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Review #1, by EmmyBacon Training

23rd November 2017:
Nice tension between the two.
I also like the addition of Remus, trying to look after his friend. He's obviously seen the hurt Sirius has been through and it's nice to get his insight.
I'm expecting great things through this training.
Yves' need to get away is almost the backbone to the story, its quite poetic if she never gets it.

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Review #2, by EmmyBacon An Unexpected Day

23rd November 2017:
Argh. can;t believe i nearly missed this chapter. I have been so busy! I feel like I've let you down!
Lovely softer side to the story!
I've already read the next chapter...what a lovely surprise and I'm looking forward to more
Awesome job

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Review #3, by BBHP Sirius Black

21st November 2017:
Hi. I'm rereading everything because I'm hopelessly and slightly pathetically addicted to this story and too impatient to wait for a new chapter. Yves and Sirius make my heart skip a beat.

Author's Response: Hi!

You've actually made my day! Thank you. I'm actually addicted to the story too so don't worry ;)

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Review #4, by BBHP An Unexpected Day

21st November 2017:
Oh I am just dying to read more! Sirius and Yves are just too much to handle. I love it all. But their future makes me so anxious!

Author's Response: Big things are coming their way (and our way) quite soon, things that have been a long time coming I think.
I think they're actually the most ridiculous couple (I mean this in the best way possible), they're both so alive, so similar but in such a beautiful way.

I'm uploading as quickly as I can, I know it's actually super frustrating to wait and I am so thankful that you have. I'm quite a few chapters ahead so it's only really validation that we're waiting for.


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Review #5, by BBHP The Order of The Phoenix

21st November 2017:
I really like that Sirius doesn't seem angry or bitter about Yves playing dead. I mean it would be somewhat understandable if he was, but it's a nice change to not have the stereotypical "I can't trust you anymore" sort of attitude. And I'm still loving the story. Even though if all goes the way it does in the books (and it seems like it will) there is going to be tremendous heartbreak and loss, and I don't know if I can handle losing so many of my favourite characters!

Author's Response: I was trying to stay away from the stereotypical thing with Sirius because I think he's anything but a cliche, and he's way too passionate about Yves for the trust issue ;)

I feel the absolute same as you about the heartbreak and loss. It actually makes me so anxious. But we will see where it goes. I haven't finished the book yet, but I have a general idea.

Thank you for rereading. It is so heartwarming and you're so lovely.

All my love- A

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Review #6, by EmmyBacon The Order of The Phoenix

17th November 2017:
Argh 😍😍😍😍
Marlene hasn't changed. Im surprised to see her there but it's a happy one. She adds an extra dynamic to the story which allows the other thoughts and feelings to be portrayed.
Seeing what's happening to Yves written out like that, all laid out together, it's crazy to see how much she's gone through.
Sexual feels anyone? She's almost as hungry for him as she was for breakfast 😊😊.
You can literally hear the pin drop with Dumbledore's revelation.
Great job babe!

Author's Response: Emmy!

Ah, yes, Marlene. I couldn't actually help add her into the mix. I also think it's to show how much Yves has grown since she's been on her own.
Yves has been to hell and back, sometimes I feel like she never gets a break.
And the sexual tension is basically a living breathing thing at this point, just like breakfast ;D

Thank you for your encouragement. You're really the best!


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Review #7, by EmmyBacon Sirius Black

14th November 2017:
You can almost taste the injustice Sirius is feeling. It's very captivating.
It's also really nice to feel the connection they had before. Even in such odd circumstances, they can't help but be that aye around each other (I mean sexual tension anyone?)
Yet..,they still push each others buttons!
I think Sirius' line off 'trying to sneak away' was a firm favourite beat only by 'are you testing me?' Ooo tension tingles.
I feel like I've been waiting forever for this chapter (not that it's been that long!) Just shows how much I'm looking forward to reading it each time!
Thank you!
Em xx

Author's Response: Hi Em!
Yeah, I loved writing this chapter. You're right, they can't help themselves around each other, buttons and all. I think Sirius just is whatever he is, accepts everything for what it is, but Yves struggles against what she's feeling all the time and the tension, the cat and mouse, it's almost their natural position... for now...
This time around, I really wanted to develop their relationship but even writing it, the sexual tension is ridiculous :D
I'm so glad you're as excited as I am! And as always, it's a pleasure!


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Review #8, by BBHP Yves Fleury

13th November 2017:
I am just swooning over Sirius's feelings. So sweet. So human. I loved this chapter. I wish I could write a longer comment for you, but I'm just full of appreciation for all the love. Between Sirius and Yves, Sirius and the marauders, Lily and Alice and Yves, everything. It's so good.

Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed it! I felt like he really needed to come alive the way I know him in my head, so, if your comments are anything to go by, it seems I have done that :D
Thank you for taking the time! I really appreciate it!


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Review #9, by EmmyBacon Yves Fleury

11th November 2017:
A serious chapter!
That was no pun intended but I've just realised the double entendre and I'm actually mildly amused and proud... enough about me!
I really loved the rawness here. Seeing Sirius and his emotions, it was quite powerful. Lots of lovely foreshadowing to things that may happen in the future. Very well done.
As you can see I'm loving it. Keep up the awesome work A!
Em x

Author's Response: Hi darling!

Hahahaha- it was serious ;D
Yeah, I thought we needed to hear from our much loved Sirius. I love that on this platform you really can do whatever you want in the story format. And yes, there are great things to come, I have so many ideas for this story I may just have to write another when I'm done with this one.

I'm so glad you're enjoying it! And thank you for your words!


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Review #10, by EmmyBacon Necromancy

9th November 2017:
You did not disappoint!
I loved the almost cringe worth drama here. It was reminiscent to myself watching a film and shouting comments at the character through the screen. The pace, the tension, it was perfect.
You can feel Sirius' conflict of interest, the juxtaposition of betrayal, heart break and total unrequited love is amazing.
I'm hooked and you're my dealer!

Em xx

Author's Response: Emmy! You're actually the best!
This is legit the best review!
I am so glad it came across the way I intended.
It's about to get so juicy with Sirius ;)
I'm just waiting for validation and then were off again.
Thank you again!


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Review #11, by BBHP Necromancy

8th November 2017:

I sped through your first story about Yves and I am just loving this so far. I'm dying to read more. Every character is so perfect. My heart about imploded when Sirius warned them not to take her from him. I love it

Author's Response: I was having a good day before I read this, now I'm absolutely beside myself! Thank you so much for your kindness.
I am totally in love with Sirius, like in a totally nonfictional kind of way :D
I am so glad you're enjoying it, I'm uploading as quickly as I can!
Thank you so much for taking the time to drop me a message. I really appreciate it!


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Review #12, by EmmyBacon Giants and a Phoenix

7th November 2017:
Brilliant first chapter.
I liked the jump into the future and moving the story forward. It's clear you've research certain aspects either that or you'require prior knowledge is superb.
I'm looking forward to seeing some other characters again. 😊
I've started writing again thanks to you.
Can't wait for Chapter 2

Em xx

Author's Response: Hi Emmy!

Thanks for noticing! I have been doing ridiculous amounts of research!
And thank you for continuing to read.

I am so happy you've started writing too, send me a link and I'll check it out!
You're so kind, I really appreciate you taking the time.


P.S. You will see certain characters again very soon ;)

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