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Review #1, by Cavell Gubraithian

14th January 2014:
Hey bby! I told you I'd come find this, didn't I? ;D Firstly, I had absolutely no idea what to expect when you first told me you'd written a one-shot, but can I just say that I think that this is an absolutely smashing little thing and I am so very very impressed by you and aw, my bby, just look at this story AND TRY NOT TO WEEP WITH ADORATION FOR YOURSELF BECAUSE I CERTAINLY DID. (except that would be egotistical, but oh well, you deserve it). I wasn't surprised this was a one-shot that included a bit of Jily (let's face it, m'dear, you're rather predictable in that department smh) but if you hadn't told me that it was mostly about Lily, I'd be even more impressed than I am right now.

You rarely ever see stories focusing on just Lily and even though this included a bit of Snape and James, for the most part, it focused completely on just who she is and I absolutely adored your take of her, like omg fangirling pathetically here. You see a lot of different Lilys here on HPFF but there was something about yours that just -- I don't know? She was just different and refreshing and I am as in love with her as James is. I LOVED LOVED LOVED (sorry, that was totally necessary) all the fire metaphors. Obviously, that's used a lot about Lily too, but again, you had a totally different take on it and I won't say I loved it because you'd probably smack me over the head for using it for about the millionth time in this review. (I loved it).

Even for the brief few lines Snape and James appeared, I loved them too! (ahaha I'm sorry but there's only sooo many words for love and adore) The bit where Snape goes on about being heroes and utopia and all -- I could just see it. Also, the part where James loses his control and talks about Lily's flaws??? I died right there because usually everyone else's James just sits there and takes whatever Lily throws at him and I never believed that anyone's ego, no matter how big, could take that so I'm just really glad that was there okay and just ahh. The bits of Jily you snuck in, too -- *cries* I have run out of words.

Keep writing fanfiction, man. If you don't I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. ily, darling :33

--Linn (just in case you didn't know who I was) (btw, I'd be VERY OFFENDED IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW WHO I WAS BY NOW) (and 250th review! I couldn't think of anyone better to give it to)

Author's Response: Heeey Linn bby! First of all, I'm so glad that you liked this. I know, it took so much restraint not to center the one-shot on Jily because I wanted to do something totally different, and I ended up putting something subtle in there anyway because I couldn't help it. (Gosh, can you imagine the charged tension in their fighting though? I drool.)

I'm really glad the characterization clicked! And thank you thank you thank you! You know how much I love my extended metaphors. :'D *smacks you over the head lovingly anyway*

Snape and Lily's friendship is totally underrated sometimes because I think that there's so much more than an obsessive crush and a girl who wants to cling onto the past, you know? I'm so glad you understand. >D AND JILY need I say more? ;DD

Your review was so sweet; thank you so much! I'm definitely writing more -- I have a novel in the works at the moment which I will /definitely/ be flailing to you about.

--Chasm ^___^

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Review #2, by iridescence Gubraithian

10th January 2014:
Eek, so you already know what I think of this. Obviously. But I'm telling you again because I have just one word and that one word is "wow." Because your imagery is so stunning and everything is so stunning and I'm just blown away, as you can tell by my vocabulary. I hope you keep writing because I want to read, read, read.

Author's Response: Eee, I do know and I love you! By the way, you and that silly piece of bread that tags around totally get props for beta-ing it. Hehehe. ;D

Anyway, thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a lovely review! I'm definitely going to keep writing, just for you. >D

--Chasm ^___^

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Review #3, by You'll Never Guess ;D Gubraithian

10th January 2014:
You never fail to amaze me with your writing :'D This is so pretty and well written, though, really *_* (Not to mention the subtle James & Snape mentions give me all my Jily otp feels/Snily brotp feels :3) Anyway. I'm glad you put in the effort of linking me to this u_u (and, you know, writing the whole thing) because it really is beautiful :'D Write more fanfiction. Go >D

And just this line

Author's Response: I'll take a wild wild guess and say that you're just who I presume you are, Miss Too Lazy to Find the Link Yourself! ;D

Thank you so much for the review, my squishy little snake eater. >D All the feels heee. *_* I will definitely be writing more; I have some ideas swirling in my head right now so there's that!

*mourns the rest of the review that has been cut off* D:

-- Chasm ^___^

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Review #4, by Lady of Tears Gubraithian

9th January 2014:
Woah. I'm official in the presence of awesomeness. And a story that I think is very, very cool.

First, welcome back to fanfiction! I have no idea who you were...but I wish I did because I want to read more of your stuff. But I feel ya; I only have one story up and I've been working on it since 2008. And I'm still stuck with this username I made when I was a lot sillier. Anyways, onto your story...

I'll admit, I was a bit confused at first. I had my "in-the-box" mindset and kept waiting for the speaker to reveal themselves. I didn't fully get where it was going. But by the end, I got it and I was glad. I think you pulled off the second person really, really well.

This did make me think, and it kept going back and forth on opposite ideas, but that's how it is in our brains, isn't it? But I like being made to think.

The only part I really did remain confused on was the very beginning where you say Lily doesn't like when cliches are true. But then you say she likes things in a box, not outside the lines, etc. To me, that is more of a description for a cliche than otherwise. I think you were meaning to say that Lily doesn't like when someone turns out to be a cliche, because cliches are often negative, but the description of fitting into boxes just seemed to contradict that. Does that make sense? I may just be rambling.

I think also breaking up some of the paragraphs. Since this is such a stream of consciousness piece, I think it would help keep readers on the right course.

My favorite part was the utter depth of Lily's characterization. Like, I feel like this is the first story I've read in a long, long time that I felt was true to Lily. There were so many nuances you added in that made me blink in awe. My favorite was the idea of her having power with Snape and being unstoppable. So unique, but somehow so right!

Also: plus for big words! I feel like I learned something. Though I had to go look hamartia up and realized I had already learned it in my Classic Lit class. Good memories!

I hope this gets more reviews. It's amazing and I loved it!

-Lady of Tears (Hufflepuff, 2014)

Author's Response: *insert some keyboard smashing here*

Your reply totally made my day, just so you know! And yes, I kind of wanted a new start because oops, I lost muse in the two on-going stories I created. Heh. Moving on!

I'm really glad that you appreciated the characterization; I'm always worried about doing canon characters justice and all that so it's definitely nice to hear! Oooh, yes. I like imagining superhero!Snape and Lily saving the day and being some awesome dynamic duo. Except, you know, in a much more twisted sense. I feel like he epitomizes the parts that she could have become, in a sense.

That does make sense! I'll see if I can tweak that part a bit to make it more coherent; thank you so much for pointing it out.

Big words, woot! I'm a total word nerd, hehe. *high fives* 8D

Once again, thank you so much! This review filled me with warm fuzzies inside.

-- Chasm ^_^

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