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Review #1, by klest The Trade

18th January 2018:
Those cliffhangers are keeping me on edge.
I love the twisted fate of Harry to save his friends and how Wormtail adapted to all new situations!
Keep up the good work and thank you for the frequent updates.

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Review #2, by MarauderLover7Fan The Trade

17th January 2018:
OMG! My birthday is on the 17th and I can’t believe you just updated a day before! Ive been reading your stories since day 1, and this is the best birthday present; can you pls update more?? :)

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Review #3, by Potterhead1994 The Trade

16th January 2018:
Hey, I just want to stop in and say this is another wonderful chapter and I absolutely love your writing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back and read each story. Can’t wait for the next update!

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Review #4, by Rosie An End To Negotiations

4th January 2018:
You are such a fantastic writer, my heart was beating so fast through the entire chapter! If there was ever a time to update quickly it'd be now!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I'm really thankful you spend so much time and effort on this feels like being able to read the originals again :)

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Review #5, by Sana An End To Negotiations

4th January 2018:
Loved this chapter! I'm glad Sirius understood why Harry is always caught in danger. Been checking every day for an update, it made my day seeing it today!

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Review #6, by Sana School Under Lockdown

25th December 2017:
Aaah I love your humor! This story honestly makes my day with every update and I died at this scene
Perhaps Granger had failed her exam and was inconsolable… Or, perhaps Potter had stumbled across some sort of dark scheme that needed thwarting before dinner and had decided he’d be the one to do it.

You're honestly my favourite fanfic author, hope you're having an amazing winter break!

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Review #7, by bele Act And React

16th December 2017:
i cant tell if youre updating anymore but its literally my favourite ff ive ever read and ill cry if youre not anymore!!! its so so so good

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Review #8, by klest Act And React

12th December 2017:
The suspense is killing me! ^^
Great action and great narration. Can't wait for the next chapter

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Review #9, by Sana Act And React

9th December 2017:
oh my god oh my god this update oh my god! i am so glad we got to see ron and hermionie in action and harry actually for once did not go running of into danger by himself. my heart is in my throat, can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #10, by HarryGinnyLove88 Act And React

3rd December 2017:
Please catch that stupid Wormy already...i think its almost the end, how much more and are you gonna write next story?

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Review #11, by Viperpruett Cat And Rat

27th November 2017:
I always wished wormtail had a bigger role in jkrs books. I love the story btw. I wonder what Ron's going to do

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Review #12, by lumoxMAXIMA Cat And Rat

27th November 2017:
This came earlier than I expected! Thank you so much!
Continues to be my favourite fanfic ever. Epic stuff xxx

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Review #13, by Faith177 Cat And Rat

25th November 2017:
Ah no, a cliffhanger!!
Thank you for writing so often and so good!! :) I really enjoy your stories:)

Good old Ron, always there to safe Hermione :)

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Review #14, by Rayan Win and Lose

9th November 2017:
Brilliant update. Amazing. Loved it. Please. Next chapter early??

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Review #15, by HarryGinnyLove88 Win and Lose

9th November 2017:
Wonder who stole her Mirror??? Malfoy? Or someone they dont even suspect.
Great story. How much left?

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Review #16, by klest Win and Lose

9th November 2017:
Thank you so much for continuing this story.
Very well written and have reread your story already twice!

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Review #17, by Rayan Home For Easter

2nd November 2017:
Just read through all your books in less than 5 days. Can't wait for the next chapter

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Review #18, by Sana Home For Easter

30th October 2017:
Aah I love your writing so so so much! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful story.

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Review #19, by sambonifi9 Home For Easter

25th October 2017:
This chapter was amazing. I especially loved the end with the bits about “practicing silencing charms” and Kreacher going off like a firework.

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Review #20, by Birdie9 Home For Easter

23rd October 2017:
Yaay! Look forward to these so much.
Love reading these normal scenes with the characters interacting without life threatening danger, always v funny (although you write life threatening danger v well too).

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Review #21, by rose Dangerous Children

12th October 2017:
This is a lot more intense than it was presented in the book. It makes the whole situation a lot more complicated. For some reason I really hope they have a girl.

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Review #22, by Fanfromholland Dangerous Children

9th October 2017:
It's getting harder and harder to wait for the next update, loved your last chapter keep it up!

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Review #23, by tapkate Dangerous Children

8th October 2017:
I am once again amazed by your writing. I love how this story is playing out and can't wait for your next update!

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Review #24, by littlehuff An Unexpected Development

29th September 2017:
Brilliant as always.
An unexpected development indeed... love how you subvert the plot in a way that is both original and faithful.
Looking forward to the next instalment!

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Review #25, by Sarah An Unexpected Development

27th September 2017:
Great chapter, as always.

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