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Review #1, by padfootandmoony Fifth call

22nd January 2018:
This is so cute! I really enjoyed reading it :)

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm so glad you liked it and found it cute!

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Review #2, by forever_dreaming Fifth call

22nd January 2018:
"I think you burned that bridge with your drunken elephant grace." PSSHT JAMES I THOUGHT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE CHARMING.

Okay that's a lie. He's so charming. I love him, and I love Lizzy, and together they're so delightful and sweet and I honestly couldn't stop smiling this entire chapter. It was sort of the perfect conclusion? I love that Lizzy brought up the very real problem of the fact that James was a "perfect stranger", and I love how James quickly dispelled the notion that they don't know anything about each other. I suppose in some ways he really is a "perfect" stranger haha! (Gosh that was so cheesy I'm so sorry).

This story has made me laugh and smile so much. I'm favoriting it to return to it later on sad days, because honestly, I can't walk away from this without feeling like I'm walking on clouds, my heart melting, weightless. So sweet. I love teeth-rotting fluff like this, it always leaves me in such a good mood.

I have to comment on this since I don't think I have yet: your use of dialogue is so masterful and I'm so jealous haha! You've barely used any dialogue tags,letting the dialogue itself speak for itself—and yet, you managed to create such a vivid repartée in my head. I could actually hear James and Lizzy talking, the giggles and the hysterical verbal diarrhea, and the low chuckles.

Ah. This was such a delight to read. Thanks so much for requesting reviews from me; I'm so glad that I had the chance to read this story!

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Review #3, by forever_dreaming Fourth call

22nd January 2018:
Oooh, some conflict between these two! I'm happy, because conflict always means a happy resolution and stronger relationship, but also sad because I was enjoying their light-hearted banter. Actually, this chapter made me realize that we don't really know much about Elizabeth yet—like James, all we know is that she's a model and that she's flippin' adorable. Like, so adorable I have a massive crush on her and want to kick James to the curb so I can have her to myself haha :D

I'm really curious about her reasons for not wanting to meet James, and actually a little suspicious? I thought at first that perhaps it was just insecurities on her part, but Elizabeth was so aggressive, perhaps overly so, about his request to meet her. That, combined with the fact that she does still seem like a bit of a stranger, makes me wonder if she's hiding something? Which makes me even more intrigued to read the next chapter.

Somehow, when you were introducing this conflict, the tone still remained so light-hearted. Even with this part, which made me snort out loud (even though I've literally read SO MANY "Serious" jokes hahaha):

"“Are you serious?”

James grin became huge “That’s my middle name, darling.”"

Like... that's so in-character for James haha!

Anyway, on to the next chapter! (Thanks, really, for requesting reviews. This story is making my day!

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Review #4, by forever_dreaming Third call

22nd January 2018:
Aw. Like in the last chapter, I'm grinning so wide. There's something so innocent and wholesome about their relationship. I was laughing so hard when Elizabeth was talking about James; she really can't shut up, but I find that so cute!

What I loved most about this chapter was James and Elizabeth's conversation about skills on their résumes. (That's such a cute idea. Some of my skills would include being able to sing all the songs in the Hamilton soundtrack, include the rap parts, by heart, and create a mean mac and cheese in under 15 minutes :D). They made me smile and laugh and generally made my heart feel light. (This fic tends to do that haha). I love that you showed this conversation, though; these funny getting-to-know-you conversations are often cut from books, and I find that so sad.

Also I love their nicknames for one another. Jamie and Liz. So flipping adorable!

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Review #5, by forever_dreaming Second call

22nd January 2018:
Awww okay, this was such a delightfully adorable chapter haha! Honestly, James and Elizabeth have such a pure relationship. I really like that she seems to accidentally call James in moments of crisis; it not only makes their conversations so hilarious, but also rather dramatized and seems to make her more honest. This chapter had me grinning and full-on giggling. My sister gave me a weird look so thanks for that haha! :P

One thing that I have noted is that James doesn't seem to be sharing much about himself; he doesn't contradict Elizabeth about any of the preconceptions she has about him. I'm wondering if that's going to be a source of conflict for the two of them in the future. (Also, I'm wondering if you've ever read "I've Got Your Number" by Sophie Kinsella. It's a rather different premise, but the main characters' relationship is so flipping cute, just as cute as James and Elizabeth's! Honestly, all of Sophie Kinsella's books are fluffy sweetness).

I adore how smitten James is with Elizabeth, already asking her out. (Boy does move fast, doesn't he hahaha?) I can't wait to read about their date!

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Review #6, by scooterbug8515/M C Croer First call

22nd January 2018:
This is an interesting and cute start. While phones are not common among wizards I am assuming that it has something to do with the fact that time has passed on the wizarding world is trying to be more current.

All the same the conversation was fun and amusing between the girl and James. I loved James' jokes and the reaction to it being James Potter of all people that she was talking to. This has a good starting premise and I am sure what follows is just as amusing and delightful.

I would worry if there was to be more of James and the girl talking but seeing as there are more chapters to come James will have a chance to maybe learn the name of the girl he spoke to - though I suppose he could ask someone who his cousin's ex was and learn that way. That could be some interesting dynamic, if James dates his cousin's ex. Who knows. Anyway, nice job.

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Review #7, by hphphh Fifth call

22nd January 2018:
I have read your sequel and I really want you to continue with that. It is just so cute , I'm squealing like a little school girl. Please continue that.

Author's Response: Gosh, thank you so much!! I'm posting the next chapter tomorrow or the day later and I'm so glad you enjoyed!!

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Review #8, by PLUM Fifth call

20th January 2018:
Oh wow you know how much I love this story and this was such a beautiful end! And POV switch to show them afar - PERFECTION. I seriously love this story to death and your writing is so so wonderful!! Humour was amazing, once again, the characterisations are so lovely and yeah - just amazing. Brill - although the spacing sometimes throws me off, is there a way to shorten that to a line gap? ANYWAYS, that's not even a thing - I can't wait for the sequel and the prequel - literally so excited! THANK YOU FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL FLUFFY STORY.

Author's Response: HEY YOU
Gosh I feel so guilty I disappeared for MONTHS but uni and rl called and well sometimes one just doesn't feel like writing, BUT! I'm so so glad the end didn't disappoint!
The spacing. IT IS A THING: it's driving me crazy, I tried to delete everything and repost it, I tried manually sentence by sentence - nothing. I swear I wanted to pull my hair out of my head. SO thank you for being patient about that, I'll try to fix it again after a yoga class.
The prequel and sequel are up!
Thank you for you lovely review and KNOW that one day in the near future you're going to find a few reviews on Accidentally on purpose - I have to start from the beginning cause I don't remember a few things, so I'm waiting to have like a full free day to enjoy it.
until then, much love for you!!!
Elena xx

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Review #9, by alicia and anne Fifth call

19th January 2018:
Awww yay they met! I’m so happy that they met, but I’m also so sad because now it’s over :(
This was such a cute and wonderful story!

Author's Response: IS IT OVER?
Nah, I'm writing a sequel right now - first chapter is already up if you're interested! Anyway, I'm so thankful for your lovely comments - you made my day and honestly, gave me even more motivation to write!
thank you!

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Review #10, by alicia and anne Fourth call

18th January 2018:
Another wonderfully written chapter! I can’t wait for more! I hope that james manages to apologise to her :(

Author's Response: AW! The feels! But Elizabeth is not good at holding grudges...

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Review #11, by alicia and anne Third call

18th January 2018:
Elizabeth is awesome and I love her so much! Poor her admitting to all of that and not realising it was james.
I’m grttkng more and more excited about them meeting!

Author's Response: Yasss I'm so glad you love her, I was afraid to write a new character from scratch and making her credible would be impossible!
She's a dork

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Review #12, by alicia and anne Second call

18th January 2018:
They are both so cute! I love that she’s phoned him accidentally again, and they’re flirting and it’s adorable!!
I love james’ confidence and can’t wait to see what happens next! I hope they meet :D

Author's Response: It's adorable because she's hopeless at flirting ahaha James, on the other hand, has a past of a coc-ky bastard, but is now lees of a prat.
Thank you again!

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Review #13, by alicia and anne First call

18th January 2018:
awww this first chapter is hilarious and adorable!
I am loving them both together already, and I can’t wait to read the next chapter :D

Author's Response: Aww thank you! You're such a doll for taking the time to review every chapter! I'm so happy you liked it

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Review #14, by Felpata Lupin First call

18th January 2018:
Hey, Elena! Ciao, mia cara! :)

Finally, FINALLY, I'm here with the review for our swap... the last couple of days have been crazy... tonight, too, actually, but I won't go into details because I would end up being as rambly as your OC... totally not worth it, trust me...

I have to say, this first chapter made me laugh. :P I'm not sure how verosimilar the whole situation is... I mean, didn't she realize that the voice wasn't her friend's? And out of all the people who she could have called, a wizard who happens to be her ex's cousin? (Do wizards even have phones?) Erm, sorry... this sounds like a lot of complaining... but it's just me overthinking stuff... it's a fic and it's hilarious and it's not supposed to make 100% sense. So don't mind me. :P

I love how she just started rambling about her awful day and just kept talking and talking and barely listened to James' interjections (which, I guess, sort of answers my previous question. She didn't realize she wasn't talking to Victor because she was too caught in her own story... She is a fun character) I also loved how James played along, just because he was finding it all entertaining. His comments were brilliant, like that "Perfect strategy" or, even better, "Abby's perfect dog" Ahahah! Just great!

And the way he finally revealed who he was... brilliant! He left her speechless, which is probably not something easy to do! :P

Btw, did you say lasagne? Because I wouldn't mind some right now... :P

Thank you for swapping, dear. I had fun reading this. :) Maybe we can do it again (or you can request in my review thread, if you like. I wouldn't mind coming back.)

A presto,


PS how did the exam go?

Author's Response: Eccola!!!
Rambling is good for the heart, they say (I do).
I'm happy it made you laugh! Honestly that was what I was striving for - which I think sometimes makes this story a bit too joke-oriented - and yes the situation... is not so credible BUT there's my head canon about wizard phones which I haven't found a way to put into the story that's basically about how the phones are developed by the Ministry and that every magical phone number starts with +413 (MAG) which at least ensures you're going to call ANOTHER wizard if you get i wrong.
And don't apologise! Overthinking about this stuff is the whole point of writing about it :P
Yes Elizabeth rambles A LOT and James is just a tad sassy - i tried to use the same kind of dry humour Harry displayed in the books.
Ugh I'm craving lasagnes so much right now!!!
Thank youuu for coming to my littler story - I actually can't wait to finish my uni session so i can review Jimmy Porter full time - I had noticed it even before the forum and I was like m this looks interesting.
Un Bacione! Elena xxx

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Review #15, by forever_dreaming First call

17th January 2018:
Hello! Here with the first of your requested reviews :)

This was such a delightful read—I was giggling and smiling the entire time! I have to commend you on creating such a believable conversation; it actually read sort of like a play, which makes me wonder if you have experience with theater or screen writing. The girl’s personality was so vibrant ; she really popped off the page. I loved how you started introducing us to her quirks. My favorite part of this chapter was her multiple names for the heirs (“the little blights”) hahaha. She’s clearly very awkward and that makes her all the more endearing..

Also my shipper heart felt like exploding at this line: “She laughed and James felt like he had just been hit by a bludger.” On an unrelated, related sidenote, I love how you’re building James’ character—that description really does show that he doesn’t think about anything but Quidditch.

The only part of this that feels a little unrealistic is that the girl didn’t realize earlier that she’d call the wrong number simply by the fact that James’s voice doesn’t sound like Vic’s. I suppose you could pass it off as their voices being similar enough that she didn’t notice, but that wouldn’t make sense since obviously she and Vic are very close. You could also say that she was so caught up in telling her story that she was hardly listening to James’s voice (which makes sense, since the conversation did seem one-sided until the end). Perhaps you’ll elaborate more on that in the next chapter? :)

I also noticed a few minor grammatical and punctuational errors, so maybe a quick read through or a beta reader would be good. But the errors were minor and definitely didn’t impede my enjoyment of this piece!

Great first start, can’t wait to

Author's Response: Hello!! Thank you so much, darling!
I'm so happy the conversation sounds believable, it was actually what made me take so long in writing this story even though it is really short!
I don't have any experience with theatre and it honestly makes me giddy that it would look like i do!
My shipper heart is so involved in this two dorks that I spend hours just imagining scenarios for them, really, I'm done for.
Yes, Vic and James have very similar voices and also, there wasn't a place to put it in the story - or at least I couldn't manage - but I have this head canon that wizards have special phones developed by the ministry/private company that work with magic, so the numbers all start with the same prefix +413 (MAG) which is why it's credible that Elizabeth would call ANOTHER wizard.
Also, Elizabeth is really scatter-brained :))
the grammatical errors are my nightmare! As soon as I find a generous beta I will resolve it! ugh I hate it, I swear I'm really good in my language ahaha
anyway, this was THE loveliest review and I'm so happy you've enjoyed reading it!
Thank you so much,
Elena xx

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Review #16, by Scose Fifth call

13th January 2018:
I freaking love this story. I cant believe it ended. Please tell you will write a sequel. It is such a pleasure to read and the characters are so intriguing. God this story is great!

Author's Response: AW thank you! yes, i'm officially writing a longer sequel, a bit less humorous and longer, but I don't know if I should post it already or wait for it to be finished. i have four chapters already, so don't worry! we'll see more of Elizabeth and James.
i'm so so so happy you liked the story! a small prequel is in the waiting line, it just needs to be validated.
until then, thank you so much! x

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Review #17, by HarryGinnyLove88 Fifth call

13th January 2018:
Awww so sweet and i hope too we heard from them again :)

Author's Response: Aw thanks!! we will: a prequel is in the waiting queue for validation and i'm writing a sequel right now! thanks for your review x

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Review #18, by Violet Potter 434 Fifth call

13th January 2018:









and now I'm going to stop with the capitals

this story has such a good idea behind it

I've never seen one with the whole wrong number idea as an actual plot

but its amazing

please write more, I'm so sad this is ending

love from me xxx

Author's Response: HELLO!! yayyy i'm so happy you liked it! and they're officially coming back! there's a prequel - smalll - in the validation queue right now that's about the party in which James saw her the first time! and I'm writing as we speak the sequel, which is going to be a bit longer than this story, but we're still going to have James and Liz! And i'm sooo glad the idea worked in the end, i was afraid it might not be credible enough :))

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Review #19, by alexaemd123 Fifth call

13th January 2018:
Ok, first of all, I absoultely loved it completely like a freaking lot! I am obsessed with Elizabeth and James! I'm sad that the story is over but I am excited to see that we might see more of them!?!? Like...yes!!! lol anyways.. thank you for writing this amazing story and I look foward to so much more! :)

Author's Response: Hello! I'm so so so glad you liked it and I'm sad it's over too, which is why a sequel is officially happening! (in the making now and it will be a bit longer than this story!)
Thank you for telling me how much you liked it!!!

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Review #20, by Anonymous Fifth call

12th January 2018:
AH! You updated and it was absolutely amazing! Great chapter and amazing story overall. The wait was long but you didn't dissapoint and I'm happy about the adorable ending.

WIll you be continuing to write 'Cause and Effect' cause frankly I'm hooked on it and it's an amzing start.

Author's Response: Yeah finally!!! thank you so so much!
For cause and effect, it can be seen as a kind of WAY BACK prequel as there is James and Carla relationship (and she is cited in this story as the ex-girlfriend with the aphrodisiac potion) but that story has longer chapters and i'm kind of stuck on it so it's going to take a bit! but i won't lose hope ahahah
also there's a small prequel for this story in the validation queue :)))

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Review #21, by Spyci Fourth call

25th December 2017:
Please please please update ASAP.

Author's Response: Helloo! it's in line for validation! thanks for your review :)

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Review #22, by Potterhead3106 Fourth call

12th December 2017:
This is such an amazing story! Please don't adandon it! My friend recommended it to me and i finally got round to reading it and I'm completely hooked. Pretty please will you update soon!
There is only one chapter left and I need to know that they meet and have the happy end the both of them deserve!

Author's Response: Hey!! Good news, the chapter is in line for Validation!! I'm so so so happy there was even a word of mouth for this little story, thanks! and enjoy

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Review #23, by acciopottersx Fourth call

31st August 2017:
omg this is so good and funny i love it

Author's Response: Thank you so so much!! Chapter is waiting for validation ;)

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Review #24, by alexaemd123 Fourth call

24th August 2017:
I am in love with this story! It is seriously brilliant and such a unique idea! :) looking forward like a lot to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much and the final chapter is now up for validation!! hope you like that too ;)

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Review #25, by Scose Fourth call

21st August 2017:
Omg so cute. This must be the most adorable story ever. Aaah wish this would be a true story... I think reading her perspective would also be really interesting. In love with both characters. I couldn't stop smiling when reading the story. I really want to read the next chapter. Why is there only one more to go? :(

Author's Response: Hellooo and thank you!! who knows if there will ever be a story from Elizabeth perspective? mmm we'll see- maybe once i finish my exams! Only one to go because it was born like a small silly story as i never finish my long projects, but who knows, maybe a sequel... anyway, new chapter is up for validation! Hope you'll like the end :)

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