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Review #1, by greenbirds Ouroboros

1st April 2018:
i have SO much AOP to catch up on. what a treat! pls forgive me for being so inactive w this story & the site in general... in the mean time- where can i find this after hpff closes down- desperate to follow the gang to the very end & will prob accompany u w future chapters of fluorescent adolescent whether u end up. lmk xoxoxo

Author's Response: YOU'RE BACK! I just saw you posted a new chapter, I am reading it tonight as a revision break treat and I can't wait!!! I 100% forgive you because i've been atrocious with updates as well ... also i have no idea?! I've been hearing that might be the place to go? I really don't know - what are you thinking? I need to know where FA ends up - it will kill me if i don't know how it ends x

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Review #2, by Rosie_Posie Ouroboros

31st March 2018:
Of course that after almost a year of abandoning fan fiction and becoming an adult and curbing my HP addiction (which I have decided is impossible and shall no longer try) I return to find HPFF is shutting down :(

Are you planning on posting this story elsewhere? Quite a few writers seem to be going to but honestly I would love to know where you plan on going so I can follow this story to completion (fingers crossed) promise I will be better and actually consistently come and review each chapter xx

Author's Response: Hahahahaha ... we all went through a withdrawal phase and it almost works ... until it doesn't. But I KNOW, I cannot believe HPFF is shutting down :( it's so crazy, i've come to think of this site as like an old family home that I've found out my parents are selling.

I absolutely am not done with this story and am bummed that law school got in the way and dried up all my writing time and creativity. So I'm definitely on the hunt of where I can possibly republish this. I need some recommendations because I have no idea - sounds like a good place! I'll definitely say in one of the chapters or on my page where I'm going. I'm hoping i can get the next chapter up this week or next week so I think I'll announce a decision there!

Thank you for coming back and writing this review! It's reading stuff like this that reminds me people actually read this story and want to know how it ends because sometimes I forget hahaha. THANK YOU, LOVE YOU xx

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Review #3, by phosephone Ouroboros

25th March 2018:
I stayed up all night reading this whole story and I don't regret one thing. I'm in love with your writing, this and Fluorescent Adolescent are by far my favourite next gen fanfictions.

Keep up the amazing work xx

Author's Response: Oh my god I love you! I have no words that you're putting this story in the company of Fluorescent Adolescent - absolutely freaking chuffed. I am so happy you enjoyed this and I'm working on getting the next chapter out soon!

Thank you so much for this review!!! xxx P

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Review #4, by Hasane Pity The Houses Are White

18th January 2018:
This story honestly tempted me everyday. I literally have to tell myself everyday /not/ to read this monstrosity because I have exams, work, and literally everything else to catch up on!!! AND it's a WIP on top of that!

But today, the story has defeated me. I've heard too many good things about this story (and one friend literally hassled me to read this--she wouldn't keep quiet about it), so finally I gave in.

I'm sorry this isn't really a review, but I had to tell you this little anecdote! I will try (i'm not so good with reviews so it's all touch and go) to let you know my thoughts next chapter!!

Author's Response: Omg idk why this is best message I’ve ever revcieved lol but I literally love it when people tell me about when they’ve been reading it when they’re not supposed to be 😂 I love this anecdote! Love that you’ve been tempted even though you’ve been so busy. First of all, I cannot believe your friend liked it enough to freaking recommend it!!! Wtf!!! Crossing that off my bucket list of goals when writing fan fic - all I can say is READ IT!!! I hope you enjoy it! I’m so happy you’re reading it honestly and I know it’s a WIP but my readers know I update like a fiend 😂 I seriously would love to know your thoughts! X Plum

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Review #5, by Mags Ouroboros

12th January 2018:
Damn, I just realized what a massive review I wrote! But thats just because I WANT to discuss this story so much because I love it and I think its amazing and Im so invested in Jenny and James and their future ;)

Author's Response: I'm responding to this first because you are too cute lol and you need to know how much i f**king love massive reviews - when I see the review count go up and there's this page long review I literally die. I'm not kidding when I say i put it aside for like, bed time reading lmao, or I save it for a particularly long tube ride to uni and just marvel over every word.

I love that you love this story so much it makes me so freaking happy - this is why i love WRITING this story so much and can't get away from it. its such a joy, your review was a joy - i read it three times - and I'm going to find time before i got to bed - between getting some work done - to respond.


Plum xx

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Review #6, by astoryending Ouroboros

12th January 2018:
This is building up to something and I have a feeling its not going to make things easier :)

I love that we got to see a bit more of the dynamics between the Clarke siblings and they feel really organic and realistic in their relationships with each other. It looks like they really care deeply for one another, even if they dont want to admit it. Its a fun twist that they all represent different houses :P

That Muggle Studies project really was one trippy trip. I think it makes sense that it could still be affecting them, still lingering around the edges and amplifying everything maybe. May I just say though, that going around and saying some interesting tidbit about yourself is the worst, always hated that in school haha (but gooo Swedes ;))

James having a panic attack in the hallway made me die a little (a lot), but maybe it gives Jen a grasp on just how much her actions are hurting him. The parallell with her getting them kicked out from the trip and his feelings is really good, them coming from the same place and all. (Super curious about James dream!) I cant help but love their relationship though. Obviously they are in a HORRIBLE place right now but Jen describing it as different from everyone elses and the fact that they just cant be apart (maybe she doesnt even reflect on the fact that she is still right next to him, they just arent snogging) makes it beautiful in a way. They obviously have a looong way to go, but still.

I somehow dont think blowing off Moss is going to end all that well, not to mention James finding out about Jen asking him out which I almost dont want to think about.

Big hug!

Author's Response: Hi! Ohh you're definitely right about that ... I think people will be genuinely happy though about the outcome of certain things, even if it's not picture perfect but - it's about to get much crazier.

Ahh yay! They're so different from each other - hence the different houses which I've always wanted to do lol like how fun that there's four of them they're all dominated by different qualities that put them in these four different houses - but they're siblings!! They love each other to death and they're always going to be united (even though Blaze and Jenny seem to dislike Pixie). I love writing them.

Hahahaha yes it WAS - like, absolutely it was a fan fic cliche of going on a Hogwarts sponsored trip with much angst and romance and make out seshes but there was a purpose to all of it and one of them was DEFINITELY the after effects of the strong magic they were around. Like, that place was not normal - Jenny feeling like they were in this perfect dome, the cashier who was so obviously a squib, the perfectly constructed shops and Luke remarking its like they were in the Truman Show - I mean, all relevant. And, as usual in my story, one mental thing actually turns into the discovery of completely insane things. and I KNOW that's why I had to include it LOL. Newton definitely picked that up from gatecrashing teacher seminars and workshops in the Muggle world and probably thought it was the pinnacle of educating young minds. Omg!! You're a Swede! Love it - always representing in this story.

AHH I know right - he is such an emotional wreck compared to Jenny!! He's overly sensitive to his feelings for her to the point where he is having physical and mental pain whereas Jenny is trying avoid her whole life and acting out destructively (but also James kind of did the same thing when they broke up the first time). And it definitely was an eyeopener for Jen.

James' dream omg - let's just say it puts Dom seeing Obscuruses to a tame level. I'm kind of worried about revealing it because it was so awful and people are going to be like WTF!!! But anyways - James and Jen are def still struggling to work on their relationship but they both know it isn't over - not when they both feel the way they do and they have to figure it out - even if it may not be in the most healthy way. Their love is decidedly abnormal.

You know what, I didn't realise how stupid it was to not mention Moss meeting with Jenny again but in my head they did (and she didn't do Luke's detention, it was just a thought before she realised she had to work with Moss) so I don't think that's going to be a problem but ... yeah ... again ... I think people might be surprised by what happens if James finds out about Jenny asking him out ... or maybe not lol.


Thanks for reviewing! xx

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Review #7, by Mags Ouroboros

10th January 2018:
Seriously, youre amazing, pulling out over 20 000 words in such a short time! I love long chapters so these last two have been such a joy to read (not that the others arent).

The Clarke siblings are wonderful, you really managed to get that sibling-chaos come across without making it too hard to follow. Pixie continues to be a DELIGHT and I love that Freddie went with Jenny to the dinner. Im also finding myself low key shipping Jasper and Freddie? Like, you mentioned Jasper having girlfriends so maybe hes not even into dudes, but shipping doesnt always makes sense, lol. But since Jasper is with the Ministry he can also be a great mentor for Freddie.

6th year Muggle Studies continues to be a blast, I see. But good on professor Newton for tellin them off! Theres no Slytherins in this class, is it? Interesting considering theres still purebloodmuggleborn conflicts. Anyway, I feel like I have to break down the chaos that Dom and Freddie caused;

Jenelle must be torturing James, one second saying she doesnt want to be with him, yet she still seeks him out unconsciously. Always sitting next to him, not caring if thats something he wants or not.

I feel like I have a very loose grasp on what the Accords and thieves are; rules and ways to sabotage for the other teams, right? The things bored teenagers get up to, lol

I dont really know what to say about Dom and Freddie, other that its obvious theyre related lmao. Living for the dramaz! I do like that shes trying to make amends, but she should rethink her methods. And they are probably still influenced by their dreams, so I dont think Dom was just trying to make Jenny like her again.

Jenny snarking about Holly Winters is the best

Im also curious about the other trials that they didnt get a chance to do, will they still be tested? They are still taking the class and even though I might not agree with how appropriate the trials really are, its great to read about. And a nice way to develop your characters, letting them get to know themselves and others.

I get why James think Jenny planning the party to get away from him is extremely hurtful. And with help from Freddie, his bff from the womb. Even if Jenny might not think so, but making up an outrageous plan thats effect so many people, just to get away from him? But she still almost had sex with him that same night? I get why it hurts, and I understand why he gets mad at Freddie, too. I actually want James and Freddie to have some friction, Fred is right in the middle of it and right now it looks like hes choosing Jenny over James which cant be a nice feeling for James. Especially when James finds out Jenny asked out Moss and that Freddie knew about it (only for a hot minute, but he still knew and didnt tell James about it). I love angst, especially angsty families lol.

This cast of characters is one of the best casts Ive read. Theyre many of them, yet they still have their own distinctive voice, even if theyre all from Jennys perspective. Its the small things, like Harry saying uninteresting things (how many children were named Harry after the war and how awkward is it for the Potter kids that their classmates are named after their father, hmm?) and Nathaniel being an arrogant sod... its wonderfully written ❤️

And what did James dream about? Was it the same dream as Jenny, just from his perspective? I think theyre on to something, that the dreams still bother them.

I love the more serious themes that you have going on in the background, with the Riots and current conflicts. Its unrealistic for everything to just be magically okay after Voldemort died, so kudos to you for going there! I also like the difference between the different kids. Jenny doesnt really care, or she doesnt care enough to voice her opinions Freddie, being a Weasley, but still only the son of a shop owner can be a little more flimsy about it than say James, eldest child of Harry Potter. James seems cool with being who he is, but when more serious things happen, like this conference, he must feel some sort of responsibility to take a stand or at least do something. He cant just not care about it. It makes for dimensional characters!

Not that he doesnt deserve it, but did Jenny blow off studying Potions with Moss for quidditch/dinner with Jasper/detention? Thats going to end well for her...

Cant wait for chapter 16, I hope this Moss-mess doesnt make thing even worse between James and Jenny, but things doesnt seem all that bright at the moment.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad. I only have one sibling but my mum has 5 other siblings, brothers and sisters, and I always loved the idea of family politics - which is why Jenny and Blaze are so unreasonably rude to Pixie. Its a combination of Pixie being a tattletale (no surprise that Jen and Blaze were the worst troublemakers as kids) and ruining their fun a lot and Jen and Blaze just not growing up.

Ships don't make sense but FASPER IS REAL. And just because he mentioned girlfriends does not mean there weren't any boyfriends ;).

Nope - that was a conscious choice I made for no Slytherins to be a part of the MS class. It's a small course anyway and has a history of being boring and in the wizarding world it adds no value to job apps (in my head cannon) so that's the main reason the majority of students don't take the class. The muggleborn-pureblood conflicts are sort of separate to that but doesn't make things look any better for sure.

I'm so excited that people are picking up on that. She doesn't even realise or question any of her own behaviour - she sits next to him because that's just where she's supposed to sit in her own mind. But it's not conscious at all. And it doesn't occur to James either - that's where she's supposed to be for him as well.

And lol - I did that deliberately. It would take too long to explain but i do have a simmering idea for an Al/OC fic set in this universe where it plays a HUGE part though. For now "things bored teenagers get up to" is the perfect way to put it hahaha.

They are going to be tested! It's part of the coursework so it's going to happen. They're such a good way of revealing things about people, you're totally right! I love the trials if I'm honest.

Freddie is obviously James' bff from the womb but he's so moody and volatile and grumpy these days that they're friendship is frayed. Freddie's the kind of guy who avoids the hard stuff and tries to settle somewhere easy so he doesn't have to be too attached and can be involved in the drama and obviously care about his friends a lot but not invest too much emotional weight into things. With James - the emotions would get too real. Jenny's at the perfectly bad place of avoiding her own feelings and being destructive to fuel's Freddie's "I'm going to fix people!" phase. So that will definitely cause friction between them too. Jenny's erratic hot and cold behaviour and hypocrisy has a reason so bear with me and her and you'll find out why!

YAY. Absolutely! Wars end all the time and chaos reigns for years after. They're in kind of a cold war stage right now - there are a lot of proxy issues. The Riots - which are going to be explained in WAY more depth - are a HUGE part of this story.. Seriously can't wait to get into that.

This has been one of the longest responses I've ever written - I know I'm going to have to cut some of it out because it definitely goes over the character limit - but I just really wanted to sit down and talk to you about this in as much detail as you did! I love responding to your reviews so thank you so much for writing one for every single chapter! I can't wait to put 16 up and read your thoughts!!

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Review #8, by Mags If We Were Meant To Be

7th January 2018:
I feel like oh, Jenelle really describes this entire chapter, lol. From her blowing off Pixie to fighting with James. And btw, I adore Pixie only wants the best for her siblings yet oblivious to them not wanting her help (also Jenny and Blaze are a bit rude to her, but I havent spent my entire life with her, maybe shed get on my nerves too after some time;). And Katie Silverleaf! What an awesome name for an over enthusiastic girl.

I love that McGonnagall still runs Hogwarts. Shes not as old as the movies portrays her, so its totally plausible that shed still be there. And Ive always headcanoned that shed be a grandmotherly figure to Harrys kids, and that she totally adores ~James Sirius~ so I wouldnt mind seeing James charm her out of a punishment or something, maybe get her help with getting more time on the Quidditch pitch? (*hint hint*)

Damn you for making me feel sorry for Dom! Freddie telling her that they wouldnt be friends if they werent related was probably true, but oofff. Never fun to hear something like that, no matter what. This is what you do so well, Dom has done some pretty irredeemable stuff, but you still make me care for her. And add Freddie and James into it, two boys who Im sure were some of her only friends. I havent forgotten James comforting Dom after the first trial, nor all the silliness the three of them did during the trip. I hope she can redeem herself! Its going to be hard, and shes probably never getting Jenny or Luke back as friends, but maybe James and Freddie can forgive her.

Jenny is SPIRALING, I like how aware she is of herself and her mood while at the same time shes completely oblivious that shes responsible for some of the situations shes seething about. Not that Moss doesnt deserve it, lol. Nice progress from James to diffuse the situation instead of escalating it I really thought Jenny and Moss were about to become physical (still wondering where James reputation comes from if even the Slytherins are afraid of him... cant be just the Potter-name, can it? Maybe Al has been talking sht about him haha). But anyway, it was such a nice moment, because it doesnt matter if Jenny and James are together or just friends, hearing someone insult your friend like that, calling her stupid (especially when you know shes insecure about her school results)... I dont know, someone needed to step in and it was nice that it was James and that he did it so casually.

I dont know how I feel about the fight at the end, other than that theyre both right? Jenny is punishing James and refusing to see his side even when she knows the truth, that Dom manipulated the situation. And Jenny is right that they arent ready to get back together yet, because she has so much else to work through and grow and see her own mistakes. I do feel like if she doesnt let up soon, shes going to lose James. I dont know how many more times hes going to be able to let his guard down before his pride takes over. One thing I do hope is that this fight means James gets even more relentless about quidditch and that theyll win that match!

Freddie continues to be the frosting on this cupcake of a story. Hes so, so lovely and incredible well written.

Author's Response: LOL it really does. I love Pixie too!!! No Jenny and Blaze are absolutely the worst to her lol like there is 0 doubt about it ... they just resent her for being more put together than any of them - it's plain old sibling jealousy. That and Blaze and Jenny always get into trouble and Pixie's usually the one giving them detention. Thank you!! I'm glad you like that name LOL.

I mean - even if she was as old as in the movies, it's my headcanon - and i'm pretty sure actual canon - that wizards and witches live for a VERY long time ... like wasn't Dumbledore 100+ years?? And she WAS deputy head ... so she had to be running Hogwarts for me lol. AND OH MY GOD. I'm not kidding - like seriously I'm not kidding - because i have that EXACT SAME headcanon!! This isn't a secret of the story - it just hasn't been mentioned yet - but McGonagall is definitely a grandmotherly figure to the Potters and definitely adores James and James adores her!! That will be for sure in the story at some point! The Quidditch pitch time idea is rather good actually ...

LOL I mean, I'm actually surprised you're not shaking your first thinking "you deserve it!" but I'm so happy! I didn't want to make Dom a conventional villain you know - I mean, she's pretty villainous but girls are complicated. Especially 16 year old girls and Dom was definitely, definitely hurt by what Freddie said - it's like the exact reaction she was dreading and why she wanted to cover everything up and solidify the lie. And yeah ... we haven't seen James' reaction to Dom just yet but I think it's going to say a lot about who he is when we do see it. I'm really glad that you want Dom to redeem herself!!! That you think she's still worth redeeming because I honestly think so too!

HAHAHA yup. Moss and Jenny really bring it out of each other and couple that with Jenny's embarrassment that she asked Moss out and he rejected her so fantastically - her destructive defense mechanism kicks in. Omg you're not the first to think that! That's so crazy lol they would never physically fight hahaha I think they were just really, really annoyed with each other (Jenny at herself as well) that they'd ruined their potion. Oh no ... the Slytherins aren't afraid of him ... he's actually pretty easy-going, they just know how protective he is over Jenelle and it's more a of respect thing really. And I know, it's such a good moment for James.

I know, Jenny is physically and mentally battling what she really wants - which is obviously to be with James - but her other emotions are stopping her and it's making her quite the hypocrite. James just wants to forget the whole thing - pretend like it never happened - but Jenny needs to work out her anger and sadness over it all first. And ooo yeah, it definitely helps with Quidditch lol.

Thank you for this review love!!! So in depth, so insightful and a joy to read and respond to. I really seriously love how much you consider the characters' actions and thoughts because I do put in quite a bit of thought into all of that when I'm writing so it makes me all warm and glowy inside when people pick up on things the way you do. I genuinely adore your reviews - I look forward to them every time! xx P

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Review #9, by Glucagon Ouroboros

3rd January 2018:
Hi! So I'm in love with This story and have been reading from the start but can never be bothered to review but that one scene with James where he tells her he thinks he's going insane has touched me so much like wow it gave me amazing feels I reread it all so many times, he likes her so much!! When he pulls her toward him after moss comes over he's just perfect in my eyes. I do think this feeling of intense emotion they have may have something to do with the muggle studies project as jenny mentioned, that would make sense. but I want to believe it's james' undying love haha
I love jenelle and understand she has her insecurities so is probably playing hard to get with good reason but she is starting to really irritate me now like does she not see how hypercritical it is for her to ask out moss to get a reaction from James that's literally the exact thing she had a problem with James for doing to her with flora
And to be brutally honest I think the last chapter was probably the least interesting I'd read, this one however I don't think you should worry about at all. Although not much happened I thought it was funny And intriguing to read. The political issues in the wizarding world were nice to read about and I liked reading about the clarke siblings. Also as an avid philosopher the mention of Aristotle made me very happy!
Can't wait to read more and see where you take this, rooting for jenelle to just show James some affection even if they don't get back together just yet (I like moss but he's not the one for her I'm sorry)
Happy new year!

Author's Response: Hi!! Ahhh omg i don't even care about reviews lol but thank you so much for dropping one I'm so happy - nay ecstatic that you loved this one so much to write something! that means a lot because i - as a serial non reviewer (i know sue me i'm trying to change its my new years resolution) - love being an invisible reader lol.

Gaaahh can't believe you re read it!! It was such a crazy scene to write because I was like is this seriously dramatic and how do i get this right to be realistic enough that it's not downright ridiculous - i think the magic from the dreams helps. I also wanted jenny realise how much james loves her! And also - who says it can't be both ;)

You know, this is so contradictory, but I'm loving the reaction Jen's getting right now lmao. everyone is so annoyed with her!!! And I love it!! Even her friends are annoyed with her! barring freddie who empathises and is feeling slightly alienated from Moody James so is gravitating towards her (like I feel like some bits of her friendship with Luke hints that he's irritated with her aswell? no? maybe just me picking up on my subtle hints that i'm not making not-subtle enough?) But yeah - she was a hypocrite and it's going to bite her in the a** big time.

LOL that's fine - love brutal honestly - but thank you so much!! I feel like this chapter was like the chapter before the new beginning. I updated the first chapter so it says "Part One: Darkness" and this is kind of gearing towards Part Two ...

Thank you for reviewing!!! I'll keep writing just to see which chapter makes you want to review again! Just kidding lolol. Also ... Jenny showing James some affection ... what an interesting idea ... it's like you've gone and read ahead ... and lol your conviction about Moss. Also love it. Supremely.

Happy new year!! xxx Plum

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Review #10, by silverashes Many Happy Returns, Judas!

28th December 2017:
HI I'M BACK. I TOOK SO LONG TO GET TO THE NEXT CHAPTER, I'M SORRY! I really, really loved the scene with Jenny and Flora playing the drinking game. Absolutely hysterical, and so accurate.

So first of all, holy shat. That last scene with James and Jenny. Speechless, I am speechless. And equally as confused about what happened between the two of them as they are. I am also worried about when her kiss with Luke from the night before comes up...that shall be rather messy I suppose. But wow, just wow. James telling her he's been cut up when he was with Flora and Jenny was DYING. Also, why doesn't she remember that convo with him?? Also why did Dom tell him that there was something between them. UGH I need to go along and read the next chapter. I'm word vomiting and confused.

Off to read the next chapter...

xx Rachel

Author's Response: HI RACHEL! Missed your reviews and omg don't - stop right there - do not apologise - u are amazing ur reviews are amazing and I can't wait to read this

on to the review ~

LOL sometimes I'm not sure if that's a good thing but also things get revealed in real time?! also fun. Omg u know what her kiss with Luke is such a THING which - i don't know what chapter number this is - but up to chapter 15 hasn't become a THING yet and i actually think everyone's going to be surprised when it does become a THING. Like it will be unexpected.

So many questions I love it haha but yes keep reading! find out! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the madness that comes next xx P

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Review #11, by Leanna Drobis If We Were Meant To Be

25th December 2017:
Jenelle is getting on my last nerve...

Author's Response: o i'm not surprised lmao

She definitely needs to grow the h*ll up.

Thank you for leaving a review!!!

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Review #12, by TheTenthWeasley If We Were Meant To Be

22nd December 2017:
You're so welcome and thank you for letting me help :) I really enjoyed it, and it definitely wasn't a mess lol.

Anyway, this will be shorter than usual because you know most of my thoughts on this chapter already. It all flows really well and I found everything just as funny this time as I did the last time I read it.

I loved what you've added towards the end. The backstory on Jenny and Dom's friendship was a really clever move, it makes us all hate Dom more, and it still makes her character fascinating to me. What is wrong with her, what goes through her head, why does everyone love her despite her pretty terrible behaviour? Again, I so love Jenny's inner dialogue, I get so invested in her and her feelings and it adds an extra dimension when other characters point out her flaws; I forget too that I'm biased towards her due to first-person perspective and it's so great that she's an interesting character that actually /has/ flaws. The James/Jenny fight was sad, necessary, frustrating, well written as usual.

Happy holidays, see you soon xx

Author's Response: Thank you so so so much for helping! I seriously can't thank you enough. Your thoughts literally gave me so much inspiration and changed the course of this whole story LOL so thank you!!!

Thank you!!! I'm glad you liked it! I wanted to end it before then because - the word count. But I felt like both things needed to be done - the break up and a little more fleshing out of Dom. Dom is such a real person to me - girls like that have filtered in and out of my life but GOD for the life of me I still don't know why or how people like mean people just because they're hot. I def wanted to explore that idea a bit more - like the girls in Jen's dorm still like her more than Jenny (even if they found out what Dom did I think they'd like her, if only to be part of her budding fame, etc. and attached popularity).

Thank you for leaving a review on this despite already letting me know your thoughts! I can't wait to read what you think about the next chapter.


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Review #13, by Eyo If We Were Meant To Be

21st December 2017:
Damn poor James,

I feel so bad for him, hes like the ball which felt in the street and that everyone kick until its destroyed. Really at this point I guess he will forfeit soon.

This chapter brought the crazyness of Hogwart to an other level. Jenny is putting the unnecessary drama quite high. It was pretty funny to see this chapter where shes becoming totally crazy. Actually at one point I though she was going to have a bad accident during potion.
Also it was funny how you put Jenny being upset to everyone for something shes doing herself to everyone else, though I have to say I feel a bit sorry that you make her such a bi***. Criticizing James for not being able to understand the mistakes he did when shes doing literally the exact same thing to him, and the others.

Nicely done for explaining a bit more Doms character. Yeah she fit the profile and brining that to the feelings she had for Luke was quite nice, such a small thing went to such a big thing.

Im not a big fan of Moss but obviously liking James a lo, there is no way I can like his remplacement I guess. Maybe I will like him later on for now its a bit hard to understand him, easy to anger, fearful and good student he actually looks like a pretty realistic high school boy.

Freddy is a bit passive at the moment, Im really surprise the Wotter clan isnt brought by him. I mean one of them actually used a confondu so charm on her friend. After all if the press were to learn about it. That would be catastrophic for the whole clan ( i guess we speak about being kick out from Hogwarts here ).

This chapter was nice, heretic but nice! I feel like I learn a lot about Jenny, extremely childish right now. This is also the turn off for her relantionship with James and I feel like you did it nicely ( Im guessing that from the change in the summary, the title and well this whole chapter ) there is a limit Tom what someone can support Andy I guess James reached this limit. Very nicely done though the last scene, having Jenny enlighten positive sides of him until the last moment I was hoping. It also shows the paradox which I guess none of us can understand.

I hope you will continue to develop him though, maybe his next relatiomship. Not simply stating what he does because I have to say hes my favorite char in this FIC and knowing they wont finish together was sad but well atleast its orignal and I will not drop your story for that. Well dont forget him though I love him :)

Thank you for this wonderful but hearthbroken chapter. I will see you on your next chapter.

Ps: everyone is so crazy I wouldnt be surprise if Hogwarts was under a spell.

Author's Response: I know poor James :( he really is so confused and just wants to be with Jenelle so badly but I definitely think his emotions are out of whack because of the Dream he had.

Hahaha yes Jenelle's emotions are ALSO out of whack and its manifesting differently - James is having panic attacks and Jenny is becoming destructive. Yeah, Jenny definitely has a lot of growing up to do - and Moss just irritates her in the most impossible way. She just can't justify giving into her emotions and make it easier for everyone by getting back together. She's fighting her emotions and it's making her crazy.

Thank you! I wanted to flesh Dom a bit more so we can see what she's like as person a bit more. She's always been dramatic and insane - it's just never backfired so horrifically before.

Moss is such a curve ball! He is so unlike James but also have so many similarities ... but IS he a replacement ...? We shall see ;) LOL.

Oh god - no good think McGonagall would never allow press to get into Hogwarts or even around it.

Thank you! But yeah - I'm realising changing the chapter summary was quite confusing so I've changed it again lol. Because while J+J seem unlikely NOW ... things can change ;) But no! Keep having hope! This story isn't over yet and there's so much left in store for these two you have no idea!

I'm so glad you love James and that he's your favourite character! I can't wait to write him more! Aw thank you Eyo, i'm really happy you still want to stick to this story even though James may not be at the centre of it right now. I won't forget you love him!!

Aw, thank you for this lovely and kind review. I can't wait to hear your thooughts on the next chapter and maybe you'll feel better about it!

P.S. LOL I wouldn't be surprised either

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Review #14, by astoryending If We Were Meant To Be

21st December 2017:
10,000 words, dang! I am honestly so astonished and impressed that you can sprout out this many words consistently!

Jennys development and growth is so so so good. Shes really funny and THE ANGER! This whole chapter brought such a massive grin to my face because shes just so hilarious in it. If I unclench, my nails will jam directly into your eyes and you will bleed to death in this cold dungeon and I will dance on your bones after I've dug them out of your grave and pulverised into ash in front of your weeping mother!' Again THE ANGER!!! is just amazing. That whole scene during potions is totally brill and my favourite in this whole story fo sho. I glared around the dungeons, trying not to hate everyone. Actually laughed out loud at this. Stitches I tell you, stitches!

Jenny really brings it out of Moss though, doesnt she. Hes a really interesting character...

And Freddie, my love, my light. I tell you this everytime I feel like, haha, but I just cant help it because he is the BESTEST! (Hes been dying to talk knobs with Jen, one can just tell ;))

Its easy to just talk about Jenny and her journey from the first chapter, but my my my. James! Im not gonna lie, I was reluctantly iffy about him in the beginning. Such a toolbag. But now hes really trying to get her to forgive him, hes trying to get her to understand how sorry he is and how much he regret everything. And my heart really aches for him (as it does for Jenny too, but for different reasons). This whole thing between them right now, the not realising what your actions will lead to or owning up to them and just not seeing (and understanding) that you yourself is part of the problem, is so flipping relatable and it gives me feels.

And now everything is starting to catch up big time. Its really keeping me on the edge of my seat for the coming chapters and its so exciting!! Although, they seem to be getting further and further away from each other which is making me anxious because I want them to be obnoxiously and ridiculously happy together and they better start gravitating towards that soon! (But I secretly love that they cant get their sht together.)

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years! Xoxo

Author's Response: I KNOW. When I realised it was 10,000 I was like ... what am I even writing LOL how is it THIS long?! But I think after chapter 15, this is going to be a regular thing. There's so much to come I want to make sure everything's in place for all the crazy about to happen.

Ahhh yay!! Hahaha that's one of my fav lines. The potions scene is the one I've been talking about for EONS about being my favourite one!!! I'm so so so happy you loved it!!! Honestly so glad because obv Jenny is spiralling and increasing feeling out of step but I wanted to keep it somewhat light LOL.

She sure does ... I mean, they both bring it out of each other ... but is this classic fanfic sexual tension as Freddie dreams it is? Or is it genuine friction of two clashing personalities? Or is that just another way of phrasing sexual tension?! I DON'T KNOW.

LOL I love hearing about how people love Freddie!!! I seriously didn't realise how much people would adore him when I was writing this! I want to keep hearing about it forever.

I think it's so easy to love the characters you already love, you know? But to dislike James and the way he's acting is so contrary in fanfic (especially because even in ones where James and the OC clash and fight and it's the whole enemies to lovers thing he's still supremely loved) BUT IT IS SO REAL. Like, just because someone's hot does not make what they do okay. Ever. But obviously that's not why James was acting the way he was - he was hurt and wanted to hurt Jenny back (not good) and it's hard to swallow for Jenny that now that he realises he was wrong that he wants her to forgive him. She almost feels like she doesn't owe him that. But she sees how much he regrets everything and she can't ignore how SHE feels so ... will she soften up??

I love that you think this story is exciting!! I don't know why - I just do! I hope I'm keeping the momentum going because there will be a point where romance starts to mix with action/adventure so can't wait!

Thank you for reviewing love!

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Review #15, by HarryGinnyLove88 If We Were Meant To Be

21st December 2017:
Gaahh please end my torture amd finish this a bit faster...
And what a fight at the end
Write soon

Author's Response: Ah I'm so sorry haha. But I think you'll be quite happy with chapter 16!!! There are a LOT of changes coming and coming fast!

Writing now!!! Thank you for the review!! xx

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Review #16, by Anonymous If We Were Meant To Be

20th December 2017:
I was extremely excited to read this updated chapter; it truly felt like forever since I'd seen this story!

This episode was absolutely brilliant just like every other chapter yet it was so heart-breaking. I completely understand as to why Jenny is so upset however I don't think she actually realises how much unnecessary drama her actions have caused. Nevertheless, she has faced so much conflict in such a short amount of time that I can understand why everything seems so confusing and unclear right now. Preferably, she will be able to regain control over her life.

I honestly feel very sorry for James, you can see that he does regret everything he has done so far. The pain he feels is also quite visible, having broken up with Clarke for no reason, he effectively ruined their entire relationship. It is quite obvious that he tries to hide his insecurities behind an arrogant exterior since he struggles to express his feelings effectively. Over the last couple chapters, seeing him make such a large effort towards rebuilding his relationship; it's honestly extremely sweet.

In all truthfulness at this current moment; my favourite character is definitely Freddie. He brings comedy to a bad situation yet is also serious and compassionate towards Jenny.

Naturally, I don't know how to feel about Dom because frankly, she is currently an awful person. Her reasoning for her actions was pathetic and seeing Jenelle reflect on their relationship shows that it was an awful friendship.

Hopefully, all of their lives get better soon! Also, a quick question since you changed the description of your story; are James/Clarke highly unlikely or is it something else? Thank you so much for another amazing chapter and please update as soon as possible!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm usually quite quick with updates so taking a month was long even for me LOL.

And quickly, before i begin, episode!!! I don't know if you meant to say that but I LOVE IT hahaha. I think of these chapters like episodes too.

You're absolutely right. Jenny is a total hypocrite and I think we can say that with certainty. She's angry and upset that they broke up over nothing, that James would believe a lie (even if she'd been Confunded to make the lie believable) and throw her away without having a conversation. Asking Moss out will have an inevitable ripple effect, just like James breaking up with Jenny. It's just so hard for her to accept that she could've reacted the same way if the roles were reversed, you know? She think she wouldn't have and that gives her the moral high ground—but how could she possibly know that for sure? James is as invested in their relationship as she was. But as much as we want to see them sort this out, she needs to sort herself out and realise she's imperfect and work on being better (we'll see that doesn't exactly go accordingly to plan—but in a way I think will make some of you VERY happy lol).

YES. James is such an interesting guy. A kind of everyman. He's usually very easygoing and happy (which has been hinted at but we haven't actually seen) and he thinks he's clear when he talks about he feels so gets frustrated when Jenny doesn't seem to get it (this is true for Jen too). But he IS trying to so hard. He knows how devastating his mistake was but he also can reason that Dom played a huge role. She's his cousin, someone he had no reason not to trust or think that she wouldn't have his best interest at heart—or at the very least, not go out of her way to hurt him. It's a very complicated situation that James understands but which Jenny wants to force into black and white.

Freddie is a common favourite and I love that so much! He's literally Jenny's conscience and always plays the devil's advocate.

YUP. Sometimes people who are good can make bad decisions based on even worse excuses because people are complicated and incomprehensible. We don't honestly know much about Dom/her life/why she is the way she is but still, it can be a very "cool motive, still murder" kind of situation. Dom will have to really redeem herself.

I think the next two or three chapters will stabilise things for everyone but that doesn't mean that it necessarily gets better lol. Cruel, but true.

And omg no, I feel like the description change kind of made things confusing which I'm sorry about! I just changed it up again so it's not misleading. I wrote that to mean that at this point it seemed highly unlikely but that just wasn't true to the story so it's gone!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I really loved reading it :) I hope you enjoyed chapter 15! 16 will come as soon as it's ready!

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Review #17, by anon Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

16th December 2017:
I love that Moss no matter how secretly attractive he finds janelle, knows that james is badass enough to completely ruin his life if he did go on this date
part of me hopes james finds about janelle's rowdy unpredictable tendencies but i want them to make it up although i think its important the process towards it is right
have you got many plans for the plot? or how long this will be
you have done such a lovely job with this i can't explain how much i adore your characterisation of james ive been waiting so long to find a james like this
can't wait for the following chapters

Author's Response: Hi! Hahahaha so true. James has created quite a reputation and probably has no idea how it's happened.

Yeah absolutely I feel like they need to settle their inner madness before they can truly make it up and I have a feeling Jenny's impulsivity will catch up to her...

I do! I have so many things planned for the characters and their arcs and how things will be resolved in the end and I didn't realise it would be quite as long as it's turning out (although, it IS only 13 chapters so far and I had a feeling it would be around 30-35). I'm still aiming for around 30-35, like hopefully I finish the story by then. It might be shorter than that though!

Thank you so so much! I've got a big fat grin on my face reading that so thank you!! I'm so glad you're enjoying. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the next chapter! (which should be coming soon!)

Thank you for this lovely review! P xxx

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Review #18, by putitonpaper The Truth Bubble And The Needle

23rd November 2017:
I was way too buzzed and tuned in to take notes as I went! I just really want to know what this plan is! Your story continues to have me on the edge of my seat. And again, POOR FLORA! I have a feeling this plan will all go to sh*t lol.

Author's Response: I'm honestly impressed and flabbergasted when people tell me they write notes as they read because firstly, the f***ing dedication, secondly, I just can't fathom it because people do it write reviews and the thought and care just ... seriously, I need to step up my game. Also keep reading and find out!!! :D shameless plug hahaha.


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Review #19, by putitonpaper Many Happy Returns, Judas!

23rd November 2017:
Are we sure the slap was accidental?

OMG MY GOD! OH MY GOD!! What are you doing to me?? Did she kiss him in the original? And if so, how did I not remember this? OH MY GOD!!

'You don't still love him, do you?' Flora asked all of a sudden, ignoring my last comment. 'Because if you do, you can tell me. I'll understand. What. Is. Happening.

'Sometimes it doesn't feel like it. He doesn't treat me very well. I barely even see him. I've never had a boyfriend before, but still. I don't think it's supposed to be likethis. Ugh. James is awful in relationships apparently.

'What was she even thinking? She knows you know that he cheated.' She cleared her throat uncomfortably, suddenly avoiding my eye. 'Like, howbrazenof her. - Oh dear, Dom.

'No, Iactuallydon't want to hear it.' I threw my hands out, palms facing her, backing away. Her face was pale. 'I don't know why you had to tell him anything. I don't know why you think that's your placeatall. I sometimesI just don'tgetit. Why do you have to stick your nose ineverything. - This is SO ironic.

I couldnt even record my reactions during the fight scene. It was just too good! And I was just too zoned in to take any notes! Well done. Well done.

'Yes,' Dom interrupted hotly, vehemently. Her eyes blazed with an identifiable emotion. 'We'vewe've got tofigurethis out! He thinks you've done something that youobviouslyhaven't and it's notit's not fair. Jenny, it just isn'tfairthat he can treat you like this, breakupwith you, for something youdidn'tdo. OH DEAR DOM! The irony of her statements - its tough to take sometimes lol.

! - its so great reading this again! I cant even tell what you added and what was there before. I just remember reeling and thinking James just HAD to be lying because Dom was FAM to Jenny, obviously. Ah - testament to your writing skills that I went back and read the argument again just so I caught everything.

And one more thing - MY GOD, POOR FLORA!!

Author's Response: Oh we'll never know . loool.

AH no she didn't!!! This party was so TAME in the original and I was like *rolling up sleeves* time to destroy lives LOL. So all new stuff haha.

James really is ...

More irony!!! Love it - can't help it hahaha.

THANK YOU! I honestly was the same writing it - I went over it a million times and read every word and god that was the first time I was genuinely like - sh*t am I writer? Because I was like okay, I'm James now, is what Jenny says confusing? What would I say in response? And then switch to Jenny and be like why is James reacting like this, etc. - and god it was hard lol. SO thank you a billion times.

AHAHAHAH dom was fam - crying LOL. And oh yeah ... poor Flora hahaha.

Thanks for this lovely review you angel!! P xxx

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Review #20, by putitonpaper Kiss And Don't Tell

23rd November 2017:
Newton is that teacher that has absolutely NO CHILL. Shes like INTER-HOUSE BONDING! You mean with the one Hufflepuff we tolerate? Hehehe.

Gosh I love your writing - her straw blonder hair a river of sunlight behind her - such good imagery.

Hmm - not sure if Ive ever commented on this before - but very interesting to see Jenny criticizing her relationship like this. Its definitely something to note as I judge certain someone for their actions.

Also interesting to compare the dreams of Jenny and her friends to others! Like how TAME in comparison!!

Oh man, Doms situation feels so tragic - I decided not to tell her that Marisa had already commented on the whole Luke and Dom situationwhen she'd popped into the looimplying heavily that Luke had absolutely no interest in Dom whatsoever. But I feel like every time theres a Jenny and Luke scene I freak out at their cuteness lol.

Ahhh - in my vision of the Next Generation, the Puffs are total potheads too. Love - lol.

I really like how you weaved her opinions of her family into this. Its just very interesting to see how she thinks she compares to the rest of her family. This journal entry is also interesting because its clearly a window of how she sees herself.

You know how to play with a girls emotions - I have ALL of the feels over the best friendship of Jenny and Dom!

This is great and also tragic - She taught him a few beauty spells for straightening and styling and he'd been a sport about it. It'd actually been fun. I didn't even realise I was grinning, watching him carefully curl Dom's hair around his wand, lips pursed and eyes narrowed in concentration.

Someone please tell the poor girl hes not interested. Yikes.

I got her a coupon for advice from me,' Freddie said, knocking back the rest of his glass. 'She isn't speaking to me anymore.

Freddie is my best friend, spirit animal, and lover for this.

Luke just shook his head, saying,we're like a Shakespearean tragedy waiting to happen. - This is so key lol.

Oh my god,' Freddie said, sounding utterly scandalised. 'The paint iscoveredin your pheromones! Those auras weresosexually frustratedI thought it was just me but - Freddie and I are running away together and getting married. I love him. I LOVE him.

'I think Newton is a lot smarter than she looks,' I said significantly. Everyone turned to me expectantly. 'No that's literally all I had to say. - I laughed so hard at this. So, so aggressively hard at this. Amazing.

How about boys learned tonotexpect a girl to reciprocate their advances just because they were beingniceandrespectful. As if either of those things meant a girl owed them anything.


True friendship: In fact, we were theonlyones dancing. It was more of a chilled out, drunken evening to chat and smoke, but by god Dom would black out anyway and dance till her heart was satisfied and I would be with hereverysecond.

White hot,blisteringrage rose up like a tempest inside me, Fiendfyre swirling, lashing out in electric gold flames, blackening my bones. You, my friend, know how to paint a picture.

loverhombus with James, Flora and Ollie! - this is so high school and so drama and so great!!

I'm so pumped to read the next chapters!! This is getting good!! (It was always good but I'm now diving back in and remembering how good this is!)

Author's Response: LOL Newton is completely clueless.

But yes! I think that's where we see this version depart from the old one, like I needed Jenny to not just suddenly say "oh and yeah he was annoyingly jealous". I wanted it to be there, but she needed to not be oblivious to it until some external trigger or something. Like i wanted to her to know it and admit it over time and yeah.

I love the running commentary on Dom's feelings for Luke and the irony of her friendship with Jen. So funny lol. I can't resist putting in all the irony - Dom and Jenny just makes it so easy!!

HAHAHAHA please give me monthly updates on whether Freddie is still alive when you guys run away together.

I'm going to respond to your other reviews now but I can't wait for your thoughts on the next few chapters!! I'm so happy you're back and I loved your new chapter! So good!!

Lots of love, P xxx

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Review #21, by watchoutfornargles Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

18th November 2017:
Hi! I just wanted to say that I loved The Wild Youth and totally stumbled upon your new version of the story on accident. I read the summary and was like "Oh, Jenelle Clarke? Where have I heard that name before?" I love how you've fleshed out the characters and plot more while retaining everything I loved about the original story. I'm so excited to see what happens next (especially the parts you didn't get to in the old one)!

Author's Response: AHH yay! I love getting reviews from readers of TWY! On ACCIDENT on PURPOSE ... sorry couldn't resist. I'm always itching to change the summary but then when people recognise the story because of Jenelle Clarke I stop myself LOL. But thank you! I felt like the old version was this skeleton of what it could be so I'm glad you think so! And yes!! I can't wait either! There are so many things I can't wait for everyone to read!

Thank you so much for reviewing!!

Lots of love, P xxx

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Review #22, by Mags Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

7th November 2017:
Finally caught up, before you posted the next chapter! Im always itching to read ahead, but Ive decided to review every fanfic chapter I read because Im just so in awe over everyones talent (and this is my favorite story at the moment so I just have to gush over every chapter!!).

Anyway, Im glad Freddie and Ella are reaching out to Jenny, even if Ella might be doing if it for the gossip, Im giving her the benefit of the doubt and hope she wants to be there for Jen. Its got to be pretty obvious that things have deteriorated with Dom, so Id like Jenny to have another female friend to support her.

Yay for Jenny calling out James on his behavior with Flora, shes really hammering it in that its not okay and it is so perfect! But their conversation in the great hall brings me back to some thoughts I had in the earlier chapters, with James
Apart from flirting with you in front of my face...
like, we know Luke and Jenny are just friends and dont consider themselves to be anything more, but even if James is OTT jealous and insecure, I am going to defend him a bit here, lol. Jenny and Luke do have a flirtatious jargon, I noticed one of the other girls side eyeing them at the party, when they were talking about their kiss. I know Ive said this before, but Jenny is not as innocent as she thinks, even if shes not doing it on purpose... The mature thing for James would have been, as Jenny points out, to talk to her and say that Im not comfortable with how you and Luke behave around each other etc etc buuut mature and teenage boys doesnt exactly go hand in hand, lol.

And even though I like James and Jennys talk, I am a bit mad that Jenny doesnt say that Dom confunded her. Its like she wants James to feel even worse for believing Dom, when hes been telling the truth the whole time about asking Jenny about it. He didnt just dump her out of the blue, and I cant help but think its going to blow back on Jenny hard when James do find out what really happened, especially if it comes from someone else. They have tons of complicated sht to work out and her keeping this from him is not a good start.

Heee, Jennys inner monologue during the Quidditch fight is fantastic! Cant say Im happy that the Slytherins won that round since Im incredible biased, but at the same time I kind of want this to have repercussions for Jenny? I sound sadistic, that I want her to have more problems, but maybe this would shift her thinking from her personal life and focus on something else for a short time. Maybe itll instigate a fight thatd bring up Jennys frustration about not being the captain. If James and her are going to be able to start over, I feel like they have to air everything out him being insecure and jealous, Jenny being angry and disappointed about not being captain, how they feel about the Potters being revered and the Riots. Just let it all out and then they can see where to go. And hopefully that would take up many chapters so that this story can go in for longer ;)

Jennys spontaneity is going to get her in real trouble soon, isnt it? What would shed do if Moss did accept her offer of going to Hogsmeade? Im torn on this because it would complicate things even further, but maybe spending time with another boy would make Jenny realize that James is the one for her, lol. And even if shes not really serious about it, her indignation of being rejected is so on point! No one likes being rejected, but Ive got a feeling Jenny made Moss at least a little bit more interested with those last words.

This was a heavy chapter, but still one of the funniest youve written! Cant wait for the next, hopefully with the fallout of the fight, and why Jenny didnt say anything about Blaze booking the pitch. Did she really forget or did she subconsciously look forward to a fight?

Author's Response: Hahaha yay!! But omg that's awesome! I love that - I always try to do that too because if you genuinely enjoy someone's writing I feel like you just have to let them know and I always feel so guilty if I don't review every story I read lol.

But I know! Ella's been a surprise character - the first time around she barely existed, but this time I was like, come on, she's in Gryffindor, known Jen for almost 6 years, of course they would be friends.

Oo yes, love this observation. Because yes - Jenny isn't as perfect and innocent as she constantly thinks she is, "even if she's not doing it on purpose." Is it so cringe for me love it when people mention parts of the title in their review lol I always sit here and go "AHHH how wise, accidentally on PURPOSE ..." LOL. Anyways, yes. I don't think James was that out of the realm to be jealous - people are human - but like you said, his response was not the most mature.

LOL, they do have way too much to figure it out but yep, it's SUPER IRRITATING that she deliberately leaves out being confunded!! She just wants him to admit fault and fully without the defence of being confunded - but why?

Hahahahahaha, I had to have the Slytherins win this one - adds more drama. LOOOL no you don't sound sadistic hahahaha. I honestly love that you want to see all of this!! Like all the intimate details and problems that would plague and Jenny and James relationship if they were together or even if they aren't. It makes me so excited to put out the chapters I have written! :D Oh and TRUST me ... this story, at this rate, is going to be a bloody trilogy lmao.

Oh dear, I think so. IMAGINE!! Oh that would've been fun to write ... but seriously I can't wait for you to read the next chapter - it has one of my favourite moments ever in this whole story. And you are absolutely right that Moss' interest is piqued ... but good interest?

Ahh yay!! I definitely feel like sometimes this story is all DOOM, GLOOM, PAIN, but I'm glad this had moments of lightness. Now that they're away from this tight bubble where Jen's constantly trapped with her thoughts and James, there's more breathing room to relax so it reflects. Also ... she was like, consciously looking for a fight, LOL.

Can't wait for you to read the next chapter! Thank you so so much for this review - I love the long ones!! I re read them constantly LOL

Lots of love, P xxx

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Review #23, by Mags Dear ASBO Five

24th October 2017:
First of all, ASBO Five and prof Newton in a Cat pyjamas?! GOLDEN

I like how you betray James moods and how he tries to feel towards Jenny; Clarke means were good, were friends, trying my best to get a little flirting going while Jenelle is Im angry/disappointed, trying to distant myself from you. And Jenny knows this, which is nice way to show that theres a lot of non-romantic history between Jenny and James too. And the way Jenny constantly gravitates towards him; she didnt need to sit right next to James at the Pit, she didnt need to sit in the same compartment even after shes made it known shes still mad at him and she most certainly didnt need to sit right next to James in the Great Hall.

I can see why James is the Quidditch captain over Jenny, maybe shes the better player but hes far more mellow about it than her, lol. But I get it, its Jens dream to become a professional player while James has other ambitions (now I want a discussion between the two about that, does Jenny feel like James not taking Quidditch as serious as she does somehow hinders her, because hes the captain? Maybe the current conflicts between them are enough though ;)

More mentions about the Riots now I do want a discussion about them, what does Jenny really think about James being this glorified person in school? Weve gotten a little bit of her feelings about it, but now I want more! What does James, Freddie and Luke think about it?

But J F C DOMINIQUE how can she be so blas about everything, just because she doesnt think Jenny is on to her? Either shes completely unable to feel the tension or she just shakes it off, thinking Jenny cant know anything. And then just... urrgh, I know this was coming but its still hard to read about. No one does this to their best friend. But at the same time Im fascinated as to how little Dom really knows James, someone shes known her entire life. And how does she come back from this? Dom has lost her best friend, two of her cousins that shes cant really avoid, the person she fancy probably doesnt want anything to do with her now.

And omg, I always go in reviewing trying to keep it as short as possible so its not his enormous wall of text, but thats what it ends up being anyway, lol. But thats only because I think this story is so great and it gives me so much to think about that and things I want to say. Its an amazing story :D

Author's Response:
HAHAHAHHA isnt ASBO just so perfect for them.

Ah yes im so glad you picked up on that. Ive been subtly dropping it in in almost every chapter and at first it started off subconciously - probably the way it started with james - until i realised certain moods and tones would affect the way he addressed Jen. Which Jens noticed too - and sometimes James is aware, but mostly when he calls her Clarke, because she loved is. I dont think he’d realise that he was calling her Jenelle when hes not in the mood. Like he wouldnt be aware of it if that makes sense. But youve definitely hit the criteria nail on its head.

LOL right?? I think Longbottom had a pretty good idea about their different temperments. But also i think Longbottom thinks that James cares about Quidditch more than he does. Like he automatically assumed that James would aspire to be captain even though he didn’t. Oh and yeah, it probably is a lot more trouble for them but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming . it’s been a huge issue between them. Not sure if you can remember this but in Jenny’s drunken conversation with Flora, she mentions it in passing so dismissively but the fact it even comes up at all when she’s trying to dismiss her feelings for James. I mean. Come on. Lol.

OH GIRL ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! There is a lot more to this story then just love and I promise you it’s coming ;).

And yeah Dom is a piece of work seriously. She’s genuinely trying to shake it off and fake it till she makes it. And to be fair Jenny genuinely didn’t know anything until just now basically so it’s been two or three days and while Dom can kind of tell somethings off, she’s hidden her tracks so well it doesn’t occur to her it could actually be that Jenny knows. And depending on whether Dom’s lie has effectively meant they can’t be together in a healthy relationship well just have to see how that dynamic would work.

Listen, i want your reviews to stay this long forever because you have no idea how much it makes my day to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and just read these brilliant and long reviews. It’s like reading a mini essay - which I can’t believe I’m using as analogy for something I actually like doing lol - but I LOVE IT SO MUCH PLEASE DONT STOP!

Thank you so much for reviewing! Love ya, P xxx

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Review #24, by astoryending Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

22nd October 2017:
Can I just start by saying that my love for Freddie keeps growing by the chapter. The fact that he saught her out to be there for her speaks such volumes about his character and their whole relationship and have I mentioned that hes my favourite?

How can James still think that Flora has nothing to do with the two of them? Stupid boy.

Too bad for us we both realised at the same electrifying moment that we were touchingtouching for the first time since we almost had sex in the Muggle Studies trip to Satan's personal bedchamber. I love this paragraph.

Finally James is talking some feelings (dont think it has slipped past me that youve still not ACTUALLY told her how you feel, Jamie boy). I love that he gets a bit embarressed about it, and I love love love Jens inner monologe in that whole section! I am getting a bit desperate to see them be, well, them, while at the same time not wanting them to rush into it. A proper dilemma I tell you :)

I mean, half of why I believed her so easily was because I was thinking it anyway. Nail. On. Head. And also the part that I keep thinking about with this. Okay so, Dom and James are cousins but Ive gathered that theyve really become friends in the last two years? Regardless, theyve known each other their whole lives so I cant wrap my head around how Dom couldnt have predicted the outcome of telling James that! It seems as if everyone else knew that James had huge jealousy issues, so naturally, one would stay clear of telling a person like that that their SO is flirting/liking/kissing someone else if not to wreak absolute havoc. I REALLY dont like Dom. The more I think about it (I am clearly to invested in these characters :P) the more horrible she feels...

I saw a quote somewhere ages ago that I love and keep with me, and I find it fitting here in the midst of Jennys inner turmoil: I dont want to be your forever, I want to be your always. Cause thats what its about, isnt it, trusting that the other person sticks with you through everything and always.

Is it wrong that I kind of love that Jenny is a) looking for trouble and knowingly letting that quidditch fight go down, and b) just looking for someone to fight with in general? Her asking out Moss like that was hilarious!

So this is one BIG review, which I could probably cram even more things into but I need to leave it here because Ive written it on my phone and thats a bit of a hassle haha!

Until the next one, xoxo

Author's Response:
Oh girl - I love Freddie SO much too. Easily the best person in this group. In the world maybe lol.

You have NO idea how desperate I am for James and Jen to just GET IT TOGETHER!! As far removed reader of my own story I’m like ...okay time for things to Happen. Please. But then as a writer I’m like no character development. Plot. Things. Lol.

I LOVE that you’re invested!!! I’m invested!!! Hahaha. But yeah Dom and James are cousins, same age, they definitely know each other and hang out when the family’s all together but for the most part James lives in London and Dom lives far away by the coast. So for most of their childhoods up until Hogwarts they were family but not the best of friends - also Dom was definitely the kid who thought boys were yuck and was bossy and wanted to put on plays and fashion shows and give makeovers. Which wouldn’t sit well with James. Maybe Freddie. Lmao. But yeah James would’ve grown up with Freddie and then when he met Luke, who also lives in London, him too. And Jenny would stay with James until they started dating so more rules lol. Dom just wasn’t ever interested in the quidditch bro duo of James and Jen or Freddie or Luke, until of course she was. ANYWAYS, I digress.

Dom 100% knows what James is like and did it on purpose. She did it to make him angry and jealous and hurt Luke by proxy. She didn’t think he’d turn it around and get mad at Jen, completely ignoring Luke (to a lesser extent anyway). So yeah, she wanted James to know because she knew how he’d react - she just didn’t realise he wouldn’t react to the right person.

I absolutely adore that quote. That embodies James and Jen so perfectly. Because that’s exactly what Jen wants. She wants trust, she wants a steadfast, unwavering love. Forever is too uncertain. Always means he’s her friend, her anchor (so cliche but true lol).

HAHAHHA no i love it too!!! Reckless Jenny is my favourite kind. Because she does it so methodically and so so stupidly lmao.

Omg I’m writing this response on my phone too!! Just to while away the time sitting on the tube haha and it’s so massive!! Sorry about that - I can’t help myself responding to everything :P

Thanks for this review! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the next chapter xxx P

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Review #25, by BBHP Pretty Eyed Boys Girls Die To Trust

20th October 2017:
First off, can I say how much I LOVE how long your chapters are? I have no idea how you do it! And there is SO MUCH happening in every chapter -- everything is important to the story. You have no "filler" chapters, which I think is really amazing.


I have so many thoughts I can't even make sense of it all. Why is James pushing Jenny to forget everything? Like she could if she wanted to! He seems like he has so many issues to work on by himself before he should even think about getting back together with Jenny. I'm glad Jenny is being hesitant there, although it's obvious (from the very first chapter) that she's completely in love with James. I think if they never get back together she'll never be able to truly move on with someone else. Even though she might desperately want to. But I applaud her for wanting to. Girl power! She doesn't need James! (Although, deep down, she might.) (Also, her response of 'I'm not entirely repulsive, I swear.' was just too perfect. I want to BE Jen.)

How does Dom even think she can come back from what she did? Dom has issues she needs to work out, too. Maybe it's the curse of being a "Wotter" -- never being completely secure in one's self. Freddy seems to be less like this, but he has his own insecurities and self-doubts that he is dealing with.

The drama with the Slytherins on the pitch was intense. It happened so quickly I had to reread it a few times to make sure I got it right. Insanity. But I like that she and her brother are friends. I think it's so sweet.

Anyway, I'm still trying to make sense of everything swirling around in my brain but I am so excited to read the next chapter! But I'm trying to be patient. Trying. Failing.

Author's Response:
YAY! I honestly don’t know how I do it either - but I actually feel like I have to force myself to stop writing 10,000 word chapters it’s crazy hahaha. There’s just so much to tell and I think because I genuinely have major plot points mapped out it’s harder to write less to get everyone to where they need to be. I’m bad at self editing lmao.

I know!!! She could totally pretend like nothing ever happened and move on! It’s not the point! The point is that she genuinely can’t and HELLO JAMES. RED FLAG you dolt. And yeah - pretty much lol. If they’re not with each other, I don’t think they’ll be good to anyone else. They’ll only compare. Especially since they’re each other’s first proper love. No! She doesn’t need James!! But I think that’s what she’s trying to figure out - in a very insane way, asking Moss out lol - and it’ll be interesting to see if she chooses him even though she’s trying to see if she doesn’t need him.

Oh god yeah no Dom has some serious issues with herself. I think she has a horrible mix of middle child inferiority syndrome with a dash of selfishness and self centred egoism. She think she’s the best and everyone wants to either BE her or be her friend or sleep with her. Not a great way to be lol.

HAHAHA the pitch scene was one of my favourites to write honestly. They’re all insane. Especially Jen. But yeah I wanted to definitely show some sibling tension (which we’ll see with her sister) but she is actually best friends with both her brothers (more so blaze cause he’s actually in school).

LOL I want to read your thoughts when you make sense of them!! I feel like you always have such interesting points!! And I’ll try to have the next chapter up soon!!

Loved this review! Thank you so much! Xxxx P

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