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Review #1, by IzzyPPotter The Patronus and the Fight

24th March 2018:
Great fight scene. It was easy to follow and picture. This story definitely deserved to be on the featured story list, it's still one of my favourites. So glad I saw it on there!

Getting closer to the "eventful" holidays.

Author's Response: The eventful holidays! I'm so excited to get to that part but still so anxious because I want it to be perfect. GAH.

Seriously, thank you again SO MUCH for all of your reviews and support! You're truly amazing.

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Review #2, by IzzyPPotter Valentine's Day

24th March 2018:
Reunited again *grins*! Draco's insecure side is adorable. It matches so well with Ginny's strength. I really like Blaise's involvement and his neutrality as he wasn't talked about much in the books.

As you can tell I do like a good binge read every few days.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, you are seriously the best. Thank you for all the awesome feedback.

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Review #3, by IzzyPPotter Changing Sides

24th March 2018:
Ooh argument number two! Draco must find it so difficult to help people without being obvious. It's great that Draco and Ginny aren't arguing or splitting up every other chapter as stories that do that get a bit tiresome. Plus we didn't have to wait 30 chapters for them to even consider having feelings for each other. A great paced story.

Author's Response: Oh I am so glad you are enjoying it! You always have such wonderful things to say and it makes me so happy.

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Review #4, by IzzyPPotter Guard Duty

24th March 2018:
I love Luna's character. She will be a valuable ally for Draco and Ginny if/when their relationship becomes public. I forget how quickly the events of Godrics Hollow to the trio visiting xeno lovegood happen. When you read them it feels like weeks rather than days.

Back to Hogwarts we go!

Author's Response: I agree -- it feels like some events take so long in DH, and other times things drag out a bit. Thank you for reading and reviewing! You're wonderful :)

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Review #5, by IzzyPPotter Christmas Wishes

24th March 2018:
Yay! Love the kiss. Your writing is really cheering me up when my health is bad, which is most days at the moment.

On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry your health has been bad! Sending much love and well-wishes your way.

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Review #6, by Draco+Ginny The Patronus and the Fight

19th March 2018:
I LOVE this story! I have never read a Draco/Ginny story before! When is the next chapter coming up

Author's Response: Thank you! I am working on the next chapter now. Hope to have it ready soon!

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Review #7, by ell Behind a Tapestry

18th March 2018:
amazing. more please

Author's Response: You are wonderful!! Thank you for reviewing. I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

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Review #8, by IzzyPPotter Revelations

17th March 2018:
Yay I'm so happy to see them back together and more! It's great to see Ginny's confidence shine through and her cleaver detention avoiding tactics.

Love the abrupt change of tone too during the chapter as it reminds you that during that time nothing was rosey for too long.

Author's Response: Once again, THANK YOU for all your amazing reviews! It makes me so happy and I always look forward to your thoughts.

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Review #9, by IzzyPPotter Falling Out

17th March 2018:
Having two of your characters fall out must be a difficult thing to write. While reading it I almost wanted to shout "don't do it!!!" It seems close to the books to me, although it's been a while since I've read the last book.

Since Christmas it's been freezing here! We even had snow earlier this month, which is rare for this part of the UK. Then we finally had a couple of weeks of warmer weather and signs of spring for it to all change and start snowing again today.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you mentioned that it seems close to the original books! I've been trying so hard to keep the stories aligned.

It's freezing here, too. I keep think it's going to be spring and then it snows again. Worst.

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Review #10, by IzzyPPotter A Forgotten Memory

17th March 2018:
The chapter seemed really good to me. Again great story progression and I love the references to the original books.

One series of books I've loved was the Young Bond books by Charlie Higson, I've read them a few times. First as a teenager but I still enjoy them as an adult.

I think my favourite lesson would be transfiguration as I love the idea of turning one thing into another which requires precision and an eye for detail.

Author's Response: I will definitely have to check out that series! I'm always looking for new reading material.

Transfiguration seems like it would be SO difficult. Very interesting for sure, but definitely requiring a lot of hard work and focus.

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Review #11, by IzzyPPotter Remedial Potions

17th March 2018:
Looks like Draco is taking to occlumency well. I think as Draco knows that safeguarding his thoughts are a matter of life and death he will be determined enough to make it work. Whereas Harry didn't have it fully explained to him as Dumbledore was freezing him out, hence why I don't think he ever tried to master it.

I think Ginny doesn't know which way to turn. Before this year almost everything she's seen and heard about Draco points to him being a bad person, but as she gets to know him more and more she's seeing a completely different side to him.

Author's Response: I love your thoughts so much. I totally agree about Harry's experience with Occlumency. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing yet again! Made my day! I hope you continue to follow the story.

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Review #12, by IzzyPPotter Thoughts Aren't Safe

14th March 2018:
I think Draco might struggle with occlumency as he's rather stubborn. Let's hope he's better at it then Harry. I really like the pace of this story.

I think my favourite book is DH as it was so satisfying having a lot of the loose ends tied up and make sense, of course it was also sad to read too. I love how a lot of the characters came into their own and fought back.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying the pace of the story. I wanted to make sure things kept moving, but still spend time on certain events, etc.

Thank you for reviewing so many times in one day! It made me so happy and excited to see SIX reviews from the same person. You're so awesome.

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Review #13, by IzzyPPotter Gryffindor's Sword

14th March 2018:
I completely forgot about Ginny stealing the sword. As Ginny was known to be very close with Harry I think she would be getting a harsh punishment from the Carrows. Even the strongest characters need help, and her willingness to let Draco help her adds to her strength as trust isn't a sign of weakness. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Oh and I love the Weasley twins too, not only did they provide some comic relief they also gave a rational and calm point of view to even the most stressful situations.

Author's Response: I love your thoughts and comments about the story. Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by IzzyPPotter Summoned

14th March 2018:
Completely addicted to this story now. I liked Ginny's reaction as she must be so torn on what to think about Draco.

Author's Response: Hooray for being addicted! ;) I'm so so glad you're enjoying the story. I hope you continue to read (and maybe review, too?)!

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Review #15, by IzzyPPotter Are We Friends?

14th March 2018:
Loving this story so far. I think there is a big side to Draco that was fairly hidden in the books and even more so in the films.

I like the friendship between Draco and Ginny, and I think she would be ok with being Draco's friend as she probably doesn't see him as an evil death eater, she can see he's someone who has been put in an awful situation which has mostly been out of his control. I think she can relate to that a lot after what happened to her with tom riddle. But I believe she would still be a little cautious around him.

Author's Response: I definitely agree that there's so much about Draco (and Ginny) that we just didn't see, and that's what I wanted to explore in this story. The possibility of a friendship between them.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! You're wonderful!

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Review #16, by IzzyPPotter Behind a Tapestry

14th March 2018:
I think you've got the characters spot on. I think that Ginny would be struggling during that sort of time. But she definitely seems to have a lot of strength in her still.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm just seeing all of your sweet reviews and it seriously made my day.

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Review #17, by IzzyPPotter The Library Incident

14th March 2018:
I've read a couple Draco/Ginny stories and really like them. I love that this is set during DH as what happened at Hogwarts during that time should be very interesting.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're reading! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

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Review #18, by quill2parchment The Patronus and the Fight

5th March 2018:
Ugh I can't stand Pansy. I'm glad Ginny was able to hold it together as long as she did but she was bound to lose her temper sooner or later. I wonder how Ginny feels about Harry now. I think she probably still cares about him, but it's obvious she feels very strongly about Draco too, and I wonder if she still feels something for Harry or she just thinks of him as a friend now. But I'm sure you'll reveal all that in due time!

It's heartbreaking that Draco couldn't go after Ginny. I can imagine how frustrated he must feel!

Great chapter as always! Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: I can't stand Pansy either. haha!

Ginny's feelings will definitely be revealed in time! I don't want to say too much and give anything away.

Thank you for reading and reviewing yet again! You truly made my day. You're wonderful.

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Review #19, by antixy0u The Patronus and the Fight

4th March 2018:
As always, I can't wait for more :D

Author's Response: You’re awesome :) thank you for reading and reviewing! Made my day.

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Review #20, by Liana A Forgotten Memory

1st March 2018:
I appreciate the thought and work that went into describing Occlumency and Legilimency. I think you did a good job. Describing those two processes is something I've never wanted to tangle with. If you're looking for a book recommendation I would suggest reading the Unwind Dystology by Neal Schusterman. I think it's four books and a novella. If you have Draco running into Ron going into and coming out of the Room of Requirement do you think Ron would actually say, "Draco?"

Author's Response: I really appreciate you saying that! It definitely wasn't easy. I'll check out that book - it sounds interesting.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #21, by Liana Remedial Potions

1st March 2018:
I don't think there are very many secure places at Hogwarts. Are Snape and Draco in Snape's personal office or the Headmaster's office? I would bet that the Room of Requirement is a secure place. Right now I think Ginny is struggling between what she wants to do and what she feels is right. She wants to be friends and maybe more with Draco. On the other hand, she is remembering that he wears a Dark Mark, that he's a Death Eater, and that he basically hated her family and Harry Potter.

Author's Response: I think you're right about the secure places at Hogwarts! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by EmmyBacon The Patronus and the Fight

1st March 2018:
Brilliant chapter!

I LOVED Draco's patronus and the thought he has to conjure it. Loved Ginny's reaction too.

Then Pansy! Urgh that woman! Throw her in the lake and be done with it.

Will these two ever catch a break?!

Great update =) xx

Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed the chapter and Draco's Patronus! And I totally agree with you about Pansy. She's pretty nasty.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by Liana Thoughts Aren't Safe

1st March 2018:
I think Draco will shine at occlumency because he really wants to learn and he's a bright young man. I'm familiar with the book but that deals more with what Harry was doing. I'm not sure what you have in mind for Draco or if he's going to be involved in the attack on Harry in Godric's Hollow. My favorite Harry Potter book is the 6th one, HBP, because so many things happen and are explained. I also love how they did the movie.

Author's Response: I agree with you about Draco. He’s really quite smart and wants to learn. HBP is one of my favourites too. I haven’t seen the movie in too long though!

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #24, by Liana Gryffindor's Sword

28th February 2018:
Didn't guess what would happen. It doesn't surprise me that Draco came to Ginny's rescue. My favorite character is Severus Snape. Still loving this story.

Author's Response: I love Snape too! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story. Thank you for reviewing again!

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Review #25, by Liana Summoned

27th February 2018:
Actually, I'm not sure what's coming next. I haven't really thought about it and it's been about 10 years since I've read DH. I believe Ginny would react as she did. I can see her being confused on how to treat Draco. She can be concerned and angry at the same time. Love this story.

Author's Response: I am loving that you're still reviewing! You seriously made my day!

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