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Review #1, by Rosie_Posie Duels and Don'ts Part 2

31st March 2018:
Just wanted to say I am so glad you are planning on continuing this story after HPFF shuts down! Fanfiction dot net is great also a lot of people are going to HP fanfic talk if you wanted another option x

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Review #2, by HarryandGinnyForEver Duels and Don'ts Part 2

29th March 2018:
Hi! So I absolutely love your story - and I was wondering if you'll be posting this somewhere after HPFF closes? I'd love to keep up with it x

Author's Response: Hello! Yes, I'll be posting on fanfiction and honestly wherever else you guys want me to post. I'm going to try and get one last chapter uploaded on here and ask where everyone wants me to move to but it'll definitely be on fanfiction under the same penname. I've already created the account, I just haven't uploaded quite yet. Thanks so much wanting to stick with the story! I'll miss HPFF SO much but it's nice to know that people still care to continue to keep up with the storeis they love.

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Review #3, by Effervescence Duels and Don'ts Part 2

11th February 2018:
Honestly these boys are total trash. I've hated Cyrus and Mitch from the start, and I'm lowkey hoping Mose drops them by the end of this story because SHE DESERVES BETTER. I get that they've been friends for ages, but theres a difference between some banter and outright shaming your 'best mate'. I'm so glad she's standing up for herself - not only against her friends, but also James. He said some seriously messed up stuff, and he's just as bad as Cyrus now. Three cheers for Fred though, his and Jordan's friendship is so sweet - I love it!

This story is so addicting, and I can't wait to see where the circus that is James and Jordan goes from here. Also my heart is crying out for some more Scorpius/Rose action somewhere in this fic!

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Review #4, by fyi Duels and Don'ts Part 2

12th January 2018:
Listen to me very carefully. I am addicted! God I don't know what to do. I check for an update almost every other day. Please update soon. This is one of the coolest fanfics I have ever read. Especially with the message of slut shaming. You are doing a great job. I think people always want the protagonist to be some virginal, innocent beauty but Jordan breaks through all the norms. I love how you've taken a different take on this and managed to make it so interesting. I hope you plan to complete this story, cuz honestly people need this story.

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Review #5, by AlexFan Duels and Don'ts Part 2

4th January 2018:
I need a moment. There are too many emotions right now, I am both enraged and ready to cry I need a moment.

okay and I'm back.

First of all, James like crossed a lot of lines and said a lot of things that he shouldn't have. Like I get he was trying to hurt her the way that she hurt him but shaming her was not the right thing to do, lowering himself to Cyrus's level is not the right thing to do to deal with all of these feelings.

I think everybody could use some therapy to work through their problems and learn that they need to deal with things in a healthier manner.

I'm so proud of Jordan for standing up for herself and putting her foot down about what jokes are okay with her and what jokes are not. I'm here for that, I'm glad that she's making her voice heard and being honest with her friends. If it bothers her, and if they care about her, then they should stop making their jokes and stop judging her and treat her better.

In other news, I'm literally going to fight each and every single student at Hogwarts for this blatant sexism. You can't put James on a pedestal and then shame the person that agreed to sleep with him, that's just messed up. You either shame both of them or neither, they were consenting semi-adults when it happened.

And I so appreciate Fred for being the voice of reason. I know he's portrayed as being pretty airheaded and not much else but the boy is a lot smarter than he looks and I hope that everyone stops underestimating him.

As for James punching Cyrus ... highkey I don't even feel sorry for Cyrus, he's trash and he's had it a long time coming, I don't know if I ever liked him (I don't think I did, but it's been a while since I read this) but regardless I like him even less than I did when I read this the first time.

But I really hope that everyone talks this out without destroying an entire dorm, in a calm manner, and that James and Jordan eventually apologize to each other for everything they've done to hurt each other and learn to trust each other as the days back and they get back to the type of relationship that they originally had. And maybe James goes in for some anger management, like I know he hit Cyrus and not Jordan, but that is still a little alarming.

But wow things hit the fan really fast, like I honestly expected like 20 chapters to have gone by but it's only been 13 and things have seriously hit the fan.

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Review #6, by AlexFan Treats and Tricks

4th January 2018:
This girl is going to end up alcohol poisoning and a substance abuse problem literally who drinks this much so often how has her liver not failed. How is anyone sober enough to get any work done. Like I know everyone has their own coping mechanisms ... but maybe they should consider getting new ones.

And I'm so mad because she let Cyrus off so easily, she cares so much about what stupid Cyrus thinks when his opinion is worth less than the gum stuck on someone's shoe. And don't get me wrong what James said was wrong ... but I also kind of agree with him as horrible as it sounds.

And I appreciate that Jordan is confident in her body and that she knows how good she looks and like there's nothing wrong with being active. I think the problem is that she doesn't even seem to think of herself highly enough to not resort to sleeping with Cyrus of all people after all the things he said about her. I'm just so mad at her because why would she do this like everyone knows you can take care of yourself and make your own decisions SO PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY YOU WOULD THEN GO AND PROVE EVERYONE WRONG BY MAKING SUCH A TERRIBLE DECISION.


okay i'm not calm but i need to keep reading to the next chapter i didn't expect to go on such a feels trip in just the one chapter. things better work out with james he's so much better than cyrus and worth the effort more.

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Review #7, by AlexFan Greenhouse Groping

4th January 2018:
I know that Cyrus has no reason to suspect that Jordan knows anything about what he said about her but at the same time? It's kind of obvious if you think about it. I mean, he calls her a derogatory term, and the next day she's unbelievably ticked at him for seemingly no reason. I mean, you can kind of put two and two together ya know.

Man I hope he apologizes to her for what he said because that's just not right. It's no business of his who Jordan sleeps with or what she does with them, he should just mind his own business. I can't imagine how betrayed Jordan must feel at hearing her closest friends saying something like that about her.

(This isn't related to this story particularly but it would also be really cool if you ever, ya know, updated any of your other stories, I'm just saying wink wink nudge nudge)

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Review #8, by AlexFan Duels and Don'ts

4th January 2018:
It's been so long omg but I'm so glad that there are more updates now. I love this story I'm so happy.

Okay, but can Cyrus and Mitch get their faces punched in like at least at one point throughout the story because I'm really itching for a fight, ya know. Because they're rude I can't believe they would say something that disrespectful behind Mose's back. Like I mean we all have complaints about our friends from time to time but that is just a new low.

I'm so excited to see what happens next and how Mose's relationship with James develops and what unfolds.

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Review #9, by gemmygem19 Duels and Don'ts Part 2

18th September 2017:
ek! i love this story. thank you for the update

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Review #10, by stardusts Duels and Don'ts Part 2

26th June 2017:
omgg i love freddie so much!! i'm so happy he's reaching out to mose and will still be her friend despite what's happening w james. also, wth is wrong with jamess! i know i know that it's explained why he's acted the way he did, but he just needs to talk to her, not go around beating people up.

thank you for updating! and i hope the next one will come soon ;)

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Review #11, by Lily Duels and Don'ts Part 2

26th June 2017:
"James, on the other hand, was being treated like a god even more so than he already was. Girls wanted to sleep with him even more and guys were impressed and tried to high five him in the corridors. The whole thing made me want to scream and the daily detention with him didn't help."

UGH - this sentence made me so angry! There is such a double standard when it comes to sex and I'm so glad that you're addressing it. I feel so bad for Mose - the girl always gets the short end of the stick. But it's great that she called out her friends and is calling out for the respect that she deserves.

This chapter was great. I loved the drama, the fighting, the hexes, the collapse of the dorm room! James and Mose have both said some pretty unforgivable things but it was all kind of tempered with Fred's end-of-chapter confession. That was a really cute moment and I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops in future.

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Review #12, by ... Duels and Don'ts Part 2

1st May 2017:
Maybe we can aim for two months... Love this fanfic!

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Review #13, by Ash Duels and Don'ts Part 2

30th April 2017:
soo good!

I'm soo happy Jordan stood up for herself
Can't wait for next chapter!

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Review #14, by Anon Duels and Don'ts Part 2

26th April 2017:
Oh my god it was perfect. Just perfect.

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Review #15, by beka_wotter Duels and Don'ts Part 2

24th April 2017:
what an intense chapter, I totally understand why there are so many rifts but I hope they sort it out because a) James is 100x better than Cyrus and b) I miss the happy moments between Jordan and James (how do I ship their names when they start with the same letter??)
I loved the line where James said 'you are and never will be mine. You made damn sure of that' I think it was something along those lines because it proves he wanted her to be his :D
Also Fred is such a cutie and I want to squish his face
I'd like to see a bit more of Hazel because at the moment I'm not really a fan, it might be intentional but I feel like she's being pretty judgy recently?
I love love love this story and am already excited for the next chapter (I loved how long this one was too!!) x

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Review #16, by Sarah Duels and Don'ts Part 2

22nd April 2017:
Yay an update! I actually didn't want the chapter to end I just want to keep reading until I find out how James and Mose will resolve this.

Hopefully another speedy update is on the way :D x

p.s. there was a small error right after Cyrus was punched ďIím sorry if I didnít want nearly our whole time to get suspended over some stupid brawl.Ē I think it should be team not time?

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Review #17, by ttw Duels and Don'ts Part 2

22nd April 2017:
Woaaahhh this was so good! So much happened but it wasn't too rushed or overloaded - so intense but still funny at the same time. I loved that you didn't have Jordan and James start kissing or something stupid when they were arguing; that's usually what happens, but this was just great, so realistically written! Loved it

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Review #18, by Violet Potter 434 Treats and Tricks

21st April 2017:
I just left a review on your latest chapter but I jut realised I had meant to say that I really, really love Freddie's character too, he's seriously an outstanding character with loads of personality and I love how you write him

also please could you write a bit about lily standing up for her cause I like a good bit of lily and you write her really well too
(okay you write them all really well I cant avoid saying it any longer)
and you haven't mentioned rose and Scorp in a while, which I know you probably know and have something planned soon but I had to mention that

also scorp is so the nice one of the group isn't he? I feel so sorry he's going to be the only one left once they go

I suppose he'll have rose but still

anyways it s great, please write more soon

love from me xxx

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Review #19, by Violet Potter 434 Duels and Don'ts Part 2

21st April 2017:
omg you have write more
I've read like up to chapter 6/7 before but hadn't realised it was updated
but omg its just getting better and better
all that fighting
I love it
please let her punch Mitch and Cyrus

I completely agree about the points about how girls get judged on for something boys get applauded for, if you get me

I do however think she could be a bit harsher on Mitch about it cause it sounds like he gets around more than her

anyways I really love this story and can't wait for you to update again

its truly amazing and I love Jordan's character

so please write more

love from me xx

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Review #20, by A Fan Duels and Don'ts Part 2

21st April 2017:
This is.really messed up. I don't know what to think anymore other than James has hell of a lot to make up for if he ever wants to earn Jordan's forgiveness. His words were disgusting and the fact that his breakup is his reasoning for violence towards other people is.worrying. Like I wouldn't want a boyfriend with clear control issues and violent tendencies.
I loathe Cyrus but to beat him half to death is once again really disturbing. I hope to god that no teenage girl thinks that's somehow romantic or 'proof' of someone's "love". Violent jealousy and possessiveness is never cute. Also I want to say that I'm not okay with James being so nonchalant and okay with hurting Jordan while they were dueling. That goes for her too, but it's even more messed up with him, because his anger towards her is rooted on other girls actions and Jordan making a mistake that she was perfectly entitled to make, you know?

Jordan continues to be awesome character, I'm glad that she didn't forget what James said before she slept with Cyrus either. Her speech towards her friends was awesome, I'm so glad she stood up for herself. She's written really well, the slutshaming and goddamned​ double standards she has to deal with makes me want to be "on her side" ,even more than I already am.

Anyways, so I'm sort of heartbroken that James just erased almost all of his likeability and acted like a misogynistic tool. Hopefully he'll redeem himself somehow.

Update soon if you can!

Author's Response: I totally agree with a lot of what you said. Writing James in this chapter made me really sad but I hope to elaborate more on some of his (and Jordan's) choices in the next chapter. I wouldn't exactly say that his anger toward her is rooted on other girl's actions though. That was partially the reason he was upset with her, but Jordan bringing up his dad is one of the main reasons James wanted to duel her. I also think he would've been upset with her about Cyrus even if he hadn't gotten cheated on in the past, but his anger and hurt was just intensified because of that.

Thank you so much for what you said about Jordan. Her character is so much fun and very interesting to write. I love exploring the slut shaming aspect of this story and I'm glad other people like that too.

I'll try and update as soon as possible! Thank you for reviewing! xx

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Review #21, by adorably cute Duels and Don'ts Part 2

20th April 2017:
I love Jordan and Fred's friendship! Their dynamic is so fun! This was such a great chapter, can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Me too! I absolutely love those two together. They are so much fun to write. I'm glad you liked the chapter and hopefully I'll get another one out to you all soon xx

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Review #22, by blackzero Duels and Don'ts Part 2

20th April 2017:
Oh wow such a quick update.The relationship just got super complicated.. How they are gonna burn the bridges ...Just can't imagine...Superb.and Thank u very much

Author's Response: I'm trying not to have you guys wait so long between updates so I'm happy that I got this out to you! I'm glad you liked it and thank you for taking the time to review xx

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Review #23, by putitonpaper Treats and Tricks

5th March 2017:
This story is so important. I'm so happy a story like this is on this site. This story tackles so much from sl*t-shaming to discovery of self worth. It's also about finding out that your old friends may actually be toxic rather than helpful. And then there's the age-old lesson of not judging a book by its cover.

You cover so many important themes in here. It's so easy for each reader to find something to directly relate to in your story. And even if I can't directly relate, you've written this in a way that I still feel empathy for Jordan and her struggles.

Very excited to see where you take this next!

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Review #24, by scintillated Treats and Tricks

23rd February 2017:
after this chapter, i'm CRYING

but i feel like this chapter, as a whole, served to tackle the whole jordan and what she does with her body issue. and i feel like you did it very well; you showed jordan's viewpoint - it's her body and she should do what she wants with it, she knows what she's doing, and i agree with that 100%. and you showed james+cyrus' point of view. i feel like in that, they're similar, but the only thing is, james came back to apologize. and that's what sticks with me the most. and ugh this chapter hit me right in the heart and i absolutely cannot wait until you update with the next one because this was so amazing.

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Review #25, by scintillated Greenhouse Groping

23rd February 2017:
my reaction after this chapter: AAAH

even though i HAVE to comment on the jordan/james, i'm just bursting about the Auror thing. i feel so bad for jordan, like her dreams are being obstructed; there's a lot of parallels to draw from history, but i don't know, that part just stuck out in my mind a lot.

AND THE KISS OH MERLIN - this time, it felt so real. like the first time, they were drunk, but this time: ohhoHO. the dialogue beforehand was so great (and i'm glad that James is overcoming his prejudice) and everything about it just spoke of developing jordan/james (what is their ship name? all i can think of is jomes, or maybe motter i don't know neither are very good).

and finally, i'm really really glad that she didn't forgive cyrus just yet. he deserves to pay, and jordan is being so empowered i can't bring myself to want to stop it. great chapter!!

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