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Review #1, by Yeleny Drunken friend and Talks about Love

11th March 2016:
Omg i loved this story so much
I hope you update more often!!!

Author's Response: thanks a lot for your review. i will try to upgrade more often.

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Review #2, by MuggleMaybe Random Partners and a Hot Date

9th August 2015:
Hello again!

I really like that the makeover didn't really accomplish anything - she got asked out when she was confident and outgoing. Much better!

I was dying to know why Layla wasn't friends with Hugo anymore. Truth or Dare is often a little contrived, but having Hugo reveal that Layla was his first kiss (rather than that he likes her/is in love with her) was more subtle and less cliche. Good choice!

I hope you'll keep writing! This is a fun, fluffy story!

Author's Response: thanks again for reviewing.i don't like the concept of flawless hero and heroines. nobody is perfect. not even Layla. she is just an ordinary girl yet extraordinary in her own ways.
hope you are satisfied with the reason behind the fallout of Layla and Hugo's friendship. there will a few more glimpses into Layla and Hugo's past in future chapters.
keep reviewing. i love them.

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Review #3, by MuggleMaybe Head Girl and Head Boy

9th August 2015:

I meant to review the first chapter, but your writing style is addictive - I was reading chapter 2 before I realized!

So far, you are setting this story up very nicely. I like the idea of a Muggleborn who knows the Weasleys. It was clever to have her meet Hugo at school - I don't think most witches/wizards who have magic parents go to primary school, but I can totally see Hermione insisting that they get a good education right away. (And Ron being completely confused, haha!)

Layla is very easy to relate to. She seems like a person I could meet in real life. And Hugo - I like that you've cast him as the love interest. He doesn't get as much love as James, Albus, or Scorpius. It's nice to have a change.

I really enjoyed this so far, but I'll try to give some constructive criticism , to make this review more helpful:
I think adding a little bit more narration - as opposed to dialogue - would give readers a chance to get inside Layla's head and get to know her better. You have this great first person POV, so capitalize on that! Let us know what she cares about, what she worries about, what her dreams for the future are, what annoys her.

This is great so far - definitely reading chapter 3 right now!

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing. and i am happy that you are enjoying this story so far. i will keep your suggestion in mind and try to write more about Layla's thoughts and feelings.

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