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Reading Reviews for Livia: A Solace or An Heir
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Review #1, by kayt Wrath and Surprise

25th August 2017:
I've wanted to find a good long HP story for ages, and here it is. As I eventually had to stop reading last night I thought I should make a comment - when something long is posted it is too easy to just keep pressing the next button.
This is an unusual style for HP FF which makes a nice change, and I like lots of detail so I'm very happy. I was at one point finding Livia too clever (but she is a Ravenclaw, and I'd have been a Hufflepuff) and perfect to believe, so it's been good to see her having a few difficulties in the last couiple of chapters. While she was disappointed that Christopher didn't really exist, I'd been disappointed that he did. It's really good to read something that gives Snape a proper character. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you. Is school/university interfering with continuing (I suppose I should have started posting sooner)? It is a weird balance with Livia being clever and having foresight (you all do too, essentially, which removes a certain tension at times that can be detrimental or at least unconventional). I gave Snape a character if a repressed one and Christopher is essentially an expression of the "what if" nature of that. He never saw that coming, either; that wasn't his intent in 1989. If I tell you that I began writing this in January of 2016, you probably know why I did it. I left only vague clues of that in the text, though. For example, internal logic would make his first name an odd choice, but my reasons are different. Anyway, I'm glad it addresses something that works for you.

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Review #2, by dumbledore_wannabe The Ceremony, Reception and Sunday Brunch

16th August 2017:
I've been thinking of doing a review for a while, but HAD to do it when I saw you mention "Summer, Highland Falls." My favorite song from my favorite album by one of my top favorite singers! Glad to see that you and Livia like that song too. :) Aaaand it's stuck in my head now...

I've been reading this story for a month or so now. I've been pleasantly surprised to see that new chapters keep popping up, even though the story status is listed as "Complete." (Might want to re-label it.) In fact, I've been amazed at the speed with which you post new chapters. Wondering how long the story will end up being! I suspect, based on where things seem to be heading, that there is much, much, much more to come.

I see you mentioned that some might consider this story to be "long-winded." I suppose I agree, in that it is very wordy and long - but I happen to like that in a story! I do find that the language, particularly the speech of the characters, is oddly formal, which makes me curious about whether you yourself are simply a formal-type person, or whether you have a slightly different relationship with English in some way. It's not any kind of problem for me, just something I've noted which is different from the more casual speech we usually see from young characters. But then, one reason I enjoy fanfiction is that all the authors and stories are different!

I'm not sure how I feel about Livia yet. Fairly wishy-washy of me, I suppose, since we are 28 chapters in. But I must say, your Professor Snape is an interesting take on the usual dour character we all love to hate/love. I'm even rooting for a Liverus ship. (OK, "Liverus" sounded MUCH more clever in my head than it looks in print...) Thanks for continuing to write this story, and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how things go as Livia enters a new phase of life.

Author's Response: Thanks. I was thinking of a song I felt in her vocal range and since I made it close to a male tenor that worked with it and the themes seemed to fit the occasion. I thought certain characters needed to be more formal sounding based on either status or wizardry background. How can a character who practically lives a version of Victorian England use a lot of slang? Wasn't sure how to get that to match up. Livia would have a more colloquial language except the stuff she has read and her IQ have kept the diction rather high, even from reading Rev. Woodcock's sermons. Ravenclaw, too, would tend to have nerds and brainiacs among 'em also. From that view, she was properly sorted.

I tried to make public Snape different from private Snape. No one could see him on film from Harry's pov as anything other than what he seemed to be. I cannot imagine, though, that he would conduct himself around Dumbledore or even other faculty that way, for one. I wanted to pull back the curtain a little, stoic and sarcastic though I suggest he remains. He has no reason to treat Livia the same way, especially if she annually lets him benefit from her abilities. What would he accomplish? He's still kinda a sourpuss but she knows it and accepts that he lacks motivation to change. She understands the process of the bullied turning into a bullier. Few if anyone would get that like she would. For her it was the road not taken but she could have and she knew it.

I list the story as "complete" because I have written it out, including an epilogue. Each chapter takes some time to validate by the site so I can't put them out all at once. I have to edit a little bit as I go to keep within their parameters. I think I would have listed song lyrics for "Summer, Highland Falls" but there is a limitation on that on this forum. I think it's 4 lines per chapter.

Anyway, glad you feel like you want to stick with it. There are a few more twists in her situation with him (since they have hidden a few things from each other, despite what she knows), even ways to alter his mindset on actions he took up to this point.

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Review #3, by Sirena D The Legend of Livia is Born

26th July 2017:
Great story! Really liked it, continue!

Author's Response: Glad you are hanging with it. Since this character will not graduate and leave (I think that's obvious), you'll see more of what it's like being in the background of a school that seems to operate more like a college functioning during a more familiar context. Some may find it long-winded but that works if you're at the beach.

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