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Review #1, by thedemiwizard Winter Wonderland

19th February 2018:
aHHH, I loved this! Founders Era fanfiction is a really unpopular era, but I'm addicted to it, and the way you've managed to make it so amazing in this short chapter is so good! Thank you for taking such an underrated pair of characters and giving them an enticing story, super hyped for the next update.

Author's Response: Hello darling!! The Founders Era is a really underrate era to both write and read, and I think that's part of the reason this appealed to me.

Originally it was going to be a one-shot collection of James x Lily, but I was craving something innovative and, I dunno, fresh? So when I saw some Helga x Salazar fan art it occured to me that they fit into the kind of "opposites attract" story line I had created.

And the rest just happened! Thank you so much for all the compliments and encouragement (reviews mean the world to me), and an update is forthcoming!

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Review #2, by missmagic Winter Wonderland

17th February 2018:
This was soo good! The slytherin/hufflepuff relationship is so new to me and I really like the way you write it. Update soon plz :)

Author's Response: Yayyy, thank you so much! Seeing people enjoy this has me over the moon, and if you just hang in there, and update is sure to come soon ;)

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Review #3, by parryhotter Winter Wonderland

16th February 2018:
Wow, I'm actually surprised by how much I adore this. I've never really been into the founders era, but this has hooked my interest, part of it must be your amazing writing. Please update soon, I'd love to continue reading soon :D

Author's Response: Aww, lol, thank you for giving this a chance then! I've actually never read any other founders era fanfiction, I just had a spur of inspiration and had to jot it down. Thank you so much for the review, it is appreciated,and I promise an update is on the way.

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Review #4, by thepuremud Winter Wonderland

16th February 2018:

So this was recently published, and I happened to tumble across it, and it made my day. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your writing is exceptional. The description of the weather and wintertime was beautifully written,and the picture in my mind was fully developed. The dialogue between Helga and Sal (I'll call him Sal) is so interesting and cute, omg. Please continue, eagerly awaiting an update.

~ Alexa

Author's Response: Hi Alexa!

First of all, thanks for the review, love! Your comments on my writing and descriptions are legit making me blush, haha. I work hard on making sure my descriptions aren't too boring and standard.

Sal and Helga are gonna get cuter m'dear, so buckle your seatbelt. I actually have 2/3 of the next chapter down, and it'll be longer so look forward to that!

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Review #5, by siriusly.bla Winter Wonderland

16th February 2018:
Wow please continue, this was great! I've never seen the Helga/Salazar ship so I tried it out and I love it. Can't wait till all the angst comes in, wonderful job !!

I particularly enjoyed the line delivered by Salazar, Im more partial to the spring, in all honesty. The sense of new beginnings and the rebirth of nature from the littlest bud to the largest bear makes for a prodigious time, what say you? How ironic that he loves spring, a season traditionally known to spread beauty and peace knowing his future intentions, and Helga liking winter, in my opinion, the worst season with the allergies and harsh weather, ahaha!

Siriusly obsessed with this.

Author's Response: aHHH, the first review!

Thank you soo much darling! I've always had this thing for the couples that seem unorthodox and misfit, and that's when the idea of Helga/Salazar hit me.

Aw, the fact that you took the time to specifically mention a line is making me tear up, thank you. I love that line, too, and I'm so happy readers are picking up on the little things, like the irony of Salazar liking the spring. Thank you so much for this lovely read and review, I love you

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