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Review #1, by Bardic Magic Confessions

31st August 2017:
Nicely done, Dawn!

Your earlier clues led me to the correct conclusion that Pansy was pregnant. But, you left choices as to the father...I guessed wrong.

Although I am not Catholic and, thus, am not as familiar with all of the Saints, prayers and etc. it would only be natural for Epiphanie to be. I applaud the inclusion of Epiphanie's prayers and fits her character to a "T"! The juxtaposition of her "muggleness" and her "magicalness" is very reminiscent of Harry in his younger years at Hogwart's. She, like Harry in those early magical years, still relates to the world in mostly muggle terms. I can see, however, her progression into the magical world view.

Also, I enjoy the slow and steady transformation of Draco. He still "slips", every now and then, into his old biases (i.e. Room of Requirement with Neville and Dean), but (usually with help from Harry or Epiphanie) is drawn back to his progression into a new man.

Kudos, once again!!

Waiting...edge of chapter...must...hold...on... :)

Author's Response: Gosh! You stroke my ego! Thank you sooo much for the kind words. Yes, I kind of imagined her as a much more confident type of Harry character. The big difference, being that she had some understanding and control of her magic, despite not knowing of the magical world. The prayers and novenas come from the traditions and rituals that Marie Laveau and her devotees incorporate--as she was a devout Catholic. I am not Catholic either, but my grandmother, who was from Louisiana, grew up in Catholic school. I learned a lot from her, as well as my research. I also didn't want Draco to just simply be brand new. I wanted him evolving in the way that love can do for people. Well, I hope you like what's coming next!
Thanks again for reading!

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Review #2, by Bardic Magic Deja Vu

29th August 2017:
How do you do it? Another flawless, energized and moving chapter!

I forgot to mention in my last review the nod I give you for the double entendre (minus the risque aspect)of Epiphanie's name.

Apparently, we are kindred spirits, of a sort: (1) we have researched magic of other cultures. I got my ideas of wandless, wordless magic from the martial arts. (2) my first story was supposed to be 2 or 3 chapters of backstory and then the meat of the turns out that I needed 39 chapters of backstory (an entire story by itself) to get to the "meat", which turned out to be my second story. I fully understand "I let it take me"...many times, the story takes on a life of its own! I, for one, am glad you let the muses guide you on the journey!!!

Again...waiting patiently (I lie!) for the next installment!!

Author's Response: You really do flatter me! Thank you so much. Originally, I chose Epiphanie's name, simply because I thought it was different and pretty. As the story developed and I began to do research, it almost frightened me, how well it all ended up fitting together. I supposed the muses were smiling down on me. I've just submitted my next chapter. Hopefully, it will be ready to read quickly.

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Review #3, by Bardic Magic Muggle Studies Field Trip

28th August 2017:
Much to my chagrin, I have devoured your story and am now left with the seething fire of anticipation for your next chapter!

Had I the ability to stop between chapters I would have reviewed more often but, have stolen my heart with your increadible prose! (Much the same way that Epiphanie has stolen Draco's!)

Your character developement is beautiful. Epiphanie is so unique. I am amazed at the depth you have developed in her so quickly - from her very introduction you have enthalled me with her backstory, her firm situation in modern muggle Louisiana and all of its intricacies and history. Although I only studied French for 2 years (many years ago,) I have visited Louisiana (and Mobile, AL)for Mardis Gras and love the French you employ in your dialogue!

Draco - you have brought a depth to him that I find familiar: I portray him in a similar manner in my stories, although I did not go to your depths. His repentence, guilt and need to change are very real. I enjoy the way you juxtapose his upbringing (former self) with his new "world-vision" (the books he reads; his sorrowful, soulful playing in the Astronomy Tower; his self-awareness of his jealousy of the Quartet)!

Again, a familiar plot is the way the Quartet (Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny) has taken Draco into their fold, albeit sceptically at first and almost fully by Chapter 27. They have found more commonality than difference - apropos for war veterans.

Kudos, Dawn! I wait, eagerly, for your next chapters!!

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much for your kind words! I'm really glad that you like the characters. I did a lot of research on Marie Laveau, and Rowling's information about witches and wizards in other countries like those in Africa. That is how I got the idea that Epiphanie would be able to do wandless magic. Originally, this story was supposed to be about Kingsley, but it just sort of evolved in this way, and I let it take me. I just wanted Draco to find some sort of redemption, and making parallels between muggle history and magical history seemed the best way to do.

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Review #4, by Bardic Magic Prologue

23rd August 2017:
Excellent beginning to what, I am guessing, is going to be an incredible story!

I really like your descriptive, adult style: sensuous, colorful and clear. It makes for a wonderful read!

Kudos! And...I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm struggling with a lot of chapter rejections and right now, I'm not certain if I feel up to making major edits to the next chapter for acceptance. If I can make the changes without losing the greater content of the chapter, I will continue posting.
If you're impatient to read the entire thing, I have it and three other fics at FanFiction

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Review #5, by Dinthemidwest Detentions and Discoveries

6th July 2017:
What a beautiful chapter! Draco's chance to redeem himself is working out well-Epiphanie is a great character!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I hope you stay with it until the end. There are many more adventures yet ahead of them!

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Review #6, by Dinthemidwest Prologue

2nd July 2017:
Very interesting and well done story-I like the twist with Kingsley! So far, so good!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you like it. Please keep reading, the adventures are just beginning.

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Review #7, by DraconisRain Debating the Sorting Hat

19th April 2017:
What a delightful story.I enjoyed every minute of the growth and change in Draco. I love the fact that Epiphanie ends up in Slytherin. I like the response of the Harry and company to all these changes...I'd like to see more of this story. I want to see Draco demonstrate his independence from Lucious at bit more and the building of his relationship with his mother as a man and not a boy. I want to see Shackebolt's reaction to his daughter's budding relationship with Draco. I want to see all of them progress in their studies, knowing this is their last opportunity for formal education. I want to see them chose their future professions - especially Draco. Of course this may not be what on the author's concept. But this was absolutely delightful story and I love, love, love the characters...Keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!! There are definitely some surprises in store for our protagonists. Draco still has quite a journey ahead of him as he deals with his past, and his family, and faces the future. Epiphanie and Kingsley will definitely have their moments as well. Please keep reading. I hope that you will like it enough to stay until the end.

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Review #8, by Panacea Epiphaneia: Insight Through the Divine

3rd April 2017:
Very interesting and unique idea!

Author's Response: Thank you! Please keep reading. More updates to come!

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