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Review #1, by Lady of Tears Special Order No. 682

12th March 2014:

That was my heart squishing at the beauty of this story. I'm super envious of your talent and originality. Like, really. Love the characterization. Love the description. Love the whole plot line. I can't wait to see where it goes!

The only thing that threw me off was the references to Frankenstein. They totally fit. But at the beginning I kept thinking, "How do these people know who Frankenstein is?" Why would this doctor be worried about people comparing him to Frankenstein? Once we found out he was a Muggleborn it started making sense that Frankenstein was in his knowledge base. Just a thought I guess!

Oh my goodness, Fred is a squib! I don't know why that hit me so much. I can see this boy, meant to be in honor of his brilliant uncle, but then he can't do magic. How sad, and how exciting for this story.

Please keep going. Please, please do! Love this so much!

-Lady of Tears

Author's Response: Oh gosh, thank you so much for such a nice review! It seriously brightened up my day.

Haha, I'm glad that my Frankenstein refernce made sense in the end. Maybe I'll drop in a hint or two to lessen the confusion; thanks for the feedback! I do like to try to tie up any loose ends and smooth out loopholes to keep the plot nice and open for any twists. ;D

And speaking of twists -- yes, he is! I'm excited to see where this story will take us. Thank you for taking the time to read and review, and read on, lovely! 8D

Another chapter is in the queue as we speak. n_n

--Chasm ^___^

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Review #2, by Solo Changed Priorities Ahead

20th February 2014:
Fred laikes her. Came back for her, the little cutie! The idea behind this fic is so fresh and original, I love it.

Author's Response: Fred says that there are a number of things that could have gotten him to come back. *snickers* Oh, Fred. ;D But thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I appreciate it. :'3

--Chasm ^___^

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Review #3, by Cavell Changed Priorities Ahead

18th February 2014:

(so, guess who you're not getting rid of any time soon? ME~)

I feel for Fred so bad, man. Like his whole mental rant on squibs being people too (anyone else reminded of Hermione and S.P.E.W? No? Just me?) just hurt ;__; At first I convinced myself he was being an annoying, whiny teenage kid -- I mean, I'm one, I rant too -- but my god, it just sort of shows you another side to squibs? The side that isn't yearning to have a childhood filled with magic or the side that doesn't viciously and bitterly envy wizards for it (cough, Filch, cough), I mean. It makes you kind of understand where he's coming from and why he was so angry at the end of the last chapter and I could quote that whole first part at you bby, because I honestly loved it, but I'll only write down my favourite and the one that convinced me that this was no ordinary teenage rant of rage:

...they had acted like not being magical was an affliction to be cured, that with the vaccination they were providing, this chemotherapy of sorts, they were playing the role of Midas and had touched the lives of squibs everywhere with gold.

(Didnít they know that it was a curse?)

Also, I adore Hollis *_* She's not one of your typical OCs you usually see -- for one, there's the squib thing, and there's something about her that's just so refreshing to read? Maybe it's just her dry and sarcastic thinking, I don't know, but I adore her and definitely look forward to reading more of her as the story goes on :'3

OHMYGOD THE FIREWORK. OHMYGOD THAT WAS SO TOTALLY UNEXPECTED I JUST STARED AT THE SCREEN TOTALLY GOBSMACKED. Fred Weasley, you little twit -- I should have known but homg I am dying of laughter over here ahahaha. AND THEN THE INVISIBILITY CLOAK you are a genius :'D you really are. I love all the shenanigans Fred and Hollis are already up to and they haven't even made it to the school yet. Your plots are just ajhdkjhf.

I have to stop now before I break the review box with how long this is D; Honestly though bby, this was a FANTASTIC chapter and a wonderful read and I am totally in love with this story and the plot and the characters and gdi YOU ARE UPDATING SOON. I COMMAND YOU TO (very nicely, ofc). See you around, lovely!

Author's Response: WAIT, WHO IS THIS AGAIN? ;D

(i love you bby and this was a lovely surprise! no, really.)

I'm so glad you enjoyed that bit! I thought that it was necessary, because the first chapter did make them seem to be a bit on the complainy side (shh I don't care that it's not a word; you know what I mean) and I wanted to show that there was so much more to Fred's (and thus to the other squibs') motives than that -- since I always believe that there are a handful of complex ideals and motives governing everyone. I hope I did alright in explaining that: it really was so much fun exploring his mindset! >D

Wheee, Hollis! She's so fun and refreshing to write. :'D AND YES HAHA I LOVE WRITING IN THE PARALLELS BETWEEN HIM AND HIS DAD/UNCLE (sob sob rip fred sr T_T) AND I'M GLAD YOU LIKE IT! Your reviews always fill me with warm fuzzies inside, just so you know. *___* I love you!

I will be updating very son of course. *cackles*

--Chasm ^___^

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Review #4, by Cavell Special Order No. 682

17th February 2014:

Firstly, I'm pretty sure I told you this before, but frankly, I am majorly jealous of your story ideas. Like unbelievably jealous -- I fell for this story the moment I read your summary ages ago (and, okay, the chapter images in your gallery definitely helped) and I do apologise for only reviewing now! You have to admit my timing's pretty perfect, though. Anyway, this is such an interesting idea and one I'm sure you'll be able to write super well and just ah. First this and then the other thing (wink wink), you clearly have no idea of how wonderful of a human being you are.

Secondly, I was dying with laughter at the fourth sentence. And the second bigger paragraph. And then again, all throughout the story. My god, your humour kills me sometimes, it really does. And I just really relate to the employer being camera-shy xD (If you couldn't tell yet, I'm reviewing as I'm reading this or else I'll forget everything I want to say so a few of your fantabulous characters will be nameless for now) Actually, I can relate to all of your characters -- you write everyone so well that I even find myself being fond of some of the really annoying characters like the squeaky reporter.

Thirdly (look how organised I am!), have you ever read the Book Thief? If you haven't, you should, and if you have, you'll understand what I'm trying to say when I say that your writing in this sometimes reminded me of Death's narration of the novel. To be specific, the part where you tell us about Hollis meeting Freddie and almost getting expelled because UM SPOILER ALERT WE HAVEN'T EVEN GOT THAT FAR YET NOW I AM TOO CURIOUS AH and that was pretty much me reading the Book Thief. Anyway, I am totally in love with Hollis and Fred already O_O I love how the Weasleys have a squib in the family (I mean, in a family as big as that, it had to happen eventually, right? CAN YOU IMAGINE THE ANGST THOUGH ESPECIALLY SINCE IT'S FRED THE SECOND) and I am just really excited for the second chapter and figure out what this special order business is about, so update soon!

This was a great read, lovely, and I loved everything about it and happy birthday again, you smashing person, you :33



You are a smashing human being. (Hooray for utilizing our word of the day!) Strangely enough, I get more inspired for a story/a chapter after I've made the corresponding chapter image for it, not before, so that's probably why my gallery will have the chapter images ages before I've even written the chapter, ha. But I'm glad they inspired you to click! (I like to say that the reason I'm so scatterbrained is that have so many plot bunnies. Care to trade?)

Ha, I'm glad that you found it funny! My sense of humor can be a bit -- strange -- at times; let's leave it at that. Aw, you are too nice. I've always been fond of a huge cast of recurring characters, so hey, maybe that reporter will make a cameo again sometime. ;D

I have, actually, but it's been over a year since I did! Now that you pointed it out it does seem like Death's narrative, and I'm super flattered that you even thought of the comparison. Just wait until we get to Hollis/Fred interactions. ;3

I love you and you're awesome (and smashing!) for leaving this review.

--Chasm ^___^

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Review #5, by iridescence Special Order No. 682

2nd February 2014:
Guess who's ~reviewing~ really late? This girl. Oops. (And when she's supposed to do her AP Stats work at 2:40 in the morning-- I'm kind of incorrigible.) BUT. This is lovely! (As you know.) I'm intrigued (code for you should update) and I love Fred and Hollis already! I can't wait to see what you do with their characters, because it's sure to be amazing.

I love you.

Author's Response: Aha, thank you! Random, impromptu reviews are seriously the best. :'3 And I'm glad that you're intrigued because they're going to be sticking around for a while yet. >D This reminds me, I should polish off the second chapter, oops!

Thank you so much for dropping by, bby!

--Chasm ^___^

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Review #6, by Solo Special Order No. 682

21st January 2014:
I love this already! The idea is intriguing and I definitely want to read more, and I love both the characters. It's like chaos vs. serenity and I think they're a beautiful match! Looking forwards to the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review -- it's definitely appreciated! I'm glad to hear that this intrigued you, and hopefully it will continue to. There's something big and exciting and plot twisty coming up the next chapter. ;D

-Chasm ^___^

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