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Review #1, by Pen2Paper Fond Memories

3rd March 2018:

Well when I started reading I wasn't sure what to expect. Darkness Within looked like an interesting title. So then we meet Elizabeth your OC and we get little snippets of her story from the past and the present.

Just wanted to say I love descriptive narrative and yours is amazinf, the details you give and the way you describe the surroundings are lovely.
There's a LOT of questions, I'm not sure if that's intentional and if you wanted to build on that later but it definitely does pique the interest of the reader :)

Clearly something major happened last year and not much information is given about it but enough that the students are rattled and involved Elizabeth being stripped of her prefect title? Like I said interesting...

An ancient wizard vanquished? Well Harry did it at 11 so no reason she can't do it at 16 right? The plot thickens.

Just wanted to say you did a really good job on the started chapter. Your descriptions are really detailed and beautiful. And I like the strong yet doubtful nature of Elizabeth we see in this chapter. Keep going! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the very kind review.

Elizabeth is my OC for a lot of reasons (Elizabeth was a 13 year old friend who also was a huge fan of Harry Potter and my biggest inspiration for writing. She died of Leukemia a few months ago after a long fight and I had promised to keep writing in her honor).

I started writing the character back when she was a second year after coming from Beauxbatons. A troubled and somewhat rebellious child, she has managed to work her way out of that and now is poised for her seventh year.

Yes, something major happened during the previous term that rocked Hogwarts and the students but I don't want to say much about it in this review response. The questions left to the reader are intentional as you alluded to.

Thanks again for reading my story and taking the time to review it.

Evil Otter

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