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Review #1, by EmmyBacon A Broken Manor

13th February 2018:
Yaay you updated on my birthday!

Lyra is going through some Sirius self realisation through this tough time.

A tough scene to write, at the funeral, and very well done. She's certainly putting life into perspective after eveything.

Thank you for updating. I really enjoyed it xx

Author's Response: Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great day :D
She definitely is, this chapter and the next two mark the beginning of a change in their relationship - hopefully things progress ok for them both
It was definitely a tough scene to write... and hard one to get all the emotions coming through the way i wanted them to so i hope they were conveyed ok
Thank-you, i'm glad you found it well done and not too much
This has definitely been a learning curve for Lyra, one i think she will try and grow from
Will try to get the next chapter out soon
- KP xx

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Review #2, by Bookworm A Little Black Book

16th January 2018:
Hi there,

I just wanted to leave a Review because for the last few days I was basically transfixed with your Story and read the chapters all at once. I just love your characters and how the Plot is going and I cant wait for the next chapter. Keep going :) and thanks for this Story :)

Author's Response: Hi! So sorry for late reply, have been crazy busy with Uni!
Oh my gosh, thank-you so much for this review! It really means a lot that you've enjoyed it so much! Gah!
Am currently working on the next chapter, just trying to get from one part of the scene to the next but hopefully it'll be up soon!
Thanks again, and I hope you keep reading
- KP xx

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Review #3, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 Fear, Acceptance and Denial

12th January 2018:
Interesting you chose to tell part of the story from Remus' perspective. I do find it hard to believe Lyra knew Remus' secret yet it took her a full day to realize he was the one behind the screen.

Author's Response: hi! yeah, i wanted to try and develop Remus' character a little bit more and work on how i thought he would react to having someone semi-confront him about his secret.
Yeah, there are a few little plot holes that my earlier self kind of ignored when i first started writing - but i promise that when i finish this book i'll go back and fix them up!
thanks for the review
- KP xx

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Review #4, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 The Shielded Bed

12th January 2018:
To be fair to Lyra, what person could resist taking a peek behind the curtains? I can't wait to see what excuse Remus has or if he'll tell her the truth!

Author's Response: Exactly! Curiosity is such a hard thing to ignore :P Hopefully you enjoy what comes next, though unfortunately i do think the reveal needs a little bit of editing and work
Thanks for the review! Hope you keep reading
- KP xx

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Review #5, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 Chapter five: Unexpected

12th January 2018:
Woah. Now I'm thinking maybe she's not a seer? I'm not sure. Fun chapter with some good suspense thrown in :)

Author's Response: hmm... well, like before i won't give anything away but that doesn't mean you can't keep guessing! I enjoy seeing what people's theories are on Lyra.
Thanks for the review! Hope you keep reading
- KP xx

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Review #6, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 Chapter four: Insomnia

11th January 2018:
:O That end nightmare. I have a feeling this story is going to hurt...I mean, of course it will. Lily definitely did overreact to not seeing Lyra at dinner lol Silly girl.

Author's Response: HI! Haha yeah, Lily has a slight tendency to overreact - but Lyra will eventually come to love that about her.
Aw, i'm sorry! There are a few more 'hurt' moments left, but i have tried to throw a few things that'll lighten things up a bit
Thanks for the review! hope you keep reading
- KP xx

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Review #7, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 The Slug Club- Elitism at its finest

11th January 2018:
I'm a bit disappointed there wasn't a different reason for Sirius disliking Lyra because you made it seem like it started a long time ago, but to each their own. Good story so far, still interested in learning more of Lyra's backstory!

Author's Response: I struggled a little bit with making Sirius' reason with disliking Lyra believable, but the two haven't completely resolved their differences yet! I'm afraid there are a few chapters left before he'll really start to trust her and her him. Hopefully when they talk it out, it makes a bit more sense
Thanks for the review, and i hope you keep reading!!
- KP xx

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Review #8, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 The First Day

9th January 2018:
Ooo is she a seer?? Just my initial gut feeling so far.

Author's Response: Nice guess! But you'll have to keep reading to find out if she is or not, or if they are just bad dreams as i don't want to spoil anything.
Thanks for the review!
- KP xx

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Review #9, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 September First, Seventh Year

9th January 2018:
I'm curious about the special bond there appears to be between Lyra and her brother Cato. Interested to learn more about why she's not keen on making friends too!

Author's Response: Hi again! Lyra has a really close bond with all of her brothers, the reason for which you will find out a little later on - a reason which is closely related to why she isn't keen on making friends. Hope you keep reading
- KP xx

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Review #10, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 Prologue: Nightmare

9th January 2018:
Great first chapter. Intriguing and beautiful writing!

Author's Response: Thank-you! Glad you're enjoying it so far, hope you keep reading :)
- KP xx

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Review #11, by EmmyBacon A Little Black Book

2nd January 2018:
I think Lily did the right thing.
Lyra would have never been in the right state to share that. Not now, not after everything.
I LOVED Peter's comment. I thinking easy to forget he wasn't always a backstabbing traitor but here, his comment is purely concern for her (not about what she was) and I loved that. Big heart feels.

Remus has always been so level headed, he knows how to say the right thing and his care for his friends is lovely here.

Nice cheesey romantic touch at the end too!
Gave me muchos warm, flutter, 'melt my ice heart' feels.

Ace to see you again!
Emmy xx

Author's Response: Hi again! So glad to hear you're still reading!
Yeah, i find it hard to believe that Lyra would have ever been ok with opening up completely after what had just happened, but i'm happy that Lily sharing everything with the boys seemed right with you! i didn't want it to come off as too farfetched or anything!!
To me, Peter was always their friend first and then the traitor which is what his betrayal so much worse - i'm trying to depict his friendship with the others as much as i can.
I've always felt Remus was the most level-headed of the Marauders haha, and i had a feeling he would be the most accepting and understanding of Lyra's plight.
Haha, i'm glad you liked it - i wasn't too sure about it at first but thought i would throw something in that would lighten the chapter a little.

Thanks again, and great to hear from you again!
KP xx

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Review #12, by Weasley55 Scream

26th December 2017:
I was so so so happy to see another chapter updated, and it definitely didn't disappoint! I cried so much in this chapter, but I love how Lyra's friends reacted. I hope she tells the boys about her secret soon though! This is one of my favourite fanfics on the website, I love it so much. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank-you so much for this amazing review, it honestly means so much! Aw, i'm sorry it made you cry - but don't worry the boys won't be kept in the dark for much longer.
Gah! Thank-you! It's been a long time of writing of this fanfic, and i'm so glad that you're enjoying it and following the however slow updates. Thanks again, and i hope you enjoy the next chapter which should hopefully be up in the next day or two
- KP xoxo

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Review #13, by MidnightBlue_x Scream

10th December 2017:
No, Poor Lyra! Please let something go right for her for once, the poor thing!

Author's Response: gah, i'm sorry! but don't worry, after the next two or three chapters, some things will start looking up for her... i hope ;)
- KP xx

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Review #14, by EmmyBacon Scream

5th December 2017:
You have no idea how chuffed I was to see another chapter updated! I'm so pleased you got past your writers block ( and girl you beat that wall down with a big old stick!)

The sprinkle of joy that begins this chapter is just perfect for what we're about to discover! Poor Lyra. I actually wept real human tears (and believe me that never happens!) It really caught me, the pain and Angst she must be going through.

It's sad that it's this moment that makes her truly realise she need to be herself holy.

Bravo. Wonderful writing. If I could bribe you with biscuits and chocolate to continue quickly I would! Just keep doin what you're doing.

You kicked this chapters wee bottom!
Em x

Author's Response: Thank-you!! Gah, you don't how awesome it felt to see your review! It was definitely a mission to get past that writer's block, but i managed and am now trying to get the next two chapters done haha
Aw, I'm sorry to hear it made you cry, but a little part of me is glad that the emotions came across as realistic enough (sorry!!)
Again, thank-you so much, hopefully can get these next chapters done and have at least one uploaded again soon!
KP xx

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Review #15, by EmmyBacon Getting back to normalcy

26th November 2017:
Loved this!
I've not 'put it down' over the past few days and finally caught up.
The relationships that you've built and continued throughout the plot is impressive and you can see the development of each character and see where they've come from to where they are going.
Awesome job! Looking forward to reading more.
Em xx

Author's Response: Gah! Thank-you so much for this amazing review! It honestly means so much to hear that you're enjoying the book and the characters! it's also a relief to hear that their relationships and development are coming off as believable! Thanks again, and hope you keep reading once i get over my minor writer's block with the next chapter
- KP xx

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Review #16, by Weasley55 Unravelling

27th June 2017:
I love this story! Please update soon

Author's Response: Thank-you! Am currently trying to write the next chapter, so hopefully I can get one posted before Uni starts back up! Thanks again, xxx

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Review #17, by poppy A broken mask

22nd June 2017:
omg plz keep writing,

Author's Response: :) am currently finishing a new chapter, but I've got one in the queue that should be up in a day or two... Thanks for the review, hope you keep reading :) xx

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Review #18, by poppy A broken mask

12th June 2017:
omg, plz keep writing! I love this story!

Author's Response: Thank-you!!! :) xx

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Review #19, by Weasley55 Monsters

6th April 2017:
I love this story! I can't wait for the next chapter, please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank-you! it's awesome to know people are enjoying it as much as i am writing it! I will try to have the next chapter out as soon as i can, just finishing some things for Uni before i can complete the next part to Bloodlines.
Hope you keep reading! Thanks again :) xx

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Review #20, by Potterhead1994 Reality Check

4th March 2017:
Well, this is an emotional chapter. I'm tearing up during this. I can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: the next chapter should be up soon, so you won't have to wait too long for it - unfortunately, it's not any lighter than this one...
thanks for the review and for reading

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Review #21, by Abb Talk of the school

1st March 2017:
Please update asap this story is too good

Author's Response: Thank-you! Am just editing the next chapter, so it should be up soon :)

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Review #22, by Potterhead1994 Silencio

28th January 2017:
Is she seeing what Voldy's doing without realizing it? I need to know these things! I hope that if that's the case, it'll become clear eventually.

Author's Response: I can't reveal too much about Lyra's dreams without giving the game away, but what she sees is significant and somewhat related to what's going on in the Wizarding World (which is really vague, I'm sorry). Everything behind her dreams will get revealed in a couple of chapters, don't worry - it'll all become clear soon.

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Review #23, by ExplosiveBlunderbuss New Year's Eve - Part 2

28th November 2016:
Aww, what a lovely chapter. I'm glad we got to find out what happened with Lyra's muggle friends, and I'm also really happy she opened up to Sirius. Not to mention Lily and James finally kissing :D I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed it! it was about time that Lily and James got together - everyone'/ only been conspiring for it for forever haha :P
It would seem that Lyra's finally realized and started to accept that she's got people she can trust in her friends and Sirius

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Review #24, by ExplosiveBlunderbuss New Year's Eve - Part 1

26th November 2016:
I really love this story! I hope you update soon, I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank-you!! It's really amazing to know that people are enjoying it! And don't worry, I've got another chapter in line to be posted soon :)

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Review #25, by TheGirlWithThePinkBeret Welcome to the Potters'

31st May 2016:
I really enjoy reading this story! I'm looking forward to seeing how Lyra and Sirius progress with their friendship/relationship!

Author's Response: That's great to hear!! Thank-you so much! And from here on out there is definitely a lot more Sirius/Lyra interaction so we'll see how well they progress :) xx

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