotypes by suggesting that Cassie and her friends tease each other on the basis of who gets detention. I'm excited to see how you represent the house.

I like how you portray Cassie's early feelings towards Sirirus. An undefined but specific interest – it's really realisitic, in that it's how we feel about when we first like people and don't know why.

The only thing that I didn't love in this chapter was the aside about Cassie's breasts. On one hand, it's interesting because it suggests that Cassie isn't comfortable in her body and doesn't have much experience with guys. It reads like she's trying to be appealing in the only way that she thinks boys are interested in. But the acne detail – that she felt embarassed because her face was ugly – did that more beautifully, without being as crude or obvious. I hope her ideas about who's a "bimbo" and why get challenged throughout the story. I think that's where you are headed, especially when you write that at the end of the story, Cassie feels sympathy for the girl-in-love that she earlier dismised.

I wonder how someone who can change their appearance at will can be physically insecure – couldn't she change her appearance all the time? are there limitations to the power? Maybe Cassie values something about being herself. Anyway, it's a really powerful line of questioning and it really makes Cassie three-dimensional. I just didn't think the breast aside was the most powerful way to get there, but you do it beautifully in other parts of the chapter.

I also really liked the point of not knowing how your friends act when you aren't there. It's not done in a cliche way – e.g. "what if everybody secretly hates me? waaahhh!" It's sublte. Who are we really? How well can anyone access reality, or build a good relationship on a firm foundation there, when we're all pretending to be someone else for other people?

I look forward to learning more about Sirius, too. Seems like he's very keen on pretty girls immediately. I wonder if we'll start to see him question those impulses over time, or investigate what drives him to act that way.

Also, maybe giving Blond Cassie a name sooner rather than later would be better, so then you can write that name instead of "Blond Cassie" all the time?

Thanks for writing! Awesome job, and I look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I am so happy that you liked it! It means a lot that you took the time to read it and then leave such a nice and thorough review. I have to say, you made me smile several times :)

I am glad you like the part about people acting differently when you're not around. I think most people wear masks in different settings. It will be a surprise for Cassie when she gets to experience that first hand.

I will answer some of your questions in the next chapter, and yes, Blond Cassie needs a name, but Regular Cassie hasn't really gotten that far yet, and I want the naming her other self to be meaningful.

I hope you will read the next chapter as well! :) :)

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Review #4, by Crywolfe A Perfect Disguise

1st December 2017:
Nice setting. I really like the MC. Hope to read more about her endeavours

Author's Response: Thank you! Stay tuned for the next chapter :))

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