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Reading Reviews for Butterfly Effect
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Review #1, by BBHP Chapter 5: What If I Just Try Not To Remember

15th September 2017:
I love how Sirius is depicted in this. You can tell that he's still haunted and scarred from his time in Azkaban, but he's still funny and playful and, dare I say, cute! I'm very excited to see more of him.

Author's Response: Sirius is one of my favorite characters to write in this story, particularly the one between himself amd Hermione. They have a very light, flirty and humorous relationship.

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Review #2, by BBHP Chapter 4: Do You Want Me Dead Or Alive To Live A Lie

13th September 2017:
It's so good! I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Well there is plenty more, far longer chapters, all ready to go just waiting on the validation.

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Review #3, by BBHP Chapter 3: The Love We Had, We Had To Let It Go

11th September 2017:
I love the back and forth, from past to future writing. It makes for such an intriguing story to read. I'm very interested to know more about what happened to Hermione on the island, and how she was able to go back in time. And how she's working with Bill. I thought that was neat.

Also, I like that the title and chapter titles are from 30 Seconds to Mars. Very cool.

Author's Response: The back and forth between the past(future) and present goes on highlighting the first six months of Hermiones life on the island. After that we will be wholly stuck in the present until after third year when there will be a chapter covering some significant events between Hermione's return to London and what happened on the other side of the Veil as glimpsed in the prologue.
The song titles will end up changing to other artists(and a few other songs from 30second to mars) I wanted to do a few from that particular song as a nod to the insperation of this story, a video on youtube 'would you kill Hermione/Snape' it is very good even if the plot of the video doesn't have much to do with my plot.

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