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Review #1, by Danniclaire982 alight

22nd January 2018:
This is one of my favourite stories ever. You write beautifully and I can't wait to find out what happens next. I'm intrigued by the scar and love how the Albus/Josie relationship has developed. I look forward to reading more

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Review #2, by Magicfolly alight

21st January 2018:
adoring the story thus far! can't wait to see what happens. please update soon! Jessie xx

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Review #3, by becks8bsc alight

18th January 2018:
Intriguing! i so want to know what the mystery is - what is up with charlie kline and the sally hanseth thing!! really have no clue what is going to happen but can't wait to find out! thanks for another amazing chapter! keep up the great work xx

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Review #4, by Rosie_Posie alight

15th January 2018:
Bless thanks for updating! Iím so glad youíve returned to Josie and Al (and everyone elseís!) story. Poor Al and Josieís awkwardness it must be so uncomfortable!

SO. MUCH. MYSTERY. The scar + the love potion + that guy on the train with the luggage + the guy (Charlie?) who caused (?) the scar? What will this add up to??

Hopefully your muse/inspiration continues and we donít have to wait too long to get chapter 9 (but life so totally understand a wait).

RP x

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Review #5, by HarryGinnyLove88 blink

15th January 2018:
Oh please definitely write soon ;)

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Review #6, by HarryGinnyLove88 crush

15th January 2018:
I didnt see this coming...i know something is not right when he kis her like that.

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Review #7, by BBHP blink

13th January 2018:
This is so, so good. And I love how Josie sees the world. Her thoughts are so beautiful and poetic and it makes me want to appreciate more of what is around me. I love it. Can't wait to read more. And Al just makes me swoon.

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Review #8, by Sez blink

13th January 2018:

I hope seeing that you have updated the banner means we can expect a new chapter soon and this story isn't abandoned?

Your writing is incredible and you definitely should keep going if you can xx

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Review #9, by BBHP tumble

13th January 2018:
This is so great so far. It has everything a story needs- humor, romantic drama, and something more suspenseful and possibly sinister. I love it.

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Review #10, by Violet Potter 434 blink

13th January 2018:
lurve it

oml she needs to tell Al about her neck tho

silly child
i wanna know where sally is too

you must update for me

tis amazing

from me xxx

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Review #11, by Rebecca blink

22nd December 2017:
So much mystery ahh! So excited for the next instalment, have read this all in one night!!! Kind of hoping for some Jude vs Al (maybe with a bit of james thrown in hehe) drama soon!!! Love your writing style and i love Josie! Please update soon!!

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Review #12, by Jess blink

6th July 2017:
UPDATE! ! This better not become one of those fics that are really good but never finish. Too many loose ends for you to abandon it now. This is so original and I feel like we're not really even into the plot though. PLEASE continue this.

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Review #13, by Hasane fall

2nd July 2017:
The awaited discovery of what happened to Josie! it was a little anticlimactic, but I feel like it has more of a significance than actually told.

Josie and Albus have such chemistry! They just met, but I already feel like they're going to be such a ride. I absolutely loved the flirting that was going on, especially the "What, no kiss? What kind of doctor's office is this?"

I also am very fond of Josie and Dom's interaction, very sisterly.

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Review #14, by Hasane leap

1st July 2017:
I don't know, but I've been eying this fic in my favorites for a long time and I finally got to read the first chapter.

Really, I love everything about it. The way Josie thinks and voices her thoughts are so reminiscent of adolescence, just shy of being a daydream. Her raw excitement of being in her twenties, being able to live in a crappy apartment, eating crappy food, and blowing off paychecks just because you can, it's all so similar to what I've daydreamed about before too.

And Al? God I love him too. Of course it's obvious that he's supposed to be whom Josie grows to like. And you've made it so easy to find him alluring and attractive with just the words you use.

I think my favorite paragraph was the the second after the very first one. I've never known how to describe that feeling of standing off the edge of a building before now.

I look forward to reading more!

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Review #15, by JayJay blink

26th May 2017:
Wow, this story is so wonderfully addicting. Your characters are so beautifully written and your pacing and descriptive style is done so well that I always feel completely immersed when I read each chapter. Eagerly anticipating the next installment.

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Review #16, by Freddie Rindklip leap

23rd May 2017:
Not a critique more a thank you for writing a story I enjoy.

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Review #17, by Ms V tumble

21st May 2017:
I'm in love with the way you write. It is so eloquent and beautiful and I can feel the things your words are expressing. Love love love.

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Review #18, by jkrowlingstone blink

2nd May 2017:
the way you write is beautiful! i read all 7 chapters in one sitting and wow. the way you describe imagery is incredible. i love josie so much and doms personality is so fun to read! and WHAT is the circle on her neck! it makes me nervous everytime its mentioned!

josie and al are too cute together and i cant wait to read more. great job so far!

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Review #19, by Rosie_Posie blink

26th April 2017:
Wow this story is so captivating! I love Josie and her dreamy nature and that you've delicately crafted it so she isn't too over the top. All your characters, even the minor ones we barely talk to, seem so well created and rounded. I have so many questions (mostly just want to know what the scar is about!!). I love that Josie and Al's relationship is so beautifully building without having the usual trope of constant arguing fan-fics can fall into.

I hope you update soon because this story is just so engrossing!

p.s. Will we ever see the guy (I forgot his name!) who put the scar on Josie (I assume?) again?

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Review #20, by Mice palmer crush

18th April 2017:
holly crap, seriously one of the best stories I have read here I such a long time! pls update when you can. I only just finished this chapter and im already having withdrawals

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Review #21, by purplerain crush

15th March 2017:
OMG OMG omg omg!!! This is so freaking good, I just love the warmth of albus even though we didn't get to see the real him much this chapter it's just obvious that he's got this real energy that's ready for ms. Deetrin, you write well and with a spark that builds between the characters I can't wait to read some more is it bad that i ship these too so much already

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Review #22, by Layla crush

26th February 2017:
I just really love this story so far. It's great when an author has original ideas but also has an excellent writing style.

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Review #23, by The Kyo Kind crush

14th February 2017:
Hi Daylight :)

I'm quite enjoying your story here! Though I must say I'm a bit annoyed with Josie for not just asking Madame Pomfrey about the scar on the back of her neck! I really like your characters and I think you make situations seem nice and realistic - like Rose not thinking the meeting spot at the stairs through very well :) I appreciate that a lot! Looking forward to the next chapter! Keep up the good work :D PS. And what is going on with the weird-acting students - mysterious!

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Review #24, by Jessamine crush

10th February 2017:

Josies daydreams are probably the closest anyone's got to really capturing the essence of dreaming. Josie's character is really well played cuz authors sometimes make their characters a tad too dreamy but with Josie you can relate to her and admire her head up there in the clouds.
Update sooon

- Jessamine

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Review #25, by Nameless roll

7th February 2017:
Hey there,

This story is... amazing, incredible, breathtaking, I can go on and on! You really have a way with words and the imagery makes you feel as if you are standing there alongside everything.

I really like Josie's character, I love sarcastic witty characters because I identify with them. (yes i just called myself witty :)).

The rest of the gang is awesome too, especially Al!

That Kline guy really creeps me out and I am sure that we have not seen the alst of him as Josie does have that circular "thing" on her neck...

Keep it up,


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