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Review #1, by IzzyPPotter Cursed

30th March 2018:
I've loved all your stories so far. I'm afraid I'm not very good at remembering to review until recently. Can't wait to see what happens next!!!

Since the announcement of HPFF closing down soon are you planning on posting this story elsewhere? as I'd love to keep following it.

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Review #2, by HarryGinnyLove88 Cursed

29th March 2018:
If this site is closed are you going to update youre stories somewhere else??

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Review #3, by ilver-morning Questions And Confessions

26th March 2018:
Hope you know how AWESOME your stories are! I've read them multiple times and enjoyed them every time.

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Review #4, by HarryGinnyLove88 Questions And Confessions

14th March 2018:
How many chapters til the end? And are you confinue with the next one??

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Review #5, by Alice The Patients

13th March 2018:
This is the best fanfic series i've ever read. It's so well-written, well done! Thanks for keep writing!!

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Review #6, by klest The Patients

8th March 2018:
To write an aftermath is always a challenging task and you mastered it ;)
This is the Hermione we know and love :)

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Review #7, by Chris High Stakes

15th February 2018:
This is without a doubt the best fanfic series i've ever read. So happy that you're still writing and updating this! I'm such a big fan of the character dynamics, and all the relationships that are so well portrayed in this story. Remus and Dora are so lovely together, but i have never been able to find another fic that showed their relationship as first becoming friends, and then becoming romantic. I'm still wondering how you come up with everything in this story. It's so well-written and the plot is simply amazing.

Also, well done on this chapter! So much action, I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. I really like Moody and Dora's relationship, as well as the interaction between Harry and Dora. Hope her baby's okay by the way. Again, thanks for writing this masterpiece!!

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Review #8, by siriusfan1990 High Stakes

14th February 2018:
The chapter looks good and all. But you have continued portraying Sirius as one of the best and better duellers than many from White flag days. Marlene thought, Death eaters thought, McG thought the same. But this is Sirius's fourth or fifth duel he lost and I'm yet to see him winning one. And nothing is sneaky on worm tail's duel. He won it fair and square. Obviously for plot reasons Peter could not be caught, but this duel looked like he has the upper hand in almost all the time. Only when Moody and Dora both arrived - he was in backfoot. For all your praise about Sirius's abilities before - it's not getting justified in flow.

And same with Harry. BAM one day he got everything right. Snape's curse, Patronus, Imperious defeat etc etc... Seriously?

Dora comforting harry is a nice touch. It gave a familial vibe between the two. That was good to see.

Not sure you will read this review but hopefully things get changed...

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Review #9, by klest High Stakes

14th February 2018:
Marvellous chapter with great action.
Thank you ever so much for your frequent updates and astounding writing quality!

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Review #10, by Faith High Stakes

14th February 2018:
Thank you! Thank you so much for keeping up this story, I sincerely love it, and hope one day Pettigrew will be caught..!
I look forward to the next chapter! :)

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Review #11, by Sarah High Stakes

13th February 2018:
Very exciting chapter
Thank you very much for this great chapter!!!

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Review #12, by blibhumding High Stakes

13th February 2018:
I was so hoping you'd publish today! Really enjoyed the chapter... You write the action so well. Also like all the relationships you're foreshadowing (possibly).

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Review #13, by chasethebutterflies All Fall Down

9th February 2018:
Love love love this series, I read it all at once and I am so looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #14, by sambonifi9 All Fall Down

4th February 2018:
You are getting very good at writing cliffhangers that make me want to die inside because the next chapter isnít up yet!

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Review #15, by klest All Fall Down

30th January 2018:
Very eventful and exciting chapter
Thank you very much for this great chapter and the ongoing updates!

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Review #16, by Aurora The Trade

28th January 2018:
I love love love this story

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Review #17, by klest The Trade

18th January 2018:
Those cliffhangers are keeping me on edge.
I love the twisted fate of Harry to save his friends and how Wormtail adapted to all new situations!
Keep up the good work and thank you for the frequent updates.

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Review #18, by MarauderLover7Fan The Trade

17th January 2018:
OMG! My birthday is on the 17th and I canít believe you just updated a day before! Ive been reading your stories since day 1, and this is the best birthday present; can you pls update more?? :)

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Review #19, by Potterhead1994 The Trade

16th January 2018:
Hey, I just want to stop in and say this is another wonderful chapter and I absolutely love your writing. I canít tell you how many times Iíve gone back and read each story. Canít wait for the next update!

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Review #20, by Rosie An End To Negotiations

4th January 2018:
You are such a fantastic writer, my heart was beating so fast through the entire chapter! If there was ever a time to update quickly it'd be now!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I'm really thankful you spend so much time and effort on this feels like being able to read the originals again :)

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Review #21, by Sana An End To Negotiations

4th January 2018:
Loved this chapter! I'm glad Sirius understood why Harry is always caught in danger. Been checking every day for an update, it made my day seeing it today!

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Review #22, by Sana School Under Lockdown

25th December 2017:
Aaah I love your humor! This story honestly makes my day with every update and I died at this scene
Perhaps Granger had failed her exam and was inconsolableÖ Or, perhaps Potter had stumbled across some sort of dark scheme that needed thwarting before dinner and had decided heíd be the one to do it.

You're honestly my favourite fanfic author, hope you're having an amazing winter break!

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Review #23, by bele Act And React

16th December 2017:
i cant tell if youre updating anymore but its literally my favourite ff ive ever read and ill cry if youre not anymore!!! its so so so good

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Review #24, by klest Act And React

12th December 2017:
The suspense is killing me! ^^
Great action and great narration. Can't wait for the next chapter

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Review #25, by Sana Act And React

9th December 2017:
oh my god oh my god this update oh my god! i am so glad we got to see ron and hermionie in action and harry actually for once did not go running of into danger by himself. my heart is in my throat, can't wait for the next chapter!

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