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Review #1, by aidanlynchrox stagger

27th March 2018:
Oh my gosh I absolutely adore this story! It's been ages since I read a story on here that pulled me in so quickly!

Josie is so interesting and I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next and what's going on with Josie and the mysterious scar...

Typical that I'd find a story like this just before HPFF shuts down and I really hope you continue writing this story and that you let us know where it's going to be posted when HPFF shuts down!

Keep up the good work!

xx Elena

Author's Response: Hey, thanks so much for the review! I've just started reposting Rush to, so look there shortly for the continuation of Josie's story! xx

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Review #2, by Nattiiiii stagger

6th March 2018:
Oh my oh my please update as soon as possible Iím gonna he checking every morning and night I love this story so much. So interesting and the perfect tie of romance and mystery. Gah I love it. Would love to learn more about rose and Scorpius ((Iím obsessed w them)

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Review #3, by BBHP stagger

5th March 2018:
Hooray for new chapters! Iím still enjoying this so much. Josie is awesome, and Dom is amazing. I love them all, really. And now Iím so anxious for what happens next!

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Review #4, by A fan stagger

2nd March 2018:
Oh no what's going on in with her scar?! Please update soon!! Also Albus and Josie are goaaalss!!

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Review #5, by A fan stagger

2nd March 2018:
Oh no what's going on in with her scar?! Please update soon!! Also Albus and Josie are goaaalss!!

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Review #6, by Mathilde leap

2nd March 2018:
This is so good!! One of the best characterisations I've read in a fanfic, it's not over the top and Josie is actually interesting and intelligent, it's so good!!

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Review #7, by Lizzie stagger

24th February 2018:
ahh hi!! I've been following this story for a little while now but this is the first time I've left a review. I just wanted to say I absolutely love this story. The plot is so intricate & has a really good balance between funny & light but then getting serious and complex in a matter of a paragraph or two. Your character development is awesome I really like the personalities you've developed with each of them. Also, Josie needs to tell Al about the scar ugh. but this chapter (and the rest of them) was so good!! Please update soon, the ending of this chapter is killing me.

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Review #8, by becks8bsc stagger

23rd February 2018:
Thanks again for another amazing update!! The suspense is killing me! I love how i can't quite work out the theme of this story - its got romance, humour, drama and darkness. I really have no idea where this is going and that's exciting! Keep doing what you are doing!! xx

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Review #9, by Violet Potter 434 stagger

22nd February 2018:
oml you know I don't like cliffe hangers

I need a quick update
I also need sleep so this is going to be really short
seriously tho she needs to tell Al about the scar
fantastic chapter of course
absolutely loved it

love from me xxx

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Review #10, by PotterPoppins101 stagger

22nd February 2018:

Love your story!!! Your writing style is so poetic and lovely, and I really love Josieís character! I also appreciate how intriguing you keep things with the love potion and her little circle scar- very fishy business that. Look forward to reading the rest!

Abby Rose

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Review #11, by X tumble

17th February 2018:
Ah the story is great! I feel like I shouldnít read it so I can savour it, make it drag out longer and simmer in my mind. Oh itís so good! Iím so excited to keep reading it! Al is amazing, Josie is amazing, Rose is amazing, and youíre amazing. Keep up this beautiful time xxx

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Review #12, by insertcreativeusername leap

15th February 2018:
Wowowowowow. That was amazing!

I love your writing style so much, and Josie's narration. She has this sort of philosophical and classy outlook on the world, but their's a part of her that's very down to earth as well, and you do such a mindblowing job of balancing them out. Josie just has this natural charm to her which is why, I suspect, she has a total of three guys who've had infatuations with her.

Okay, but Albus is such a sweetheart and I love his character, especially the way people on HPFF portray him. Your portrayal of him was, to say the least, spectacular! I'm looking forward to see him a lot more soon and explore his character.

The way you began the story itself, by focusing on Josie's friends, and the small hint of her TBD relationship with- Jude was it? - instead of an inner monologue or with the main love interest like most cliche authors. The little character interactions may not seem like much when you're writing them, but when the chapter is viewed from a panoramic angle, it was a brilliant move because it just makes it more realistic. Character's talk to more people than their set group of friends and love interest, people often forget to include those interactions, centering their stories entirely out of just the scenes that are for the main couple.

Ugh, you stopped the kiss. I was so disappointed, the sexual tension and electricity between Josie and Albus is so strong, it's the first chapter and I already ship them. Unfortunately, I suspect they'll have to jump through a bunch of hurdles before they finally get together, right? But if I guess if the rest of the story is as interesting and entertaining as this first chapter, I can sit through it. You did such an exceptional job, please continue. Can't wait to keep reading.

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Review #13, by Danniclaire982 alight

22nd January 2018:
This is one of my favourite stories ever. You write beautifully and I can't wait to find out what happens next. I'm intrigued by the scar and love how the Albus/Josie relationship has developed. I look forward to reading more

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Review #14, by Magicfolly alight

21st January 2018:
adoring the story thus far! can't wait to see what happens. please update soon! Jessie xx

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Review #15, by becks8bsc alight

18th January 2018:
Intriguing! i so want to know what the mystery is - what is up with charlie kline and the sally hanseth thing!! really have no clue what is going to happen but can't wait to find out! thanks for another amazing chapter! keep up the great work xx

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Review #16, by Rosie_Posie alight

15th January 2018:
Bless thanks for updating! Iím so glad youíve returned to Josie and Al (and everyone elseís!) story. Poor Al and Josieís awkwardness it must be so uncomfortable!

SO. MUCH. MYSTERY. The scar + the love potion + that guy on the train with the luggage + the guy (Charlie?) who caused (?) the scar? What will this add up to??

Hopefully your muse/inspiration continues and we donít have to wait too long to get chapter 9 (but life so totally understand a wait).

RP x

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Review #17, by HarryGinnyLove88 blink

15th January 2018:
Oh please definitely write soon ;)

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Review #18, by HarryGinnyLove88 crush

15th January 2018:
I didnt see this coming...i know something is not right when he kis her like that.

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Review #19, by BBHP blink

13th January 2018:
This is so, so good. And I love how Josie sees the world. Her thoughts are so beautiful and poetic and it makes me want to appreciate more of what is around me. I love it. Can't wait to read more. And Al just makes me swoon.

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Review #20, by Sez blink

13th January 2018:

I hope seeing that you have updated the banner means we can expect a new chapter soon and this story isn't abandoned?

Your writing is incredible and you definitely should keep going if you can xx

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Review #21, by BBHP tumble

13th January 2018:
This is so great so far. It has everything a story needs- humor, romantic drama, and something more suspenseful and possibly sinister. I love it.

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Review #22, by Violet Potter 434 blink

13th January 2018:
lurve it

oml she needs to tell Al about her neck tho

silly child
i wanna know where sally is too

you must update for me

tis amazing

from me xxx

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Review #23, by Rebecca blink

22nd December 2017:
So much mystery ahh! So excited for the next instalment, have read this all in one night!!! Kind of hoping for some Jude vs Al (maybe with a bit of james thrown in hehe) drama soon!!! Love your writing style and i love Josie! Please update soon!!

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Review #24, by Jess blink

6th July 2017:
UPDATE! ! This better not become one of those fics that are really good but never finish. Too many loose ends for you to abandon it now. This is so original and I feel like we're not really even into the plot though. PLEASE continue this.

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Review #25, by Hasane fall

2nd July 2017:
The awaited discovery of what happened to Josie! it was a little anticlimactic, but I feel like it has more of a significance than actually told.

Josie and Albus have such chemistry! They just met, but I already feel like they're going to be such a ride. I absolutely loved the flirting that was going on, especially the "What, no kiss? What kind of doctor's office is this?"

I also am very fond of Josie and Dom's interaction, very sisterly.

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